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Episode 577: Nerdist Podcast
Dan Harmon and Neil Berkeley
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Dan Harmon and Neil Berkeley

Dan Harmon and Neil Berkeley are on the podcast! Chris and Dan talk about the never-released first episode of the podcast that Dan did, he talks about the drama that surrounded his show Community, and they bond over nerdy movies they watched when they were teens. Dan and Neil talk about their upcoming documentary Harmontown, how it came to be, how the story arc changed while filming, the self-realization that Dan experienced, and how he is trying to make himself better!

Listen to the Harmontown podcast and find out where to see the documentary!

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  1. This episode’s end tag placement was awesome. I wonder what previous episodes would have sounded like. Keep it up!

  2. Carlos Perez says:

    Yabba Dabba Dan!

  3. Robin Asia says:

    I have the same concern about watching The Wire, it’s going to take real emotional commitment and two weeks off from work (one week to watch the show in its entirety, and one week to weep and write my congressman).  

  4. gohu says:

    the hitler and spock comments had me laughing out loud at 3am, i think the whole neighborhood heard me. i love harmon, i absolutely love “community” and i love you, chris, for having (almost) everyone from the show on your podcast.

    also, any chance of getting elijah wood? i know it has nothing to do with this particular episode, but since i live by loki’s “i do what i want” motto, i thought i’d ask, nonetheless. because i felt like it. ehm, anyway. thanks.

  5. CityJedi says:

    Is everything ok? You seem upset.

  6. Mark says:

    Seriously… anybody who’s been paying attention at any point from 1975 til now knows Chevy is an asshole. Hardly a big Hollywood secret. Either you know it and think he’s still funny or you know it and you think he’s lame.  I lean towards the “lame” camp.

  7. El BROstachio says:

    “alright spock, who invited the nerd” lmao Harmon sounds like a good drinking buddy.

  8. Duckpepper says:

    2 Tuff 4 this planet

  9. Jason says:

    Wait, you can do Community as a “soft R” rated show?? Let us see Annie’s boobs (not the monkey)!

  10. OutofContextQuotes says:

    “I’m really into Hitler… I was in the Nazi party.” – Dan Harmon

  11. Andrew says:

    Why didn’t you talk about Rick and Morty?!

  12. iconoco says:

    This really made my day.

  13. Wildride says:

    Y’know, while we’re talking about Flintstones cars, how do they steer?  I mean, I have no idea what keeps the axle wedged in there, but to turn that whole stone tire enough to make a turn, you’d have to shove one end of the axle out beyond the front of the car, thus dislodging it.
    I don’t think this car design was well thought out, at all.

  14. gltydg says:

    This episode make-a-five-stars!

  15. frankmint says:

    Boy, it is a treat to hear Dan outside of Harmontown. Chris was also funny, professional and sincere – more than normal.

    • Andrew says:

      It’s the Harmon effect. He has this thing with fellow geeks where because he’s so honest and open, they also drop all their own pretences and defences. You know how Hardwick always talks about Larry King doing the “easy, fun question BAM personal question”? Harmon does it by interweaving funny bits with deep, personal anecdotes and confessions himself, and the other person can’t help but go along with that too.

      (Note: I don’t mean conscious pretending by ‘pretences’, more just like the ‘trying to be too funny/sucky-uppy’ trap that most hosts fall into over time, subconsciously, trying to be closer to the subject; Harmon doesn’t need that as he gives it away anyway, so Hardwick didn’t need to use his usual, subconscious ploys.)

  16. Kelly says:

    I was at the live show in SF. It was actually my introduction to Dan Harmon, and it was how I first heard of Community (and subsequently became one of my favorite shows). I didn’t find anything offensive about his act at all and am surprised to hear that people did since I laughed my ass off the whole time. Thanks for finally coming out with the explanation for it – I was disappointed when it never wound up coming out, and just assumed you guys chose not to put it out since he got out of hand drunk.

    • AndyJ says:

      I was there too. I thought it was hilarious, so did my gf. It blew my mind that people were offended.

      • DiHard11 says:

        I was there too. For me it was the repetitive nature of it. I think I would have more patience for it now. I kind of hope they release it.

  17. CodyH says:

    One of my favorite episodes in months.

  18. What Happened To The Quemments says: