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Nerdist Podcast: Jeff Bridges Returns
Episode 558: Nerdist Podcast
Jeff Bridges Returns
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jeff Bridges Returns

The amazing Jeff Bridges returns to The Nerdist Podcast! He talks about his upcoming role in The Giver, how he met his wife, and making tough decisions in life!

See The Giver in theaters on Friday August 15th!

Photo Credit: Siebbi via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Gary says:

    So, be a human being and not obsessed with being a human doing.

  2. David says:

    He’s much more of a dude in reality.

  3. LJ says:

    Chris Hardwick: The Next Bachelor! Anyone? Anyone? No? Never mind.
    Great episode! And congrats on another season of @Midnight!

  4. cyd says:

    Speaking as a forty *cough* *cough* year old, I want to know how Chris went from sudden realizations of mortality to zen mellow calm between 39 and 42…

  5. Oh, and there are not one, not two, but THREE guys from The Godfather in Rancho Deluxe.

  6. Wildride says:

    Dude, that Harrison Bergeron: He’s such a giver!

  7. Watching the movie Jeff mentioned – Rancho Deluxe. There is a scene were Jeff and Harry Dean are in a bar in Livingstone Montana. The band in the bar is fronted by Jimmy Buffet (who wrote the music for the movie). Jeff and Harry are wearing cowboy hats – and playing PONG. 

  8. Joshua Davis says:

    Lol that had to be some awesome acid he was on when the rock-face-spirit’s mouth he was sitting in was talking.

  9. Max says:

    Chris broke up with Chloe??

  10. rob in maine says:

    Dude,  this podcast is getting way too good.  Are you pinching yourself Chris?  You did it bud,  take like 3 minutes off or something to celebrate.  If you can’t do it for you do it for a goat raising pot smoker in bar harbor, maine.  Or ill just do it for you 🙂  Great job guys

    • Chris Hardwick says:

      I appreciate it every day of my life! Thank you for the nice words, my goat-raising friend!

  11. russell says:

    This goes well right after Josh Ruben’s episode of You Made it Weird.


  12. Rob says:

    Haha Chris your Jersey grandma impression sounds like Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.

  13. Connor Roche says:

    Is There any more word on Tron 3?