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Nerdist Podcast: Danny McBride and Jody Hill
Episode 425: Nerdist Podcast
Danny McBride and Jody Hill
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Danny McBride and Jody Hill

Funny and all around awesome guys Danny McBride and Jody Hill come on the podcast to talk about their rise to fame, coming up with ideas for Eastbound and Down, and interacting with crazy fans!

Watch Eastbound and Down on HBO Sundays at 10 pm!

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  1. Bobby login says:

    Why are you talking about Jonah Hill? This is Jody Hill, who wrote Eastbound and Down along with Danny McBride…shiiiittt mane.

  2. matt says:

    Pretty sure John Tesh wrote NBA on NBC jingle. I vaguely remember reading that somewhere. I’m a month late, but that’s my hunch

  3. Michelle says:

    okay, everybody just take a deep breath….lets keep the perspective of, “this is podcast”. much like astrologers say, “for entertainment purposes only.”

  4. Carlos says:

    I saw the iMac at Starbucks thing once. It was stupendous. He had a comically huge laptop bag for it too

  5. Nichole says:

    Why would anyone bring an I Mac to starbucks!?

    Can we see those Russian audition videos?

  6. Morgoth67 says:

    Hey, I know this has nothing to do with this podcast, but my favorite line was when Chris talked about the x-rate hypnotist…”You are now a chicken…with a dick in its ass!!”
    Now that is fucking funny!
    Also, its good to read the acrimonious rantings of trolls. I love feeling morally superior once in a while…until I look in the mirror!

  7. Andrew S says:

    The marketing for Mike and Molly was almost exclusively “Hey America, watch these fatties fall in love! They’re just like you!” I think that’s what Jonah was making fun of, not the actors themselves.

  8. bastien says:

    Let’s get back to the point, which is that Jonah mocked two actors weight and supposed health issues because he doesn’t like the show they’re on. There’s no two ways about it, Jonah acted like a disrespectful ass and was out of line.

  9. Pleasant Peasant says:

    “…your point really was along the lines of ‘dont have an opinion if it is rude.’”

    This actually wasn’t even close to my point, but since I wasn’t “making a lot of sense” I take full responsibility for the misunderstanding and will attempt to clarify.

    I don’t think it’s possible for someone to have a “rude opinion”. An opinion is a personal belief on a subject; the word ‘personal’ meaning completely contained within the mind of one person. The opinion itself can be many things: it can be generous, it can be biased, it can be subjective or objective, in can be uninformed. But rudeness implies a lack of consideration for another person, and since we’ve just established that an opinion is personal by its very nature, then we must also accept that it cannot be rude.

    Now, in order to share an opinion one must express it by means of communication, and since communication is between two or more people, this is where a possibility for rudeness arises.

    There’s no denying that when Jonah expressed his opinion he was rude. My point was that it’s hypocritical and ironic to criticize Jonah for expressing his opinion rudely by expressing one’s own opinion more rudely than Jonah did. Not only is booger guilty of the transgression at which he took so much offense, but he’s even MORE guilty than the original transgressor.

    Imagine that you stop your car in the far right hand lane of the street for two minutes to run into a store and grab something. You get back into your car and start to drive off, but a cop sees you and pulls you over to write you a ticket for blocking traffic. Now imagine that while he’s writing the ticket, the cop blocks two lanes of a much busier with his patrol car and takes ten minutes to finish up and let you go. See my point?

    In any event I happen to agree with you that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I also agree that they have a right to say whatever they want to whomever they want however they want whenever they want and wherever they want. Freedom of expression is important. That said if someone is inconsiderate hypocritical in the expression of their opinion, I also reserve my right to express my opinion about the way they expressed themselves. Freedom of expression isn’t only for rude dickheads to troll famous people; it’s for me to express my opinion as well. It’s not a one way street.

    Now, in Chris’s defense, Chris doesn’t spend all of his time in a world where he needs to be polite and make connections. He spends a ton of time on Twitter and reddit, and he reads these comment threads on his website rather obsessively (too obsessively maybe, but if I had a website who’s to say I wouldn’t do the same?). And he’s not the only one. Listen to Indoor Kids with Kumail and Emily or You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes or WTF with Marc Maron. Read The Oatmeal. All of these people have trouble taking trolling with a grain of salt. You say “who the fuck cares? it’s just a comment”, but it’s not A comment. It’s SEVERAL comments of the same ilk day after day after day. Death by a thousand paper cuts. You don’t have a comparable context in which to objectively judge their reaction so my thought is that you probably shouldn’t be so quick to condemn them. If you’ve listened to the Marc Maron episode then you’ll hear Chris explain exactly why trolling affects creative people more than it affects other personality types, but I guess there’s a difference between hearing the way a person feels and knowing from experience the way a person feels, so if you’re not going to take his word for it, then whatever. I guess you’ll either have to experience it for yourself someday or die ignorant.

    And I guess I’ll close by saying that I’m not quite sure what you mean by “the lads are out of touch with how internet commenting works”. If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, that trolling is part of internet culture, then I hope you’ll reconsider your point of view. That’s like saying that racism is part of Southern culture or that date rape is part of fraternity culture. No it isn’t. It’s a small, unfortunate, subsection of that culture that shouldn’t just be shrugged off because it happens on a consistent basis and nobody’s sure how to solve it. That kind of thinking is lazy and destructive.

  10. Chris says:

    Pleasant, since you arent really making a lot of sense and your point really was along the lines of “dont have an opinion if it is rude.” We all love the podcast but I will say the one thing the lads are out of touch about is how internet commenting works. I don’t know if it is because they are in the “industry” and only converse with other people trying to become as popular as possible but a bit of trolling really isnt the end of the worl, especially if it is anonymous. Sometimes the truth is what stings the most, but if it is clearly not true and just some trolling then move on…..

    People really are free to have their own opinion, whether it is a stupid one or not. I have always thought the guys rag on internet commenters who dont say “omg luv u :))))))))” a little too much. 1. You are just giving them the attention by talking about it. 2. It is entirely possible to be shitty and mean and be correct as well.

    I guess my point is, who the fuck cares? Its just a comment. If someone thinks something is shit they can just say that. Unlike Chris, most people dont live in a world where being polite and making connections is everything. Just because a comment is mean or trollish, doesnt mean the criticism within said commment is invalid.

  11. Pleasant Peasant says:

    But if you’re saying that Jonah was also trolling then doesn’t that make booger the troll police?

    My point wasn’t that he shouldn’t have an opinion, it was that he decided to condemn someone for being shitty by being shitty. Oroborosity can be fun, but in the end you’re just eating your own asshole.

  12. Good Jeff says:

    It’s Round Ball Rock… used to be the theme to NBA on NBC.

  13. Pleasant Peasant says:

    Wow. Fat fuck? That’s exponentially worse than anything Jonah said. And he was just kidding. But I guess concepts like irony and hypocrisy are just pearls before swine in the self important one-dimensional world of masturbatory internet trollery.

    Didn’t this website used to have a “Dicks Get Deleted” rule? Guess I’m just weeping and wailing by the waters of Babylon.

    • Jon says:

      Maybe Booger was also kidding with the “Fat Fuck” thing. Exactly where the line is drawn? I don’t know. To me a troll is a troll. And as much as I hate trolls I hate the troll police even more. This is a free country. Booger have the same rights as Jonah Ray to be a bitter loser.

  14. Jon says:

    Always so funny how Jonah is the first to whine about trolls when in fact he is a big troll himself.

  15. chris says:

    The above commenter has a very apt name

  16. what-a-booger says:

    Hey JONAH don’t you DARE talk shit about those actors. YOU take a look in the mirror you FAT FUCK!

  17. First says: