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Nerdist Podcast: Jason Lee and Sam Trammell
Episode 628: Nerdist Podcast
Jason Lee and Sam Trammell
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jason Lee and Sam Trammell

Jason Lee and Sam Trammell chat with Chris about life with kids, growing up skating and surfing and the many injuries they have sustained, and how they broke into acting. They also talk about their Amazon pilot Cocked!

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  1. SwanGore says:

    Earl movie AND Incredibles movies would blow my nerd mind!!!!

  2. Scott says:

    Just as a note on the MeUndies code.  It only works on individual purchases, not on the packs, even though the packs are mentioned in the podcast intro.  I had to go through the help there to find out that the code was limited to single-item purchases.

  3. Christian Johns says:

    I think will Smith would be great on the podcast I know it would be a tough get but think about it Chris

  4. Rebecca Sutter says:

    Thank you Chris for talking to dudes about their parenting responsibilities and expectations. Loved hearing it!

  5. Jason S says:

    I’ve been following the View Askewniverse heavily since I saw Chasing Amy and then of course went back to his previous films as well, so Jason Lee has always been a big part of my entertainment life.  Through all the talking that Kevin has done (and like Jason said, he does A LOT), through all the iterations of VA message boards, etc, etc, I’ve never heard the actual story detailing the minutia of how Jason got to be involved in all the movies.  So many of the people in the early films were just Kevin’s friends, but there was no real connection with Jason – the most I ever heard was, “He was a skateboarder, then Kevin put him in his movies.”   Was cool to finally hear the exact story. 

  6. John says:

    In Chris Rocks episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld relates that skaters hucking themselves down a set of stairs for no reason other than self gratitude is a lot like getting on stage at an open mic. That you’re inherently learning all of lifes lessons through skateboarding and it’s too often dismissed as a toy, always loved that snippet. 

  7. Nikki says:

    I used to skate from age 14-17ish. My hometown didn’t have any skateparks…I skated with my sister…we were both too scared to ever fully execute any real tricks, so we just straight up skated haha. One time my sister went down a hill way too fast and the board just couldn’t take it and she went down…mostly bruises and cuts, no broken bones!

  8. Mattey-Cakes says:

    So was a decision made on the # for the Earl movie?Id like to see that.

  9. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    Quick FYI for the Nerdist staff: The MeUndies link doesn’t work with capital-N Nerdist. The correct link is with a lower case-n nerdist, meaning:

  10. Jennifer says:

    Chris I wish you would stop acting like the story line of charectors being different supernatural was just thought up by show writters.  The show is based off books.  In these books there were shapes hitters (sam being one) and were panthers (Jason being bit) and Jason and sookie had a small amount of fairy blood.  Charlene Harris came up with all that NOT THE SHOW WRITTERS.  It wasn’t just thought up cause the first season was too slow.  Granted the show stopped completely following the books after the first season but they kept some of the stuff still.
    Sorry it just bothers me that you keep saying this instead of the truth.  I know free show and all but it’s really easy to find that info out.

  11. Wildride says:

    “There was a theory that Higgins was Robin Masters.”Uh, yeah, it came from the show: Magnum thought Higgins was Robin Masters. Higgins even admitted it at one point and then recanted.  It wasn’t a weird fan idea. It was mooted on the show that Higgins could’ve been the ghost writer for Robin or that the guy seen as Robin was someone Higgins hired to portray his alter ego (similar to Remington Steele).