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Episode 236: Nerdist Podcast
Diani & Devine
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Diani & Devine

Gabe Diani & Etta Devine are a wonderfully hilarious comedy team and longtime friends of Chris (Nerdist Stand-Up Cluster 2). They ran a successful kickstarter campaign to make “Huck Finn: Robotic Edition” and are currently raising money to get their film The Selling a theatrical release. Because we have a lot of creative-y types who listen to the show, we brought them on to share their insight about making film, sketch comedy, and books from scratch. They are the ultimate DIYers, so pull up a chair (or stand if you really feel like it) and take some notes. If you’ve been on the fence about making a thing you want to make, the time is now!

Listen to them on The Nerdist Stand Up Cluster #2!

Support “The Selling” Kickstarter!

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  1. (Backlog listener) Very funny people. Robotic Edition is a genius idea. And for such funny and smart people, “Asperger-y” really seemed in poor taste.

  2. Elizabeth Van Horn says:

    Loved their Kickstarter project. Gave my two sons both copies of “Huckleberry Finn Robotic Edition” for Christmas last year. The book was a huge hit, and my younger son read it out loud to family members. Much raucous laughter all around. For my family of bibliophiles, this parody really added to our festivities.

    Thanks Nerdist, for this great interview with Diani & Devine. The Selling trailer is very funny.

  3. @Vincent
    I thought that was them! I didn’t want to say it without checking though and look like an idiot if I was wrong. I loved that bit along with the tortoise and the hare bit. Super clever.

    I also learned a lot from this ep, including the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will support you and push you to follow what you’re passionate about like these two do for each other.

  4. Ian says:

    Nice podcast. Very informative, even if you don’t want to make a film. Interesting.

  5. gary says:

    Chris, I believe you should rename your fists “:Compounded” and “Interest.”

  6. Colton Myers says:

    The site they mentioned is Quora. Cool site, for sure.

  7. Michael B says:

    What was that site mentioned around 1:01:30 that sounded like “Hora”? I’ve never heard of it, but it sounded very interesting and helpful. I can’t seem to locate it online. :/ Please help? Thanks.

  8. Vincent S says:

    omg, that Geriatric phone sex worker bit they had in the cluster made me laugh so much. downloading…. now!

  9. Wildride says:

    Albacore — Who’s your friend?

  10. Curtis says:


    K, I’m good.

  11. Flagripper says:

    Didn’t care much for their comedy on the cluster but this was cool. Ill have to give em another shot