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Episode 164: Nerdist Podcast
Fred Stoller
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Fred Stoller

Comedian Fred Stoller accidentally challenged the ‘nerdism’ of The Nerdist while on another podcast, so he comes on to talk nerdy stuff and promote his new book “My Seinfeld Year,” now available on the Kindle!

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  1. James C. says:

    Like a few commenters have mentioned, this interview only served to sully my opinion of Fred. I remember him from the early 90s making the circuit of Two Drink Minimum, The A-List, Comics Only, etc., and he’s one of those guys whose bits I can recall from clip shows like SAST.

    But hearing him running down folks unnecessarily (and I’m giving him a pass on Kathy Griffin because Chris asked him to dish on her, even though Fred introduced their beef into the conversation) was just a poor look for him. For a guy who should be happy for having tasted a bit of success during his career that tons of folks would’ve killed for, he just comes across as bitter, depressed and downtrodden.

    Fred, I’m sorry you’re a self-described “D-List celebrity living in an apartment,” but guess what? You’ve lived a pretty interesting, opportunity-filled life. The rest of those good folks you share an apartment building with probably don’t hold their station in life quite as disparagingly as you do.

    I hope happiness and satisfaction finds you someday.

  2. Dave says:

    Hey Matt Mira,

    I’m a bit behind on Podcasts so I just got around to listen to Stoller on WTF (and then straight to Stoller on Nerdist because I was interested in the accusations being clarified or taken back). After listening, I still think one important question is unanswered that is a bit of an elephant in the room and definitely should be adressed by the Nerdist crew: Was the incident at Stoller’s apartment where someone representing the Nerdist (you said it wasn’t you personally) told him he shouldn’t get a spot because he’s not successful enough and can’t afford a house completely made up by Stoller? Or has someone representing the Nerdist actually made these exact or similar statements?

    Right now, I would have to assume that this is a true story and the Nerdist crew is too embarrassed to admit to having such an attitude. If you do, then be open about it and let your listeners decide if they want to support that kind of attitude or not.

  3. @spiderjokes says:

    Stoller’s so funny I laughed my thoraxx off!

  4. William Blake says:

    To be honest, Fred Stoller kind of came off as an asshole. Pretty much squandered all the amazing opportunities he had in the 80s and 90s (which it didn’t even sound like he appreciated at all, even now) and now he’s basically just trying to get relevant by living in the past and shitting on people who became more famous than himself (figures why he’d get along with Marc Maron and try to start a feud with the guys at Nerdist).

    It was still a good episode, when Matt and Chris were able to get a few words in edgewise. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  5. Duug says:

    matt mira is terrible

  6. magic_pankakes_are_real says:

    hello, i saw all the comments and realized “if i have a good chance of the famous one seeing my friendly love, this is it!” i love your podcast and i just wanted to say splendid job, and to celebrate my nerdiness and not jockyness, i listened to nerdist all day on Superbowl Sunday, (because its the nerdist anivercery) and complaining on Facebook about how i don’t understand football, ect. i am into most of the nerdy things i’m into (ie. mystery science theater) because they were mentioned on your podcast. so thank you soooooo much. ^^

  7. WookiePants says:

    Like the WTF podcast, I stuck with this as long as I could but had to turn it off. @highwyre237, I didn’t even make it as far as you did.

    Not because of the shit Teh Internetz stirred up, but because Fred was impossible to follow.

    Chris, you did your best trying to steer him through a casual interview and he thwarted every topic with random babbling. It was like listening to somebody trying to push mud up a hill with a rope.

    It was just enough that Matt was genuinely laughing at Fred’s comments, but I couldn’t understand why. At least he had fun.

    I know I’m an asshole for complaining about this and I’m sorry.

  8. three toes of fury says:

    PSS: As for defending the Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage Superman movie…i liked it…a lot…however i could have done without the following scenes:

    – Superman rescue’s lois from being crushed in a US Mint printing press and looks down at a sheet of dollar bills and says “thanks for trying to tell me something”.

    – Casting Francis Buxton as Lex Luthor’s lacky side kick AND having superman say “i dont make monkees, i only train them” to him.

    – Travolta cameo as a fan during the scene with the terrorist attack during the winter classic hockey game. Announcer mentions the game will start with a Face Off…Superman winks at travolta.

    – Flashback to krypton: all kryptonians played by CGI versions of the annoying oompa loompa from Burtons Wonka (the horror..the horror).

    – Fortress of solitude not made out of ice/crystal but rather cut out of enormous forrest hedge with the help of supermans buddy Edward S. Hands.

    – choice of using cage’s actual hair…patented superman whispy curve of bang hair far too thin.

    – casting choice for Lois…helena bohnam carter.

    – musical score: original theme reinvisioned by a recently untied Oingo Boingo.

    Best Regards,

    goateed bizzarro 3ToF

    (get it? im the evil version of myself from an alternate universe where this movie exits? bad spock?? anyone? anyone? beuller? beuller?)

  9. Three Toes of Fury says:


    first up…i appreciate and admire you responsing too my post. I wasnt trying to come across as a troll and as for knowing you..true i dont, but i consider myself amongst your podcasts top fanbase.

    second up…regrettably my post was misinterpreted. i clearly state that i dont know if his alegations, made early in the cast about experiences with you, were true or not. Only that he listed some and they didnt seem to be addressed. Based off of your reply post to me, it would appear that Fred misrepresented his interactions as you claim they never took place and you werent rude to him. Case closed. I was just surprised that you brought him on the show to discuss his grievances and then didnt address them when he brought them up.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply and clear up the siutation. Very cool of you. And thank you, Chris, and Jonah for the regular dose of all things nerdist. You guys are great and i wish you nothing but the best.

    Peace .n. Pez,


    PS: I shall, as you’ve requested, purchase Fred’s kindle single this evening.

    PSS: Name your favorite, live, officially released, version of “Warehouse”?

  10. highwyre237 says:

    Favorite part.

    Enjoy your burrito

    oh yeah that part

    ……… “whaaaaat?”

  11. Spanky Jones says:

    Wow, Fred sure doesn’t have a problem with crapping on people does he? I think the only reason he doesn’t have a million enemies is because he’s not famous enough. If he keeps doing interviews like these, though, people are going to start to know who he is!

  12. Matt Mira says:

    @Three Toes of Fury

    I was never rude to Fred. I don’t need to defend actions that never took place.

    It would be like having to defend that Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage Superman movie. It never happened so luckily I don’t have to.

    But, hey this is the internet. So why believe me…

    If you think I was rude to Fred you don’t really know me. Which I suppose is the case here. This is last time I will address this. The song wasn’t about me. Honestly. I have never been rude to Fred, or to his home. However I would love to if invited.

    I emailed Fred the second Twitter told me about his WTF appearance, and he responded promptly insisting he was playing it up for the show.

    Anyway. I will stop typing now as I have devoted entirely too much time to this.

    Thank you guys for listening.

    Now stop thinking I was mean to Fred and go buy his Kindle Single.

  13. aticus says:

    Ok episode. Needed some Vajonah.

  14. Abbey says:

    I think people are over estimating the “coolness” of nerds. I’m 20, and can still remember the misery of 6th-10th grade quite vividly.

    Loved the podcast! Great dynamic between he three of you. Enjoyably indeed!!

  15. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Matt…i think you need to go back and listen to the first few minutes of the podcast. Fred calls out several instances where you appear to have been rude or blown him off…im not saying thats true…thats for you to figure out and work out with him. You dont address or acknowledge it and, at the end claim “there never was a problem”. Not true..just because you dont perceive it as a problem, doesnt mean someone else doesnt. You should try to listen more and engage more.

  16. MatthewM says:

    Great interview! Did Fred take a breath at all? Anywho, I never knew his name. Ive learned more actor and actresses names from listening to your podcasts. I never found a pic of Fred on IMDB. But I know that voice! Your a good interviewer Chris, IMNSHO.

  17. Jonah says:

    Fred: “One guy, Alan Factor, they would chase and beat up every day. And one day he was absent and they chased me, and I liked it. And I was sad when Alan Factor came back. I mean, cause I was just invisible…”

    Chris: “Alan Factor sounds like a math cartoon character. Does not sound like a real person. TODAY ON ALAN FACTOR! Improper fractions!”

  18. Ken says:

    Ah heck, everyone involved is cool with everything. I’m a ninny for my earlier comment. Do over. Nerds unite!

  19. Ken says:

    Ah heck, everyone involved is cool with everything. I’m a ninny for my earlier comment. Do over. Nerds unite!

  20. rhzunam says:

    I’m so happy the feud is over. It didn’t seem right at all for Nerdist and Fred Stoller to be feuding. Now everything is where it should be and I’m glad they gave an opportunity to Stoller who is a real nerd and doesn’t get the exposure I think he deserves.

  21. Ken says:

    So Matt told him he wasn’t famous or successful enough to be on the show at some point? That seemed the point of Fred’s song. Now he’s been on the show but Matt hasn’t really admitted he ever said that. Saying it was no big deal isn’t the same as admitting you were wrong.

  22. J. says:

    I agree with Kijan! I also really love the chemistry between the 3 of you. If you cannot convince him to do a set at Nerdmelt, maybe a live podcast?

  23. josh says:

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  24. Rob S. says:

    The show Fred mentioned was about a black family that worked at a Jewish deli. I think

  25. Kijan says:

    Wtf podcast now nerdist…still not enough Fred stoller

  26. MikeSol says:

    not first!