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Nerdist Podcast: Dax Shepard
Episode 582: Nerdist Podcast
Dax Shepard
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard is on the podcast! He and Chris discuss each of their experiences getting sober, what is like being dyslexic in school when he was a kid, having a second kid with his wife, Kristen Bell, and his newest movies This Is Where I Leave You and The Judge (both in theaters now!). He also talks about the huge popularity of the “Cha-Ching!” Rally’s commercials in the early nineties and then learning a couple years ago that it was Seth Green in those commercials and he got to go to the Super Bowl for it!

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  1. Meg says:

    TIL, Chuck Woolery is the Prince of Detroit.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Loved this episode.  I love him and Kristen.  So glad they are having another kid and are doing well.  
    But Chris . . .  When are you having her on?  You guys tweeted about doing on around the time she did the kickstarter for VM.  I would love love love to hear hers.  šŸ™‚  If you can make that happen since you are friends with Dax.  Just a suggestion.  

  3. SeraSera says:

    The artist’s name you two were looking for is Dale Chihuly. He is also known as “The Coolest Artist with an Eyepatch”. Well, in my book he is known as that. His website:  His photo:

  4. Samuel says:

    Sounds like Dax is okay with the sex acts his wife has to perform to get work.

  5. Ayn Roberts says:

    I think Dax has some interesting ideas but still seem half baked in terms of actual context to society. I think that if anyone makes choices in a marriage that harms the loved ones of that family in a meaningful way -then that is grounds for divorce, whether it’s physical or mental/emotional endangerment and abuse. 
    Who’s to say that breaking the trust necessary in having a monogamous relationship isn’t emotionally scarring? And who’s to determine the difference between a one-time mistake and an emerging pattern? The women who DO stay with their man despite cheating have their choices, character, and motivations for staying in a marriage denigrated and questioned by society- on a level that men don’t usually deal with. 
    Interesting podcast but…I wish these guys were a bit more REALISTIC šŸ˜‰ in acknowledging the shaky ground that they’ve built their assumptions and beliefs on. 

  6. Arabrabbra says:

    I really feel that Facebook will be one of the biggest negative impacts of the late 2000s early 2010s. Once we realize that, it will be far to late. I know I’m in the minority.

  7. Arabrabbra says:

    LOVE DAX! YAYEE! His WTF was really great. So happy for himself and Kristen on the new baby!

  8. Julie says:

    I got so excited when they started talking about Michigan… and then was hit with an equal measure of profound sadness that I got so jazzed about roads and little towns no one knows about. 

    • SolidGoldBricks says:

      I have this same reaction when the Mitten gets brought up. šŸ™‚

    • Jennifer says:

      I was actually working at Pontiac Trail and m5 while I listen to him talk about that.  I was actually surprised he didn’t realize there are more then 14 mile rds though, there is actually 37 of them in all I believe.  They just have different names as the go down.  I wonder how much he got out of walled Lake.  If you want to hear more of his time in Michigan WTF has more in depth about his time in Milford.  šŸ™‚  
      And yes I get all yeah! when Michigan is brought up more then I would think it does.  I can’t believe how many actors are from here then I thought.  I also yelled at the podcast when they called Pine Knob, DTE, although I wonder if that is why he didn’t recognize the name.  

  9. James Smith says:

    Wow, look at Dax playing to the back of the room with the down river joke.  

  10. BassBone says:

    So basically what Dax is saying is “boys will be boys”. It’s a very short walk from there to “she deserved to get raped, look what she was wearing.” I have just lost a hell of a lot of real respect here.

    • EricMulek says:

      I disagree with that. Dax doesn’t condone it as “Boys will be boys”. He calls it out as here is a system that produces that very hyper masculine, testosterone driven mindset and people (namely women in context to their conversation) should be aware of that when finding themselves in those circles. 

      I will agree that “Boys will be boys” is a terrible mindset and excuses terrible behaviors and actions, but acknowledging a shitty situation is not the same as condoning it. 

      • Martine says:

        Problem is he didn’t really acknowledge that this is a huge problem and the fact that he shifted it towards women should just be aware in a way that gave the man a free pass is what bugged me too. The way he put it I felt that he meant men can just hide behind the system and the partner (the woman in context of their conversation) just has to deal with it which is not fair. Just because hormones are running high doesn’t mean you automatically loose your control, enough men and women manage to stay faithful to their partner when they are in a commited relationship. It’s work and men shouldn’t get to not do it because they are so full of hormones.

  11. Wahme says:

    Dax is SPOT ON with his assessment of “dealbreakers” in a marriage. 

  12. Thanks guy’s for this very entertaining podcast. Made my break at work and bus ride home so much more enjoyable.   

  13. El BROstachio says:

    I just looked up Hardwick on Direct TV, lmao.

  14. sun123 says:

    Wonder how Kristin Bells feels about her husbands public assessment of her lack of integrity, likelihood that she’ll cheat on him

    Being desirable may increase her / anyones opportunity but doesnt make a decent person untrustworthy

    He barely stopped from finishing “theres a pretty …. ” (…good chance) to just saying its much stronger likelihood she’s untrustworthy, while away will betray him. 

    AND NEWFLASH – People leave not only because of being betrayed but also because of discovering a deal breaker like untrustworthiness.

    • MissedTheMark says:

      I think you missed the mark there.  Dax wasn’t saying that Kristin lacks integrity and he doesn’t trust her.  He is accepting the possibility that something may happen and if it does, he can work through that because he is going into the situation with realistic expectations.  

      • suntx123 says:

        Actually, he definitely DID say he cant trust her, that she’s untrustworthy —HE DID NOT SAY:  Thankfully despite her being insanely desirable and her work keeping us apart for long periods, she has integrity, is trustworthy and wouldnt cheat on me. —WHAT HE DID SAY — “Theres a pretty, a much stronger likelihood that in MY future..” how shes a person that because of those things whe will cheat on him.