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Episode 484: Nerdist Podcast
Donald Faison
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Donald Faison

The hilarious Donald Faison comes on the podcast! He talks to Chris and Jonah about starting a family, his time on Scrubs, and their favorite shows currently on TV!

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  1. Courtney says:

    Speaking as a person in my 20s, for all the other people in their 20s……we do not think Star Wars 1-3 are awesome, and we do not think Star Wars 4-6 are boring. That is all.

    (but awesome episode)

  2. Tillburg says:

    Early 20s here: Episodes 1 – 3 are largely forgettable and I don’t care for them! Episodes 4 – 6 cut a deep swath in my childhood. Those were amazing.

  3. I am very disappointed at the lack of f respect give to ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula.’ That movie is fucking amazing. Sure, it’s weird and almost an art film, but I love the hell out of it. It’s also bloody and violent and full of sexy lesbians and SUPER FUN. WAY, way better than ‘Wolf’ or that Frankenstein movie. Let’s all have a viewing party, you guys!

  4. Erica says:

    Loved the episode. As a faithful volunteer just had to chime in about Sundance! You can totally see films all day. Jordan Vogt-Roberts was right! Zach may have had a lot of invited guests to “Wish You Were Here” but I know lots of “regular” people that saw the premiere. If you can afford it, go with an express credential and you can basically see any movie you want. Or slum it in the ticket holder/waitlist line with the rest of us.

    Anyway – come to Sundance it’s fun!

  5. RDaggle says:

    When Donald Faison returns I hope he will talk a little about his stop- motion video Black Stormtrooper, etc.

  6. Bubbowrap says:

    Whew, glad I saw that they spoiled the Breaking Bad Finale in the comments since I have yet to get past the first season. I would’ve been pissssed. Well, for like five minutes.

    I’ll have to listen later, I guess, which blows because I love Donald!

  7. Keith says:

    Re: comic books, if you’re done in 7 minutes, you’re doing it wrong. Look at the pictures, man!

    I used to quick-read my new comics on my lunch hour every Wednesday, trying to get thru most of the stack before getting back to work. Bad habits developed, and a lot of good art was missed until later read-thrus.

    Graphic novels/trades are great for collecting a story and consuming it in one go. Many stories read a LOT better that way (even if the creators claim they aren’t ‘pacing for the trades’), but it’s also entirely possible to enjoy a single issue of most comics for a whole lot longer than 7 minutes, and discover marvelous things you’d overlook on a quick read.

  8. Unbelievably funny! You guys had such amazing chemistry! If I can ask for a handful of things to Señor Hardwick is to have Donald Faison a regular on the podcast! Just let him join the hosting duties!

  9. Bentineice says:

    This was the best episode. It felt as thought he was just another host talking with you guys. I am praying he does @midnight!

  10. -Di. says:

    Bad Grandpa contains banal overly graphic humor about bodily functions. My Dad loved it even though he said he didn’t. So CH, you’ll love it!!!

  11. Vigor says:

    How awesome would a Scrubs episode of @midnight be?

  12. bastien says:


    Your reasoning for using a hard G sound in GIF is flawed, since acronyms do not follow pronunciation rules based on the words they’re made of.

    If people followed that rule for acronym pronunciation:

    SCUBA would be pronounced “skuh-baah” instead of “skoo-buh”
    LASER would be pronounced “laa-seer” instead of “lay-zer”
    DARPA would be pronounced “daahr-pay” instead of “dar-puh”
    NASA would be pronounced “neh-saah” instead of “naah-suh”

    So in other words, the pronunciation of “graphics” has no bearing on the pronunciation of GIF.

  13. Kristoffer says:

    in the future, i think it’d be awesome to have a Zach Braff & Donald Faison podcast episode where they are on the same episode together.

    Would be sweet!

  14. aaronofthe says:

    Enter The Void, and Kill Bill Vol. , both I immediately knew they’d be amazing.
    Enter The Void’s title sequence, and Kill Bill’s “Bang Bang He shot me down, my baby shot me down” title sequence were amazing and I knew I was in for good shit.

    Also – Paul Thomas Anderson movies.. all of them. I know they’ll be amazing before I walk into the theatre.

  15. Mia says:

    As someone whose native language isn’t English and hasn’t lived in a country where English is the main language, most American accents do not sound harsh to me, rather lone all that nasal. The loudness only becomes noticeable to me in media when people are hosting or doing stand up or comedic acting…because some people seem to think loudness is enthusiasm and funny. Though, yeah, it’s understandable you get louder when you get more excited so. Eh. I’m not really bothered by it most of the time. Sometimes it gets to be too much, it happens.

    Why American accents do not sound harsh is probably because a large portion, if not most, of us are used to it since our media includes a LOT of American-produced material. C’mon, Hollywood has been ruling the movie industry for a long while in Western countries. And the amount of TV shows alone…
    And in my opinion American accents do often have a certain softness to them.

  16. NotMF says:

    Also, I completely agree with you on the gif debate Chris. Stand firm with the hard G!

  17. NotMF says:

    Donald is hilarious. He was great in KickAss 2, not to mention freaking Clueless!

    The Lego Movie bloopers looks like they just took actual outtakes from their recording sessions and just animated them. At one point Will Arnett and Chris Pratt talk about how their backs hurt from standing so much and want a arm chair arms strapped to their backs.

  18. Hi says:

    I am silly. It’s true.

  19. TimParker says:

    Nice reference to Can’t Hardly Wait, Donald – “I’m not going to wear the shirt of the band I’m in”
    he was the drummer in that fictional band in the movie, right?

  20. Stephanie says:

    Calm down, Hi!

    By the way, you’re silly.

  21. jgarfink says:

    Veronica Mars made the jump to the CW for its last season! Great episode.

  22. Hi says:

    Chris admitted in the King interview that he should stop doing it. Yet has not done so.

    It is silly to say if you don’t like, don’t listen. It is entirely acceptable and some would argue preferable, to enjoy something while simultaneously being aware of its flaws. One could argue that it is crucial to properly interpreting and critiquing the subject matter. A deeper understanding results from knowing what makes something great and conversely what components weaken the subject.

  23. Stephanie says:

    If you don’t like the style of the podcast, don’t listen.
    I love love love listening to these. You can tell podcast guests feel comfortable because of the informal style. Besides, you get to hear the guests personalities, instead of just listening to some question after question stuffy interview.

  24. Nich Hustler says:

    Wow great advice coming from anonymous guy named Hi. Flip. How can you argue with him and Larry King.

    For the record, I love the style of this podcast. I listen to these hour long knowing that I’m going to get at least fifteen minutes with the guest that I simply am not going to get anywhere else. It’s lovely to hear people just shooting the breeze.

    Also this episode was great. I laughed out loud a bunch of times. Hilarious. Thanks Chris, Jonah and Donald. Much appreciated and much needed.

  25. Hi says:

    Chris, when are you going to take Larry Kings advice from his episode and stop making the interview about yourself? This complaint is not specific to this ep but an overall problem with your interviews. Stop answering your own questions and shoehorning in your personal philosophies. That’s what hostfuls are for. And stop telling everyone they should do comedy. It’s rings hollow from someone who isn’t even known as a stand up comedian. You’re a great host, embrace it. Don’t be like the actor who wants to be a rockstar. Stick to your strengths. You’re welcome.

  26. Asty says:

    This episode spoils the Breaking Bad finale, just FYI. Would have appreciated a warning.

  27. Nich Hustler says:

    The only thing I keep thinking about with the Zach Braff movie funding. And dammit I know it’s not this simple but here out my ignorantness for a moment and offer me civilised correction…

    If you fund a movie using a traditional model you have to appease your investors, and you have to make a good return on that investment. They share in the profits. That’s where the profit goes, it’s split to investors and paying for various things in development. But if you crowd source so you can make your own movie, then surely without investors having a stake in profits the movie should be given away for free? Or close to it. Or something other than being marketed through traditional channels? Surely?

    I think about this when it comes to games that get crowd funded all the time. We paid your bills guys (unless you mismanaged things but that is a different discussion) so surely with no overheads to consider these products should not come out at regular retail price. Surely.

    Please someone tell me logically how I am wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Joe says:

    Hay, it’s that guy from pitch perfect.

  29. Jack says:

    I completely agree with Chris about gif

  30. Genie Livar says:

    So think about this for a moment. Me and my friends nerd out on Family Guy and thought about this one day. If it’s 1 “gig” then 500 would be “giggi” and a terabyte would be a “giggity”. What do y’all think?

  31. Sam says:

    I’m in the middle of listening to this episode and I had to stop and comment on something Donald said 15-20 minutes in re Scrubs.

    Paraphrased: “It was such a fun show, I got to play so many different characters: Han Solo, Indiana Jones…”

  32. Wildride says:

    Kevin Hart is gonna make an amazing Sam in the the Diff’rent Strokes remake. #citationneeded

  33. Mexican Panda says:

    Utah!! I’ve been living there for 7 years and I’ve never been to Park City!! :/

  34. Patrick Favo says:

    I can’t help but notice that Chris and Jonah both referenced the movies they watched for “How Did This Get Made?” – Chris doing Season of the Witch, Jonah doing “Wicker Man”

  35. Aaron says:

    Aw, image tags don’t work. Anway, LOVE Donald! Big fan of Scrubs and he was awesome in his small part in Clueless. I miss this guy from my daily TV watching.

    Everyone see the Zach/Donald bromance CHiPs parody? Good stuff.

  36. Aaron says:


  37. Dingus says:

    I saw the image, and then hoped it was an episode, not some news article, but I knew, deep within the cockles of my heart, that it wasn’t an episode.

    I was wrong! Woo!

  38. ran76 says:

    There WAS a Blue Thunder tv show.

  39. Kevin K says:


  40. esteben says:

    How can you not be excited for this podcast with a picture like that?