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Episode 301: Nerdist Podcast
Husky Puppies
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Husky Puppies

Treat your ears to some hostful holiday goodness! The guys talk in some silly voices, Jonah shares another meaning of his name, and Matt brought his guitar!

Artwork by Kristin Nicholson

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  1. Great Scott says:

    pussy-talking-Jonah should have his own show.

  2. Patty Marvel says:

    Happened to hear this episode where the boys discuss the slow death of “Attack of the Show” on the same day the final AOTS was to air. Have to go home and see if it actually aired.

    @Chris Hardwick – You know, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, I happen to know of a nice comedy venue (Hilarities) that is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a state-of-the-art blowing alley (The Corner Alley) in a magical place called CLEVELAND, OHIO!

    Just think of it – you could come to this friendly ole Midwestern city to work on your new hour at night BUT spend a day filming “All Star Bowling” in a super convenient location! All you need to do is get yourself, Chloe, Monica and whoever else you can grab to be “Team Nerdist” and some local comedians could be “Team Cleveland.” I’m sure someone from Hiliarities (which Kumail Nanjiani played a few months ago, so he can tell you all about the facility) or the Cleveland Comedy Festival guys could help you put together the local team. There was one guy from Akron who opened for Josh Blue here a few months ago who would be GREAT…his name escapes me at the moment, but he was super funny and likes Doctor Who.

    Think of how brilliant this could be! You get some fresh faces for your bowling show AND some comics get more internet exposure from whatever city you happen to be in! EVERYONE wins! Here’s the info for the comedy venue and the bowling alley:

    (Why, yes, I *have* been plotting ways for you to do stand-up in my hometown rather then take another expensive out-of-state trip. Why do you ask?)

    Speaking of Kumail, please have him and Pete Holmes on your podcast soon-ish. They’ve each taped their stand-up specials in Austin recently and having the guys on before their shows air would be great!

    Okay, thanks for reading.

  3. SayntMykl says:

    Chris, Matt & Jonah,

    I love you guys. Your show helps me get through my week. I hope you will continue to do voices, sing metal riffs, call things “amazing”, “pussy talk”, buy guitars, pick on Matt, be ultra-nice to guests, gush about the things you like, and otherwise BE YOURSELVES. It’s your show, do it your way. Anyone else can fuck themselves in the face.

    P.S. I miss Noodle Stories.

  4. Leah says:

    I’ll miss the hashtags… maybe instead of removing them, ask prod to place the bumps consistently after the first commercial break. That way, regardless of content in show, we know it’s coming. Apparently I’m going to keep talking as though you have the power to do that. NEVER MIND!

  5. Paul says:

    Listening to these sometimes I swear there is a comments section somewhere that is overwhelmingly negative, where it’s just complaints about everything. I’ve yet to come across that comments section. This one seems to be almost completely positive stuff as usual.

    I listened to this podcast on the PA turnpike on the way to visit my wife’s family for belated Christmas. It was great as always and made my trip much nicer.

  6. Kenny Majewboobs says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the “Californians” sketches on SNL, but that’s what I think of every time you guys make local references about directions.

  7. Chuck W. says:

    Think I missed a T in there.

  8. Chuck W. says:

    CHRIS! My son and I were just talking about you doing something with Pro Bowling! This is so cool. I am gonna be the first on the list of fans of The Silver Lake Atom Spliters.

  9. Chuck W. says:

    Having DirectTv I do not know. Did the last show air on Dec 23? I am pretty sure that is what Matt meant.

  10. George says:

    Upping the positive percentage: I really enjoy the hostful episodes, and Chris’s enthusiasm!! Even Matt Mira showed a bit of enthusiasm about life this week! That’s so cool. I’m thankful for you guys and all the shows you do. Keep up the great work, and have a Happy New Year!

  11. Sheldon J says:

    Great episode!!! I loved that you guys ranted about the dicks upstairs at G4. A true Attack farewell on The Nerdist Channel would be a great way to give the loyal fans what they want, which is recognition for supporting an original show with great, real, talented people who cared about their work even when the ship was sinking. Please make it happen Mr. Hardwick!!!

  12. M says:

    Always happy to see a new hostful! Yay!

    Just had to leave a comment to say I’m SO HAPPY Chris is going to be in Tacoma! My husband and I will absolutely be at the show, and if not in costume, then in spectacularly nerdy shirts!

  13. Melvin says:

    Man, those car accidents stories bring back remembers. Mine was we turned over like 7 times.

  14. Ross says:

    Your surprise at the suits insisting no one mention the bad news about the demise of G4 shows you’ve never worked in the typical American office, which has basically the same approach to wrenching policy/personnel change(especially that directly caused by them) as the Soviet Union did–order everyone to act like it doesn’t exist, never mention those that are gone & erase people from group photos. It’s another version of the ‘big lie’ axiom(known in recent American politics as “The Karl Rove Playbook”).

  15. I’m so happy that Jonah’s special is going to be tapped in Boston! I think it’ll be awesome! I hope I get tickets. Congrats to Jonah! W00t.

    In other car accident news: I flipped my car over when I was 19. FYI when hitting a patch of black ice do NOT slam the breaks. I did and I slid right into a wall, bounced off it and rolled the car on to its roof. I touched the roof which was now the ground. I waited about 10 seconds then started screaming hysterically. Someone crawled into the car and was about to release the seat belt when a car hit the back of my car sending it spinning. The guy in my car got thrown out of my car. If that other car hit me 10 seconds later, really bad things could have happened. I ended up with a minor concussion. So….always wear your seat belt. They do saves lives.

    @CH I solemnly swear that I will wear my seat belt when traveling in the back seat consistently from now on. I also solemnly swear that I’m up to no good!

  16. Luanne says:

    Fuckin’ Nigerians, man….. >:(

  17. John says:

    Things seem up for all the dudes…Matt mentioned a lady’s name (!!!), Jonah survived a crash/has a new special, and Chris is headed out on the road! Hopefully will be able to see Mr. Hardwick in April at Caroline’s.

  18. spuzzmacher says:

    Ehhh, wouldn’t this be the 300th episode?

    Ach. It’s like Y2K all over again, and now I’m being this friggin guy:

  19. David H says:

    Well done, Chris, Matt and Jonah on passing 300! I listened to this episode while donating plasma, and it made it zip along.

    Chris, is there an email account or some place I can send some “Nerdist Way’ feedback to you?

    Thanks again.

  20. @JoshPossible: I love Fayetteville! I’ve performed at U of Ar a couple of times. Had exceptional BBQ at an underground pub whose name escapes me. Anyway, good town!

  21. Drarry says:

    I love the hostful podcasts. Everyone, usually, seems more relaxed. Congrats Jonah on the special. Matt I’m sorry about G4. You know what Utica, NY is missing? People like Chris doing standup here. Just putting it out there. I wouldn’t want to come here either.

  22. Brisa says:

    I love the hostfuls! Don’t listen to the naysayers. I appreciate everything you guys are doing. Thank you for providing an AMAZING and PHENOMENAL community.

    I would buy a Nerdist shirt. Just putting that out into the ether.

    Congratulations to Jonah on his stand up special!

  23. Curtis says:

    I shall miss G4 and AotS greatly. Also Jonah’s story about his big car accident had me in rapt attention. Sounded brutal.

    See you in Tacoma in January, Fearless Leader!

  24. JoshPossible says:

    This episode went by so fast! It shocked me when it was done. @Chris Hardwick, let Matt do his guitar show, but let Jonah edit it…
    Also WHAT do I need to do to get you to do a show in Fayetteville AR? Thank you and good day.

  25. KN says:

    Hardwick! When you said Toledo My Heart Jumped! You have to come here now! Seriously!

  26. bastien says:

    It always sucks when people lose jobs over network shakeups. But to put things into perspective…

    Tech TV got unceremoniously shit canned to make way for G4techTV.

    Then everything that represented the G in G4 (and the remnants of tech) got unceremoniously shit canned to make way for the stuff *you* guys did on the channel (and reruns of Cops and Cheaters).

  27. Kraken Attack says:

    Thank you for this hostful.

    Hopefully those interested can do a proper G4 send off and post it on youtube so Viacom can’t touch it. Jan. 24th is going to be that much more depressing without AOTS and XPlay.

    Don’t worry Chris, the impact alone will usually cause soreness. I got rearended in a little Geo Metro, when a young woman came speeding around a hill and up to my car and drove her car’s nose up to my seat. The day after is the hardest because that’s when you tend to get the adrenaline hangover.

    That guy from Malaysia is probably just Chris’s arch nemesis slowly begining to emerge from the shadows. Then it will be unveiled that Jonah’s other personality: Pussy-talking Jonah actually betrayed Chris by giving him all the information to ruin Chris financially so Pussy-talking Jonah could take over Chris’s hosting and stand-up spots in order to get more pussy.

  28. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Wildride: I know, right???

    @Kristin: I love it! Thanks for doing it!!!

    @Brett: yeah, iTunes shuts down for the holidays so they don’t push new shows into the store until next week. If you’re subscribed you’ll get eps, but if not then you’d have to go through RSS or another syndicator. It’s the reason we’re not releasing eps Friday or Monday. Didn’t want to have our guests not be delivered immediately to everyone.

  29. TheBaroness says:


    Also here is a YouTube of the Penis drawing on Attack of the Show … Very insightful..

  30. Kristin says:

    Thanks for using my artwork!

  31. Wildride says:

    So, what — Now we’re just pushing our t-shirt lines? Lame.


  32. Lila says:

    Don’t you ever stop making voices, Chris Hardwick! Bjork is a masterpiece…

  33. Eddy says:

    Some day I hope to be so rich I don’t have to manage my credit card finances enough to notice airline tickets to Malaysia.

  34. Oh man, I was in Nashville and missed the Dukes of Hazzard museum?

  35. Brett says:

    Nothing better than hostful goodness. On a side note has anyone else noticed itunes store not updating to include the two newest shows?

  36. Car crashes, cancelations, and characters, oh my!

    And am I the only one wondering if there’s gonna be a third standup cluster?

  37. Scott S says:

    I went to the Dukes of Hazzard museum in Nashville over the summer. I asked the lady there if you have to slide through the window of the General Lee to take a picture, and she said, “What do you mean?” I sort of explained about how things worked in the show about which the museum she worked in was based, and she didn’t really seem to follow, so I decided I’d rather not pay to take a picture there.

  38. toonsmyth says:

    Season Greetings to Chris, Matt and Jonah and all of my new Nerdist friends! Have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

  39. Spider_Dude says:

    Love the hostfuls.
    Request: Really need to get the guys from Cartoons Networks “Regular Show” coz Jonah sounds exactly like J. G. Quintel who voices the character Mordecai.
    Get on it.

  40. Daniel V. Schilling says:

    I love what you guys do, and the enthusiasm you’ve always done it with. I will definitely be at one of your shows in Tacoma.

  41. Scott says:

    Another bit of Matt badmouthing Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit skipped over.

  42. Corrine says:

    I always feel so bad whenever Chris gets down on himself about negative comments, so here’s a positive one: I love you guys! Every time I see a new podcast, I scramble to download it (it’s usually as I’m walking out the door at 5 AM and shoving a piece of toast in my mouth, but I digress.)

    Congratulations on the 10 new episodes of The Nerdist and I hope all three of you (and the BTS crew) have a happy new year!

    All the best (because you deserve it)

  43. CLAY says:

    You know, I never understood people getting mad over a hostful “dry spell”. Then, I listened to every hostful podcast. I get it. Thanks for the episode guys!

  44. picklemeth says:

    Wow, Jonah’s character work gets better every day!