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Episode 538: Nerdist Podcast
Greg Behrendt
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Greg Behrendt

The awesome Greg Behrendt chats with Chris and Jonah about the best way to rock a mohawk when going bald; Chris and Greg talk about growing up in comedy together, being depressed and relapsing into drug addiction, and consciously helping yourself to stay happy!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Really hating the new site design. I can’t move around the page on my phone, and the only way i can download the show is through Itunes…

  2. Higgo says:

    really dug this one. cheers

  3. DiHard11 says:

    This was one of my favorite Nerdist episodes. It was really inspirational. It’s amazing how much you can achieve by just being persistent.

  4. Greg is the best! Great show

  5. kittnen says:

    You’re going to be at Vidcon?  Interview Hank, please. Because I’ve been waiting for a Nerdist / Nerdfighter mash up for freaking ever.

  6. Clay_57 says:

    Chris, thanks for having Greg on the podcast. I applaud him for having the courage and the honesty to share his experiences. Been a fan of Walking the Room for a while and he and Dave were the first people I’ve heard to actually tell you what the “other side” of fame in Hollywood is like. What happens when things in your career don’t turn out well, and more importantly how to cope when life kicks the shit out of you. Hearing how you’ve both struggled with career issues and sobriety is really inspiring and congrats to the both of you for moving forward. I’m also glad you two finally addressed the reasons Greg felt he was being snubbed by the Nerdist. Great episode, please have Greg back again. 

  7. Fakey51 says:

    Behrendt is a likeable guy, I respect him as a person. But, I have never found him funny in any way.  The cool thing about him, is he seems okay with that. But, I tried his podcast, and some of his standup, and I just do not see how people find him even remotely funny.

    • Ben says:

      Greg’s not for everyone, true.  But to contrast your comment, out of all the standup comedians out there, Dave and Greg are my favorite by far.  Their podcast almost always leaves me in stiches to the point of not breathing sometimes.  Funny how what people find funny can differ so much.  Cuddla for life!!! 

    • boB says:

      I think Walking the Room is the funniest podcast out there (it is pretty much 100% comedy, unlike Nerdist which I like for different reasons), and Greg is one of my favorite stand-ups of all time.  Different strokes.

  8. Tim G says:

    I’ve got the moves like Yagar

  9. CHRISTINE! says:

    Dang Greg Behrendt. When he said, “I don’t give a fuck about Adam Carolla.” I may have cried my eyes out. He’s really great and has all my respect.

  10. michael jeacock says:


  11. Why would I pay a therapist to do what a good friend should do for free?

    • Alex says:

      Well, if you have a mental illness you can be afraid that sharing the burden would result in pushing some people away. And the truth is some people can’t handle talks of that nature and will distance themselves, you can say that these people aren’t good friends but mental health is a tough subject and not everyone can deal with it.
      My fiancee suffers from depression and I’m certain that neither of us would be as happy as we are if she didn’t have a therapist to talk to.
      It means she doesn’t have to feel like she’s pushing me away, and her therapist can offer a different perspective with the benefit of years of professional experience.

      • Why did you marry someone who is mentally ill? Isn’t the point to reproduce the best from the gene pool? Epic fail on your part, reckless breeder.

        • Erin says:

          Are you serious? I understand the concern when it comes to mental illness and reproduction, but Jesus Christ, if we don’t have the tenacity to pursue this on a cognitive basis than we will never solve/fix any/all mental illness. It is a very unfortunate that truth is often overshadowed by bullshit social preconceptions; I have a very close friend with a mental illness, and he is the nicest human being I have ever met.

          On a side note, who the fuck are you to use an old reference to the “drunk Chris Hardwick” days to substantiate a bullshit point on his own site? Common, we can make the internet a better place…if only we all gave a fuck.

        • Bianca says:

          Grade A Dirtbag up here^^^. Good luck finding perfection in what ever non-existent gene pool you are looking into. You come across as an insensitive tool with no regard to what’s really going on in this world. Good luck with that..