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Episode 251: Nerdist Podcast
Gangnam Style
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Gangnam Style

It’s some hostful goodness to start off your weekend! Everyone enjoys some world music, Matt and Jonah argue about movies, and Chris talks about going to the Doctor Who premiere!

Artwork by Frye-Matte

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  1. Neb says:

    The “Beauty” film they are talking about with Wayne White is called “Beauty is Embarrassing”. It screened at the Cleveland International Film Festival and won the Documentary Film Competition Award. One of the best docs i’ve ever seen…such a fun film!

  2. Sara says:

    “Rubix Cuba” should star none other than Cuba Gooding, Jr.

    …is this thing on?

  3. setlasmon says:

    Chris, Artichoke is more of the east village than the lower east side. the LES is So of Ho… south of houston street… eh? see how that works?

    y’know. just in case you pop into the comment threads of old hostfuls for helpful geographic advice. you know you do, bro.

  4. setlasmon says:

    and why wasn’t this ep called “Daddy Can’t Come If You’re Hungry”??

  5. smartbunny says:

    Chris! You don’t have to be all wah lonely in NYC! You got pals here! Like me! And a mouse! (making “call me” motion with thumb and pinky)

  6. athena says:

    Jpop = Jewish pop! epic!

  7. Aaron says:


    Comedy gold. Literal tears. Oh God, I’m borrowing this next time I IMDB something with friends. Sorry, I have to. It’s too fucking funny. Well sung, sir.

  8. Patty Marvel says:

    *SIGH* – “HUMOR,” not “HUMAN.” Must remember to preview…

  9. Patty Marvel says:

    @Bryan in Seoul – PLEASE, don’t apologize for the length of your post. First of all, have you seen how much the rest of us have written (myself included)? Second, what you said was very educational. I gathered the video was meant to be funny – so nice human can sometime breach language boundaries – but most of us wouldn’t have gotten the in-jokes you mentioned. Many thanks! Since the rapper clearly has a sense of humor, maybe his first English-language video will include some English-speaking comedians?

  10. Bryan in Seoul says:

    (sorry to be a screen hog, but being the podcast title – I want to contribute because I have something to share – and thanks for making ALL the podcasts. They’re awesome!)

    There are numerous cultural jokes in the video like the wide-angle shot of the Korean women walking backward clapping their hands. They really walk backwards in public parks, clapping and it looks ridiculous. The party bus with the old women is a real phenomenon as well. They roll around singing karaoke and dancing on buses.
    The chorus translation is effectively “I’m Gangnam style”. Gangnam is
    the richest, trendiest part of Seoul. He’s saying that the women in
    Gangnam are elegant by day, but wild at night, just like him

  11. Bryan in Seoul says:

    I always listen to the Podcasts while cooking dinner and couldn’t believe it when I saw “Gangnam Style” tonight. I browsed through the comments, but no one has attempted to explain anything about the song, the artist, or the context.

    The singer, Psy, has not had a big hit for awhile, but his style is meant to be comedic. There are several cameos by famous Korean comedians in the video like the guy in the elevator and the guy in the yellow suit.

  12. After having a mildly crappy morning this episode has kick started my afternoon, you guys rock!

    Also, I too am enamored with that bit of electronic music at the end, I’d love to know who’s music that was.

  13. Geno says:

    I’m with you Lukes, I can’t find out what that electronic music bit at the end was, but it sounds so cool! Someone help please?

  14. Walter says:

    you guys where confuse about the movies “Possession” and “Apparition.”
    Sam Raimi, did not directed any of this movies, he is the producer of “Possession” not “Apparition”, other then that the podcast was awesome.
    keep kicking ass in the name of the Lord!!!lol

  15. michelle says:

    is it wrong? yeah, its wrong. for me to get a tiny chub for the mention of Chloe playing left 4 dead.

  16. Lukes says:

    What was the little bit of electronic music at the end? My Shazam app is giving me 8 different songs/artists.

  17. Ross says:

    Matt, calm down. Chris is right; the Chubb Group used to sponsor Cavett’s show when it was on PBS.

    An observation about a recent example of that poor kid having his Dad sing to him in public: the NBC gymnastics sportscasters went on & on about how great it was that the one male gymnast’s Dad went into his over-the-top routine before/during/after every time his son competing. Watch the coverage & look at how painfully uncomfortable the son looks during all of that. All I could think was, “Give it a rest and let your son concentrate on the biggest event in his life, so far.”

  18. Kris habacon says:

    SAN PEDRO!!! I’m from there, but I live in Japan now…and CAN’T STAND J-Pop. Love the podcast!