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Nerdist Podcast: Jason Biggs
Episode 568: Nerdist Podcast
Jason Biggs
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs hangs out with Chris and Jonah to talk about how being a father has changed his life, getting in social media fights with his wife, and where he thinks the storyline of his character is going in Orange Is The New Black!

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Photo Credit: Netflix

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  1. DylanNagy says:

    Chris..less about you more about the guest

  2. DylanNagy says:

    ok talking about wrighting fucked up endings for shows, Did you guys Ever Watch dexter? I think that’s a perfect exsample of a beloved show that had a terrible fucked up make no seince ending. and it wasent funny it sucked an disappointed a lot of veiwers

  3. George says:

    Why can’t we see other episodes from an episode page anymore? I liked being able to stroll through the archives on the old site.

  4. Ginni says:

    I did the survey – but had to make up a postcode coz I’m listening from Australia – I think a lot of the sponsors don’t apply to me anyway because I’m international – so maybe some international sponsors? YAY for shopping online! 

  5. Kathy Duncan says:

    Hope that survey’s still working, this is the first time I could get to it on the computer…  

  6. Graham Ginty says:

    I wasn’t feeling this one I’m afraid. Hard turned off my wealthy americans talking about going to therapy, wether they need it or not. 

  7. Casey says:

    Not sure if anyone actually reads these comments, but I wanted to say that I really enjoyed this one! I’m a full time working mom of two kids – and one is 11 months old. I can totally vouch for everything Jason said about the lack of sleep 😛  I’m probably not your targeted audience but there have definitely been a few podcasts that I’ve loved (Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett) and this was one of them!

  8. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    The sound that makes people shit their pants is called the brown note

  9. The survey doesn’t seem to work.

  10. Eric says:

    Nothing about TMNT departure?

  11. Slick Dick Lick says:

    Chris, what did Jenny McCarthy do after you sprayed your “vaccine” in her creamy little hole? 

  12. Gary says:

    “I can shit on myself all I want” 
    Really Chris? You’re a friend of Wil’s and you *still* can say that?   😉 

  13. Kelly says:

    I ripped through the Orange is the New Black this weekend. Wanted to see what the big deal was. Jason Biggs totally deserves an Emmy. The men cast is unbelievable and should be acknowledge. 

  14. HereToStay says:

    Its the Pie Fucker!