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Episode 221: Nerdist Podcast
Ghost Lube
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Ghost Lube

Jonah shares a conspiracy theory, Chris makes an announcement about a sporting event he is going to partake in and some of your Quemments are answered!

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ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

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  1. GnuWho says:

    Wow, I listened to this podcast far, FAR too late. The dates between by post and the previous post is only a year and a half apart. But it is still awesome. Also, Number 6. Yes, I am a fan of The Prisoner, even though I don’t think my dad was even alive when it aired. :/ ANYways, Nerdist ftw.

  2. GonzWho says:

    FYI… Yoko Ono’s photo of John Lennon’s blood-spattered glasses was
    used for her album “Season of Glass.”

  3. Mark S. says:

    @ Jonah (or anyone interested) RE: Iceland – my favorite place in the world to date. Definitely recommend the Icelandair extended layover. Couple notes – Be sure to spend at least Friday or Saturday night in downtown Reykjavik (the 101 area, I recommend any of the Centerhotels). Stay up late, as the pubs don’t get active until at least 10pm, some closer to 11/12. I recommend Prikid and Kaffibarrin, Dillon if you want to see a band – The Blue Lagoon is totally worth it. Alien landscape, amazing hot springs, and you can get a beer without leaving the ‘pool’. If you stay out late Friday and Saturday, a Sunday at the lagoon is a godsend 🙂

  4. setlasmon says:

    I will probably not hear a daguerreotype joke that good all week!

    UP TOP, BIG C!

  5. Joe says:

    @ Chris Hardwick – Oh, man. Leave it up to me to stir the shit enough to get the owner of the website into the comment thread.

    First off, let me say that you won’t receive a single argument from me. This is your place, your fiefdom. And a fun little fiefdom it is. I have absolutely no problem with playing by the rules. Far be it from me to ever consider you a fascist in any way. Actually it would be almost impossible to be fascist on the interwebs as it is the most libertarian space on the entire planet. That’s why we all get so defensive of it and rise up against potential government intrusion (SOPA & PIPA).

    Regarding the trolling issue, if you feel the need to remove the ugliness from these sad, lonely bastardos, again, no argument from me. I’ve seen too many threads degrade into nothingness three comments in. As a father of two young children I can appreciate the sentiment of “KNOCK IT OFF OR GO TO YOUR ROOM!” We both despise trolls and everything they stand for and I agree with every single point you made on them. The only bone of contention that I have is how to handle them. I would let them say what they say, and then let everyone take their shots. Neither of our methods is better than the other one, so it’s all really just a wash. I will chalk this one up as a gentlemen’s disagreement (long distance single-pump handshake & nod).

    If our paths ever crossed, I would really enjoy challenging you to a round of bowling. I was raised on it, too. Except it wasn’t 10-pin, it was duckpin. I can really relate with your stories of bowling alleys in your youth. My grandfather introduced me to it when I was very young. Granted, he was nothing of your father’s caliber, but he was something of a local celebrity. His trophy case was a marvel to behold.

    In conclusion, let me just say that I respect the hell out of you and what you’ve built here. I love all of your work from Nerdist, your stand-up, Talking Dead, and your guest spots on AOTS (I miss Kevin already, another awesome dude). How you find time to sleep is beyond me.

    Anyway, from a loyal listener, thanks for the reply.

  6. Josh says:

    …or Matt Grandis. Or Patty Marvel. Or Hubby Marvel. Or Carlos. Or Joe. Or JetpackBlues. Or Di Martin. Or Liam. Or…