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Episode 286: Nerdist Podcast
Dave Attell Returns!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Dave Attell Returns!

The always hilarious Dave Attell returns to the Nerdist to talk about his favorite porns of all time, his new show Dave’s Old Porn, and some more stuff about porn!

Check out Dave’s Old Porn, on Showtime Thursdays at 11pm!

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  1. Chad Van says:

    Chris, the song “Chloe Dykstra’s Penis” was actually a collaborative effort between Kip Winger, Mike Tramp of White Lion and Jani Lane from Warrant on the one off album “Attack of 80’s W’s”… I thought I was the only one who had heard that album!

  2. Stan says:

    Ginger Lynn also has nerd cred for being in Wing Commander III with Mark Hammill. Here’s a clip:

  3. Jeremy says:

    At 21 minutes in, I was in perfect storm of laughing so hard my abs were sore, tears streamed from my eyes, mouth open, laughing so hard and so loud I was wheezing trying to get air in my lungs. I am a personal trainer.

  4. farleyk says:

    Since Hostess products have been a frequent topic of conversation, I’ve mentioned Chocodiles to numerous people. Always to the blank stares that silently accuse me of lunacy or making this stuff up. Good to hear that someone else has heard of and tasted those things.

  5. toonsmyth says:

    Really? Well, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to post an ANNOYING ORANGE episode in The Nerdist comments, but because Patty Marvel requested it, here it is. I’ll be uploading a UCF: GOKU vs ORANGE video next week to help promote it. ENJOY!

  6. JetpackBlues says:

    The “Dave’s Old Porn” cruise should take place on a spooge barge.

    And now, goddammit, I want a foot long Italian cold cut sub from Sheetz. I’m geographically displaced at the moment and plagued with longing for something that’s normally within my grasp.

  7. Jeremy says:

    WAWA! When Dave mentioned Wawa and Tastykakes it made me totally miss home. Moved to Chicago 2 years ago from Philly and there is NOTHING like a Wawa out here. We don’t even have Sheetz. am/pm or 7/11 is it. At least there’s Portillos.

  8. Patty Marvel says:

    @Jacky Dan – Nicely done, that! AND it was shown on an episode of BBC America’s NERDIST. As for the time commitment, maybe each story – ten of them per “season” – could be done by a different artist? The podcast would be a unifying thread, but everything else would be up for grabs. As for who picks the stories to be animated…maybe CH and/or the artists themselves?

    @toonsmyth – Please post a link to the Annoying Orange bit here ASAP! Also, the radio employee story might have actually been in the previous podcast where Jimmy Kimmel was discussing his KROQ days.

  9. toonsmyth says:

    I LOVED Shorties Watchin’ Shorties, and would LOVE the opportunity to animate MORE Nerdist clips whenever I hear something that screams to be animated. Like the clip I did with Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche reprising their roles as Pinky and The Brain a while back. I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I’ll see if anything jumps out at me. But animation, when done properly, DOES take some time to produce, and right now I’m very involved with some other projects. My first collaboration with THE ANNOYING ORANGE should premiere later TODAY, in fact! Hint, hint! Plug, plug! But I’ll keep my ears open for inspiration. Thanks, Patty!

  10. Jacky Dan says:

    @Doctor Quemmento & @Patty- I’m that one guy that did that animated version of Nerdist with the Matt Mira story a long time back. In my perspective, however, I don’t think that I will do another animated nerdist in the future again, at least in that format. Don’t get me wrong, the podcast is great with so many good clips/sketches and the nerdist staff were very supportive when I created these cartoons a long time ago. But (after much self reflection) I determined as an artist I am more interested in trying to create and tell stories. Since animation(at least okay to great animation) takes a long time to develop with usual a large amount of artists, the subject matter would have to connect with me in such an emotional level now that I wanted to be crazy enough to draw frame after frame to tell that story (rather than animating to a “sketch or skit” to get a quick joke) .
    Not that I am saying that I am opposed to the creation of a “animated nerdist”, but I think it would be cool to try to create a story that has never been seen before. Stories that overall story arcs and show different perspectives about the world. It could be a science fiction story, drama, comedy, etc. Especially exciting in the animation field where you can push and experiment so much especially with traditional animation. That would be an animated “nerdist” I would like to see that attempts to push the boundaries of animation while telling a cool story, even if it is a simple short story.
    Right now I am creating a character design portfolio and probably going to write a graphic novel after I am done with that. But if a really cool story/idea, whether it be a “animated nerdist” or something else, I wouldn’t mind creating/attempting that. That is at least in my opinion.

  11. That’s an awesome idea, Patty. I’d love to see an animated short of the Imperial 4th of July picnic bit.

  12. Patty Marvel says:

    Random thought – remember an old Comedy Central show called “Shorties,” where the audio from oft-played stand-up specials was animated? Usually the bit was a story and the cartoon illustrated what was happening, much like what “Mash Up” does with actors. Dave Attell’s story about the stereotypical radio station employees would be PERFECT for the “Shorties” treatment. That could make a great Nerdist Channel show; various animators illustrating stories told on the Nerdist podcast. With nearly 300 pods in the can, there as got to be an absolute goldmine of stories here.

    Didn’t one fan already do that with the story Matt Mira told about a Nick Cage movie? And fellow podcast fan Toonsmyth does animation. Think about it. #RecycledContent

  13. Patty Marvel says:

    AGAIN with the mentioning of Mel Brooks and the podcast and the thing! We’ve been hearing about it for nearly a week now! STOP TEASING US, HARDWICK!!! Oh, I hope that interview posts on Friday…

    BTW, the Crunch Wrap Supreme sounds like the Turducken of “Mexican” “food,” or whatever Taco Bell should be labeled.

    We have Sheetz in the more remote parts of Ohio as well. Never ordered their sandwiches, but the varieties of coffee they offer are a godsend on a long ride at night.

    And I’m surprised no one said “pixel snatch” sounds like a band name or a Bizarro World elf. Perhaps use that as a handle the next time you game on-line?

  14. William says:

    Dave Attell should be on this show every episode, best guest ever!

  15. Gillian says:

    As a Western PA native, I about lost my mind with excitement when Jonah mentioned Sheet. I just had to say that I totally squealed when that happened.

  16. Wildride says:

    She can dance if she wants to …

  17. amysrevenge says:

    Thanks for the show!

  18. Crump'sBrother says:

    I’m going to buy one of the newly defunct Hostess factories and begin producing Dave Attell’s Urban Twinkies immediately. Hardwick if you make the right offer I’ll put a Nerdist logo on the packaging. (I take no responsibility if the tie-in tanks Nerdist)

  19. Jim Simonetti says:

    Dave Atell is one of the best comics out there. I can’t wait to listen. All we need now is Artie Lange, Nick Dipaolo, and Jim Norton on the podcast and we got the anti social tour.

  20. Eddy says:

    I didn’t even realize that was Chloe’s pic on reddit. I’m going to downvote it now. Suck it, Dykstra.

  21. Lil says:

    Got to the twinkie part and had to share this.
    Enjoy your twinkies.

  22. Pedak says:

    Favorite Porn? It will take me forever to write a list with one hand.