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Episode 165: Nerdist Podcast
Jenna Elfman
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jenna Elfman

The lovely Jenna Elfman talks about having a trucker mouth, getting into acting and tweeting from the marital bed!

Follow Jenna’s tweets @JennaElfman!

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  1. Cat MacKinnon says:

    Jenna Elfman is great…but i just can’t get past the Scientology weirdness.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wait.. WHAT?? Scientologists give BLOWJOBS? Good to know.

  3. This stupid woman supports the criminal cult of Scientology. Due to the fact that Scientology destroyed my family, I find anyone that supports it disgusting and idiotic. Keep telling your self you are saving the planet Jena, while your “church” continues it’s 60 year reign of terror on those that it deems “enemies”.

  4. Ben says:

    She’s a little on the creepy, goofy side. Then I found out she was a L Ron Hubbard follower and so it makes sense. Aren’t they all a bit ‘off’ if you know what I mean?

  5. I know it’s terribly “wrong” that I found it arousing to hear Jenna use the term “Christian mouth,” but yeah… kinda did.

    Even without all the sexy talk (but I am going to have to finally join Twitter now, just to read those Tweets she was talkin’ ’bout), Ms. Elfman is just vastly entertaining and naturally hilarious.

    I hearted this episode muchly.

  6. Eric says:

    If you want to listen to the Hard N’ Phirm song, just listen to episode 22. I found this out by accident since it so happened that I was going through all the old episodes for the first time and listened to episode 22 directly after the Jenna Elfman episode. Now isn’t that just ironic?

  7. ernster says:

    mike phirman probably didn’t allow for the song’s release. you know, royalties and such.

  8. Dale says:

    Holy sons of motherless goats!! Jenna! OMG! Hottness overload!

    Well played Nerdist, well played indeed.

  9. odin42 says:

    fear is a lock, your heart is the key, success is the door and admission is free

  10. bumbubblegum says:

    so tacking the song on the end was a no go?…sad.

  11. Tom Prestigiacomo says:

    You had me at Jenna… I loved her candor AND the Joan Rivers cameo.

  12. Jay says:

    such a great ep !! really funny

  13. Kati says:

    Ah no Hard n’ Phirm song closing the show. Sadness. That’s one of my favorites.

  14. Listen…I don’t wanna be THAT guy! But you did say you were gonna tag that song on the end of the podcast…and I didn’t hear no music!… Other than that though, terrific work, as usual!

  15. pbnews says:

    Wish she could have ‘made it weird’ with Pete Holmes instead – I wanted to hear about the scientograpy!

  16. Eric Cousino says:

    I literally cheered last night when I saw this was posted! I listened to the podcast on my morning commute and it did not disappoint. Jenna is a natural in the podcast format. The conversation flowed wonderfully despite being visually harassed by Joan Rivers. (Seriously that did happen.) Chris did say a few times she should do her own podcast. Do I hear a new addition to the Nerdist Industries Virtual Empire?

  17. eloj says:

    She’s still a… scientologist, right? Think I’ll pass for that reason. No offense to all the crazy cultists out there.

  18. Lars says:

    I love Jenna !!!

  19. Mark says:

    How dose this work? On net video or radio? Ustream?? Q: will Darma n Gregg ever do a reunion show? Miss her 🙁

  20. Zuri says:

    Jenna is so talented and funny! Can Riki interview her for the Making It Podcast? Wish this comment was more clever…just pretend I made a blow job joke that turned into something clever.

  21. El Guapo says:

    LIFEBUOY!!! YUK!!!!!

  22. clivodimars says:

    mumble brag!! lol! that was wayy overlooked.