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Episode 274: Nerdist Podcast
Darren Bousman
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Darren Bousman

Awesome filmmaker (and guy!) Darren Bousman comes on the show to talk about directing the Saw movies, Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival, the rise of the horror movie industry, and society’s addiction to technology!

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  1. M.C. says:

    I’m not sure any phrase has sounded more natural coming from Chris’ mouth than “Let my puppets come.” XD

  2. Chino Devine says:

    Probably the least important response here, but if anyone was curious still: Hornswoggle. The little person’s name is Hornswoggle. I am ALL about a Leprechaun reboot…do it Darren! I’m behind you


  3. IamDMD says:

    I for one still listen to podcasts (all 275 in the last 4 months) on my ipod (whatevergen) 160g Classic.

  4. Tom Steele says:

    Yeah, I’m going to have to call bullshit on the Spuds Mackenzie being Bob and Doug McKenzie’s dog. Their dog was hosehead, and their last names aren’t even the same. That’d be totally cool if it had been true though.

  5. Henry says:

    I thought Bob and Doug Mckenzie’s dog was named Hosehead.

  6. Xeroz says:

    I think almost all art has a way of making us face our own humanity, lack of, or anything in between.
    It can bring out our demons, or angels (for lack of a better term), and give them a canvas that we can show others.
    How we interpret it is ultimately up to us, and some may never get the full scope of what the artist truly intended. But, that never means we should stop trying.
    And that goes for creating art, or the interpretation of said art. It should be something that we are all able to have our own views on. Weather it’s outright ridicule, or the highest praise for. Everyone should be encouraged to come up with what it means to them on their own.

    Even something like ‘torture porn’, is probably nothing compared to even a fraction of the atrocities that some twisted individuals (even entire groups of people in some cases) have commited against others in real life.

    Just remember this is America, where freedom of speech & expression is encouraged, with very few exceptions. Although I can personally think of a few areas, mainly those intentionally trying to spread hate, that would probably benefit with a little self-censorship.
    And this may come as a shock, but some countries have even greater freedoms of expression and art than the US.

    We should all appreciate the fact that most of modern civilization appreciates art & expression to some degree. Just imagine if we had the same restrictions on movies and stuff they had in the 20’s-50’s. How many great stories/movies/music/minds & jobs/careers that come with helping to creating those ideas, and put them on a canvas for the world to see, would America have never had?
    While I’m not going to celebrate all forms of expression that I see or hear about, I’m definitely not going to try to take that freedom away from someone else.

    *I know I’m not omnipotent, and I’d be a fool to try to act like I was. We all have faults, that’s what makes us humans. And, art/music/movies/stories/etc are all ways of reminding us just how human we really are.

    Sorry if that got a little deep & possibly off topic.

    I’ll close with this: Criticism in itself, as long as it’s done constructively and with reasoning, and not just for the sake of being hateful towards someone else, should and probably is encouraged by any true artist.

  7. stonechiper says:

    @Ynda it may have been Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli. Even if this isn’t it, a great graphic novel worth checking out!

  8. Ynda says:

    Great interview. Never seen SAW movies but I will probably look out for them now. I’ve ordered Repo – sounds great. Darren recommends a comic book “Mysterious Polyp”(???) – can’t find that – have I misheard the title?

  9. @Ali
    History recalls a disgusting work of fiction written by another shameful degenerate. This piece of filth, reviled through the ages, tells the shameful tale of a man who commits patricide and then begins an incestuous sexual relationship with his mother. She even bears him children! Who would write this twisted garbage? Who would read this awful ‘incest porn’?

    Well, the play was written by Sophocles, one of ancient Greece’s most famous playwrights, and it’s called Oedipus Rex. It’s considered by scholars to be one of the masterworks of Greek tragedy for thousands of years.

    Art is the end result of one side of an act of communication. Artists are trying to tell you something, and they’ll often use emotion as a medium for this communication. I’m sure you’ll agree that, as emotions go, fear is one of the most powerful and multifaceted that the brain is capable of producing. You don’t have to be a degenerate to want to explore fear, and its many variations, in your art: suspense, horror, disgust. Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King…shit, even Steven Spielberg is a ‘torture porn’ producing ‘degenerate’ by your definition.

    Disliking the Horror genre of cinema doesn’t make you morally superior to anyone, Ali, and acting like it does just makes you look like a stuck-up, foolish, jackass.

  10. Ali says:

    This guy is clearly some sort of degenerate. You can dress up your efforts to produce horrific torture-porn as much as you want by heightening the “nerdy” aspects of filmmaking, but that still doesn’t mean you’re not a awful filmmaker producing a terrible product. Moreover, apart from all of that, I found this podcast to be pretty boring.

  11. Xeroz says:

    @ Phil,
    I can’t say I’d really remember the commercials for it, (I’m not quite that old :P). But, I do remember one of my dad’s friend’s bringing it over to watch when I was about 7 or 8, and I stayed up to watch as much as I could. You know, like kids do trying to prove how ‘grown-up’ they ‘think’ they are at that age. And, while I didn’t see the whole thing, I do vaguely remember waking up screaming my lungs out after seeing it. Didn’t even think about wanting to see anythnig scary for quite a few months, at least, after that.

  12. Crump'sBrother says:

    10 points to Matt for offering Doink the Clown as the name of the wrestler. But I think Matt actually meant to reference Dink; Doink’s fun size sidekick. I won’t deduct any points since we’re all friends here.

  13. Vincent K. says:

    Met Darren Bousman on the LA segment of the “Repo!” roadshow and he was amazingly gracious and awesome…. Thanks for another great podcast, guys!

  14. Crystal says:

    LOVE your podcast, REALLY LOVE ‘The Devil’s Carnival’. I’ve watched it 6 times since opening it up Tuesday night.) The combination of the two makes me infinitely happy.

  15. So many movies I have yet to see. “Let My Puppets Come” sound disturbingly interesting. If there isn’t a a reference to Moses, I’ll be really disappointed.

    I hope Chris does a show in the north east. Boston Improv would be wicked cool. I saw Dave Hill there. [REDACTED]

    Wait…there is a The Guyver live action? I saw the anime a while back and it was pretty…anime. I need to search this movie out!

  16. Phil says:

    @Xeroz I realize you didn’t ask me, but I remember the ads for PIECES. The TV spots for it back in the day were marketed as something so gruesome that they couldn’t even show you scenes from the movie. All I showed were the big block letters and maybe someone screaming. Also, I never saw it. By the time I was old enough to watch it, I developed other interests.

  17. Phil says:

    Dude, you (Chris Hardwick) gotta pay someone to go through all those VHSes and pluck out those commercials. I love watching old commercials. I don’t know why. I guess there is just something about looking back in history and saying stupid shit like, “By fuck! I remember those old black and white with pink Cherry 7 Up commercials! And I was such a pussy for drinking them! But I didn’t care because I loved them!”

    On a not-so-different note, there was a series of brilliant commercials in the early to mid 80s before our nerd host came to town for a series of West Coast electronic stores called Federated with Shadoe Stevens. Thanks to the convenience of YouTube and the like you can now enjoy these mini-masterpieces.

  18. Admiral Kent says:

    Sweet…J.J. Abrams! J.J. Abrams!….huh?…….Aw, shit.

  19. Xeroz says:

    Sorry for the ‘back2back :P’ comments, but I forgot to ask…
    Did you ever see “Pieces”?
    First movie I can rememeber seeing that had me waking up all night with nightmares. Might not hold up against Nightmare on Elm Street (which for the record also gave me nightmares for a while), but it sure as hell scared the sh!t out of me back then.

  20. Xeroz says:

    Something that might be worth tracking down if you’re into that x-rated comedy genre. “Jokes My Folks Never Told Me”. It’s sort of like ‘dark’ sketch comedy but with nudity. If you liked Caddyshack you’d probably enjoy it. If you can find it, that is. I think it came out right around that time they were switching from Beta to VHS, and it may have been released on both. I just googled it and it looks like there’s a few clips on youtube, for anyone that wants to check it out.

    On another note, Who would “You” cast as the Candyman in a remake of the movie?
    I’d probably say Dennis Haysbert. It’d be interesting to see how terrifyingly fearsome he could get his voice to be for a role like that. Nothing at all like his more recent work with Allstate commercials.

    Anyway, thanks for your time reading my two cents, and please keep up the great work over there at Nerdist everyone.

    Burrito’s for everyone.

  21. Patty Marvel says:

    Surprised Matt Mira didn’t point out Tony Todd played Worf’s brother as well as Candyman! Even a ton of make-up can’t disguise the man, not with THAT voice.

  22. Picklemeth says:

    Man, Jonah really likes bringing up The Gate.

  23. Scully says:

    *dies* My favorite things together at last! I have been waiting for this podcast and I flipped some serious tables the moment I saw it was up. I haven’t even made it all the way through yet but I can’t wait to comment!


  24. Patty Marvel says:

    @Chris Hardwick – Glad to hear you’re doing stand-up just one state over! A small plea…COME TO CLEVELAND! We have NERDS! They’re called “Case Western Reserve University students,” where they roam freely amongst their own kind at a college that is the MIT of the Midwest. Visit us in April and you’ll get to witness “Humans vs Zombies” as our peeps play it AND a little something called NOTACON, a convention for hackers. Bring Team Nerdist to Cleveland!

    Okay, back to the podcast…

  25. JJ says:

    Of course! This posts after I leave work. I really could’ve used this.

  26. TheDVDGrouch says:

    Oh hell yes I’ve been waiting on this show for a while now. I’m big Repo fan & I’ve been checking the main everyday this month for my copy of The Devils Carnival.