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Nerdist Podcast: Guy Branum
Episode 549: Nerdist Podcast
Guy Branum
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Guy Branum

Comedian Guy Branum and Chris talk about how excited their 15 year old selves would be about their current lives, how he decided to become a comedian, his solace in being able to be open about his sexuality, and the importance of doing the things that make you happy!

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Photo credit: Tyler Ross

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  1. Matt Boyd says:

    I was really excited when you were on Smodcast. I got super excited when there was talk of you doing a podcast and maybe if you wanted to do it on the Smodcast Network. Then you made your own podcast on your own Network and I listened to Tom Lennon and the whole thing about the slide whistle and have been listening ever since. Thank you so much for creating this I need nerdy stuff when I am not playing D&D with friends and going to their Star Trek Cookout. I live in Alabama.(not that Alabama is bad, it is great if you love out doors stuff, there is still a lot of nerdy stuff here too, it is that there is not a lot of it.)  Sometimes I feel like I will never get out. I grew up in a  small town still live in the town. I am having trouble getting a proper job. So I am a bit of a stereotype. I would like to make props or fantasy clothing and sell them at Renaissance Faires (I love Ren Faires!!!) I have been selling them on Ebay but not enough to make a living yet. (I’m a Nerdist) I was the first person in my school to bring Magic the gathering but I stopped playing cause noone had heard of it. It was 1995 I think when I had the starter kit. I guess I am saying I really identify with what you guys talked about on the podcast. This can be a type of therapy just hearing that I am not alone makes it better. So thank you I hope this does not sound like a crazy person wrote it. I hope all goes well and May the Schwarts be with you!

  2. So good. Loved hearing the honest thoughts of a person sharing what they have experienced. Thanks for putting this into the world.

  3. CSEM says:

    I was that D&D playing, Marvel Comic/Lord of the Rings reading tomboy girl who moved often, attempted do-overs and in my final high school decided that lunch was going to be a singular experience down a hallway ramp.

    So, today, as I sit designing software at my desk in this windowless unmarked building somewhere outside Washington D.C., I am profoundly affected by how much I was profoundly affected by this podcast’s calm, funny, insightful chat about relationships, the isolation of youthful weirdness, its impact on the self-esteem then vice embracing the weird now with a healthy balance of grace, gratitude, understanding and community.

    Thank you Messrs. Branum and Hardwick.

  4. Tim says:

    Great podcast. Guy is sooo good. I hope He gets what he wants.  Fortune favours the Bold!!!

  5. Jake says:

    I’ve only recently found this podcast, but I’m really glad I did. Huge fan of the ‘serious discussion interspersed with comedy and just talking shit’ format. Also, it’s always great to listen to stuff that shows this level of self awareness. It’s not a common thing.

  6. Alanna says:

    I, for the record, would read the shit out of <u>The Internet, Homosexuality, and Me</u>.  

  7. Brian says:

    Like, like, like, like like, like, like… no! It’s doesn’t make any sense to me! English! MFer! Do you speak it?

    • A says:

      I agree, I wasreally trying to pay attention to the conversation but allI could hear waslike, like, like, like. It wasreally distracting. A lotlike the lipsmackingin the Morgan feemanepisode. I lovethese podcasts but sometimesthe vocalquirks of the guest can takeawayfrom what theyare saying.

      • me says:

        Sometimes you can LET the vocal quirks of a guest take away from what they are saying.  OR, you can choose not to, and just evaluate it based on what the guest said.

        @Brian- if you’re going to call someone out for misusing the language, you can’t preface it by saying:

         “It’s doesn’t make sense to me!”

    • Aa says:

      Sorry about the terrible spacing/spellingbelow. Doingthis onmy phone clearlynot a goodidea

    • Jenny says:

      Agreed – I could not listen to this podcast.  The overuse of the word “like” drives me insane.  Probably says more about me than Guy but like, I just like can’t handle it. 

  8. Ppal says:

    You’re too hard on yourself Greg. The scary thing

    about relationships is that they show us new things

    about ourselves. Dive in. Get messy. Get Married. Get kids. Get a mortgage. Get a TV. Get Trainspotting on Blu-Ray.

  9. Reebs says:

    Oh, Guy Branum, you are a gem. A future emperor, if I may. This episode had me weeping at my desk. Thanks again, nerdist!

  10. OAK says:

    glad to see wow come up with out it being immediately crapped on.    FOR THE HORDE!