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Episode 571: Nerdist Podcast
Ed Helms Returns
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Ed Helms Returns

What’s Ed Helms‘ take on playing the son of Clark Griswold in the reboot of Vacation? That’s one of the things Ed’s talking about in his return to the Nerdist Podcast, including his approach to playing a grown-up Rusty, classic Chevy Chase comedies, and whether Clark had a deep, dark secret.

You’ll also hear Ed reminiscing about his days of watching Chris on Singled Out, his love of bluegrass music, and the upcoming The Bluegrass Situation at The Ace Hotel in L.A. October 10th and 11th. Ed also discusses his recent camping and rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

(Click here for Ed’s first visit from 2011)

Follow @edhelms on Twitter and check out The Bluegrass Situation for more info on the shows October 10th and 11th in L.A.!

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  1. Nico says:

    THANKS for the Punch Brothers

  2. Ed’s vacation sounds so amazing. Would love to do something like that. And can’t wait for this new vacation movie. The first one is such a iconic flick and are really curious what they did with this new story.
    And chris,tall? Isn’t that a lot to ask for in a woman? Think you have to shorten that list of yours.

  3. Anna Wiliby says:

    Interesting to me how it takes an old white dude playing Beyonce’s song (completely off beat) to get you guys to recognize what most of the world already does: those songs are good.

  4. Anna says:

    The Jellico Stuckey’s (or Jellicky Stucko’s as we fondly refer to it) was my family tradition whenever we’d go south from Cincinnati! It’s usually the first stop we make, and we nearly always buy a “Mexican crack blanket” (we were all very tired on the way home one trip and I misspoke when asking my mom to buy a “Mexican craft blanket” – the name stuck, since we were so often slap-happy at that place on our way to florida or from one of the Carolina’s we were convinced they were laced with potent narcotics).

  5. Kimpy says:

    so… it took me like 3 days to iisten to this podcast all the way through. Every time Ed Helms mentioned a band I went to check them out on Spotify. I have now returned from that beautifully musical internet hole. 

  6. bree says:

    guys!! as soon as you started talking about ed’s auto reply, i immediately thought of ray bradbury’s short story ‘there will come soft rains’ from ‘the martian chronicles’ where the self automated house slowly destroys itself well after the humans have destroyed themselves. ahh it was the perfect reference!!

  7. nate says:

    Get The Punch Brothers on here!  Or even just chris Thile!

  8. Ross says:

    We never see the Griswolds at home? What about “Christmas Vacation”?And, really, “just starting to toy with irony” in the ’90s? David Letterman on NBC, 1981, just to name one sea-change. You children.

    • Anna Wiliby says:

      I think he meant commercially…David Letterman was one guy on a late show. Irony really wasn’t widespread on US television (particularly in the advertising realm, which is specifically what they were referring to) until the late 90s early oughts.

  9. faivy says:

    Please have on the Milk Carton Kids! Ridiculously talented musically and comedically

  10. Egbert says:

    What a joyous, life-affirming listen that was! I nearly lost it when Ed started whistling Wind of Change.  ðŸ˜€
    By the way, Chris said he thought it was two years since Ed was last on the Nerdist podcast. Actually, your site tells me it was May 2011, almost three and a half years ago. Tempus fugit and all that. 

  11. Paul says:

    I want to go on a vacation like Ed described in this episode.

  12. mork says:

    Chris’s kind of girl is… tall.

  13. Mike says:

    Here’s a link to the Beyonce cover Ed Helms talks about 45 min in. Super great and it only has about 2500 views.

  14. Wildride says:

    Remember that the recouped outlay, such as those clocks nobody wanted, are repaid by the artist’s tiny share of the profits.  The label gets their cut off the top before expenses are paid off.  So, the band didn’t just pay for their own Christmas gifts, they paid for it 20 times over.
    So, you can be a band who isn’t making royalties because it’s all going to paying back your advance and expenses, but that doesn’t mean the record company hasn’t already made a huge profit off your work, because they have.
    But, you know, everybody else are the criminals.

  15. Wildride says:

    Nikki Glaser used to refer to their demographic on MTV as Demo Lovato because that’s who it was.

  16. What a great, fun conversation. the song at the end was just the cherry on top. Perfect!

  17. Shawn says:

    Chris, I’m pretty sure Ed was trying to remember Adam Curry’s name.

    • setlasmon says:

      right on. 
      I remember when he broke a big story on Headbanger’s Ball.. the vinyl for a Violence LP was purported to have barf in it, but he bravely slashed it open using a sharp edged bangle from his leather jacket and indentified it as vegetable soup!