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Episode 168: Nerdist Podcast
Hair Drapes
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Hair Drapes

From Chris: Jonah, Matt and I actually talk about diets and hair. How very “Sex and the City” of us. No one’s the Samantha, though. I think we’re all Mirandas. WHAT AM I SAYING?? Fun quemments, and then Jonah talks about his new podcast “Jonah Raydio” which will include stories of pooping. See? Mirandas.

Art courtesy of Brandon Sparks: @artist_bman I DeviantART I Tumblr

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Yup we do have virgin trains in the UK. It’s pretty good and first class is ace. Comes with food nibbles and is like £100 swish!

  2. Adam Olson says:

    A hoy hoy Nerdist!
    Thank you kindly for coming to Texas again! I am very excited to see y’all in Austin this Saturday (7pm show). So I know Texas has a bad vibe going with the mouth breathers, you know with all the racism and bigotry and yada yada yada blah blah blah. HOW-FUCKING-EVER!!!! I (in HOUSTON) was listening to your recent hostful podcast with the windows down and a couple, walking their dog, heard me jamming the podcast and screamed “NERDIST!!!!!!!!!” at me while I was stopped at a light! Made my evening.. Rock on!

  3. Sandal Socks says:


  4. Oh lord, Noodle Stories… who are those people who hate that? It kills me.

  5. Dan says:

    Where do we send music for Jonah?

  6. Will J says:

    Matt, I also started Rogaine recently. I am 22, and one day I accidentally saw the back of my head, and I had the beginnings of a helicopter landing pad.
    So I Rogained up, for the first few months it didn’t do anything (actually seemed to make more fall out) but I’m 4-5 months in, and I totally have much thicker hair now. I’m no Shawn Hunter or anything, but it is way less bad. Also, your hair gets used to the foam, and it starts thickening up when you do your morning application and put product in. #NOHAIRLOss

  7. Aidan says:

    Aboot the rogaine junk. I’ve been using Rogaine (foam) for 3 months and i can see and feel a difference. Couple of myths to clear up: Your hair will not just FALL out if you miss a day. You wont see a difference unless you stop using for 3 or 4 days. I got yo back mirabooey. Even if you have all the success in the world, losing your hair makes you feel powerless and miserable. GOOD LUCK

  8. Aaron Sheco says:

    Hey guys, I’d like to work with ron on that 8-bit game, I’m sending him (or you, if you’re reading this, ron) an e-mail.

    *Does anyone know how to tackle the problem about the app not playing in the background?*

    Down to contribute:
    [email protected]

  9. Danielpbrown1981 says:

    Woah woah, did I miss something or has Matt just anounced the nerds are coming to do the podcasts live in the uk (discussion about beds on planes) is this organised or just speculative??

    As a uk nerdest fan I am loving the news!!

  10. Iain says:

    I’d just like to say what a huge fan I am of the podcast. I’ve been listening for the past year after hearing Whil Wheaton recommend it on his Radio Free Burrito podcast. I heard that Hover was back as the sponsor so I thought I’d also say thanks for recommending them. Just had to register a domain and was looking at different providers and decided to go with Hover as they didn’t seem to try and pile on extra services. Excellent 1 on 1 customer service. They have been awesome to deal with.

  11. setlasmon says:

    oh and I like UFC and death metal, but alot of douche bags certainly do too. porn stars are okay.

  12. setlasmon says:

    anyone else think this should have been called “Fancy Nothin'”? I got nothing against “Hair Drapes” but come on:

    1) Fancy Nothin’
    2) All Hate & Lasers
    3) Hair Drapes

    I am totally e-picketing this episode for some weird reason.


  13. Matt10 says:

    I am still losing my hair and years ago looked into using something to bring it back. Rogaine said on the package that you’re only supposed to use it on a bald spot and it wouldn’t stop your hair from receding. You also have to use it forever because the moment you stop the hair grown with it falls out.

    Propecia seemed even worse because it’s actually for high blood pressure and grew hair when taken. The problem there is when you stop taking it you’re blood pressure would go up again which could lead to health problems.

    These are the things I looked into to try and stop my hair loss. I couldn’t afford the stuff really, but I found out that there were things I could do nutrition-wise to try and stop it, like eating foods with omega-3 fatty acids in them for good circulation. Biotin and Vitamin C in foods were also supposed to be good for you and by proxy your hair.

    Also my hair is just thinning on top and I have straight hair which I was told by a barber at Wal-Mart (I’m poor) makes it more likely to fall out. The rest of my head seems normal so it must just be my genetics since my younger brother also has thinning hair.

  14. TimelordS says:

    Chris, major important question here, seriously.

    Will the Nerdist app be available to iPod Touch users? Because I have been looking in the app store for stuff for my Touch, and almost all apps are now iPhone only. I don’t want to get left behind!

  15. Paul says:

    Big question, does the hair drape match the hair carpet?

  16. Cesar says:

    I’m sure if you guys had tried a Kickstarter for the app, u would have gotten all the money u need

  17. waterfloor says:

    y’all are crazy– a free app?! i appreciate it, i do, but i really do not mind at all paying like $10-15/year for an app (which I think is like the WTF model?) OR pay a few bucks for a premium episode every once in a while (a lá Doug <3 movies). Like Jonah said near the end of the episode, it's okay to support things! Especially good things.

    Can't wait for the taping tomorrow!!

  18. Dr. Strangeloving says:

    I definitely don’t mind spending a few bucks to buy a Nerdists app. As a fan, I already get a lot of free content.

    I would like the opportunity to be able to support you guys as I doubt you will be coming to my area any time soon.

  19. setlasmons says:

    anyone else think that this should have been called ‘All Hate & Lasers?” well something should be called that, dammit!

  20. Chelsea says:

    women start feeling that end point in their 20s. i know. i’m still in my 20s. it’s called the awareness that my ovaries have an expiration date. once that hits i will officially be old.

  21. Alison says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the randomness of this podcast. Thanks for bringing so much laughter to my otherwise boring work day.

  22. Kevin says:

    Great episode. Big C said that he is friends with Alex Albrecht, you guys need to have him on. Alex is awesome and would be a great guest.

  23. Scott Jones says:

    I am probably the only nerd who watches UFC. It’s pretty cool.

  24. Phil says:

    great episode, and loved the shout to Toronto. Looking forward to the next show here. I’m hoping you’re selling books again as I didn’t have the cash on Friday to buy one.

  25. Rogue says:

    Matt, there are random episodes where I just want to give you a hug. This Hostful was one of those. One of my best friends lost his hair at 18 and he has made the best of it. Confidence and hats solve all hair loss woes.

    Swell Hostful guys! Totally looking forward to seeing Jonah and Chris tomorrow night in NYC 😀

  26. Alex says:

    Adventure Time! with Chris and Jonah the Human, and Matt the Dog.

  27. johnc says:


  28. ron says:

    hey, I’d be interested in helping you get an “8-bit game” nerdist-branded app developed for iPhone/Android for the cost of zero thousand dollars. Some cross-promotion perhaps? contact me if interested to talk about it, I live in Hollywood right behind UCB!

    [email protected]

  29. Chris Hardwick says:

    @AJ: We do! And we have! Look at the above post. It will always be footnoted. A big part of this is to showcase people’s work in the hopes of getting them more attention/work.

  30. Aj says:

    This was a really fun hostful thanks guys!
    Quick question, if you’re doing the thing with user submitted art for the hostfuls; would it be possible to put a note or something in the description, about the artist, so we can look for their work elsewhere?

  31. CXRengel says:

    Is the Neridst recording studio as cool as the one on “Comic Book Men”?

  32. Oh man! This has absolutely made my day–hell…my week!!–seeing my art on here and having everybody enjoy it (it sounds like Matt enjoyed it to some degree ;P)! Thank you so much! 😀

  33. AbleWorth says:

    Looking fwd to Johah Raydio, When you start doing the “you gotta be shitting me” segments I would be happy to fly to LA to tell you a great shiiting my pants story that involves Unemployment, Colorado casino super buffets, vomiting WHILE riding a motorcycle, and of course pants shitting but somehow does NOT involve a single drop of alchol. With that said I love the hostful podcasts and am also excited about @nerdistnews.

  34. Tom The MIGHTY says:

    I agree with the private travel ratings up until the #1 spot. While a private submarine would be at least 7 flavors of awesome, I think the real winner would be a private dirigible/zeppelin/blimp. All of the swankiness of a submarine… BUT IN THE SKY. I think private dirigible/zeppelin/blimp has to win, but only because of the limits of a submarine’s travel area.

  35. Yanjaa! says:

    hahahahhaa that picture of you three in the top of the post made me lol irl. woke my hallmate though :/

  36. Jon Dees says:

    Matt looks like Humpty Dumpty’s bookish cousin! I love it! Also, I am really looking forward to Jonah Raydio. Chris you are cool too… I guess… haha Just kinding. You are all 7 different shades of awesome! Truth Sauce: Drink it up!

  37. Matt Mira says:

    That artwork is misleading. I am not shorter than Chris, we are both dwarfed by Jonah though, that part is accurate. Also the roundness is pretty accurate. Sadly, so is the hair line.

  38. @PamelaG I do believe you can send stuff to [email protected]
    If I find out I was wrong, I’ll post the correct email addy.


  39. Matty says:

    i hate the word fiance so much. I hate it so much I paused the podcast 2 minutes in to write this comment

  40. glandanzer says:

    One of you just need to start a poopcast.

  41. PamelaG says:

    Great host full! Looking forward to Johah Raydio and Gallifrey One. Just happens I was going to be in LA this weekend. Yay more fun to be had!!! Gonna get me some Dr Who love.

  42. WCMeyer says:

    Where can we learn more about Jonah Raydio? I’d love to send something (I sent you guys the Quements theme in ‘Greta’s Calling’).

  43. MetaMike23 says:

    Is that some pen ward art I see?