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Nerdist Podcast: Cold War Kids
Episode 630: Nerdist Podcast
Cold War Kids
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Cold War Kids

Nathan Willett and Matt Maust of Cold War Kids talk to Chris and Jonah about being on tour, what they do in the endless hours on the road, and how they became a band. They also play a couple of songs off their newest album Hold My Home!

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  1. Did somebody say Mr Belvedere theme song?  (Why Brocktoon? Tom Hanks, that’s why.)

  2. hashish says:

    Track 8 (At Last the Loneliest of Them) on the 2014 release, Bloom & Breath by Gates.  My favorite track on the album, without a doubt.

  3. Reen says:

    King of Pain – track 8 of Synchronicity.  PS  Never had the problem with a commercial in the middle of the podcast….FYI

  4. Band I haven’t heard of before = episode title undistinguishable from a hostful episode :-).

  5. ericmci says:

    iDrive?  What about carbonite?

  6. Vince says:

    “Surrender”. Cut 8 from Cheap Trick At Budokan.

  7. Nikki says:

    [email protected]m love the idea of this – thank you for taking the time to help others out :)————I’m 27 and I watched Seinfeld when it was on! I love watching re-runs now…still one of the best written shows. It totally holds up!

  8. Earl says:

    I’ve long been a strong proponent of track four. It’s right about where the album is completely defining its sound.

  9. tomK says:


    (I am biased, I’ve been a huge CWK fan for the past 9 years.)

    Now time to gush for a minute. I fucking love the writing in their songs. It’s some of the best songwriting to come out in at least 10 or 15 years. Maybe since Jeff Buckley’s stuff. (Again, massive bias.)

    Chris, you big nerd. After the first performance I’m almost positive I heard you shout “AUDIENCE OF FIVE!” That shit slayed me, sir. (I’m assuming you were making a joke about CWK’s “Playing for an audience of one” line.

    As far as 8th tracks go…I’ve gotta throw in “Polaris” off the ‘Futures’ album by Jimmy Eat World. The production on that bad boy, along with the harmonies all over the track, and just the vibe of it. It’s personally what I consider the early 2000’s music scene. Not quite pop punk, elements of that nu-metal crap, and sweeping stadium rock production values.

    Every band tried to be a little bit Coldplay and a little bit of the Strokes at the same time. At least from 2001 to 2007.

  10. Ceci says:

    Haven’t even listened to the episode yet, but I must admit I let out an audible gasp upon reading the guest.   CWK were the opener at a concert I attended last year and they were SUPERB.  Super excited to hear more about them!

  11. Russell says:

    Idioteque, off of Kid A. Instantly thought of that when you starting talking about 8th tracks.

  12. Wildride says:

    So, uh — Can I plug the theme song to Iliza Shlesinger’s podcast: Truth and Iliza?  Not the podcast, just the song? #AskingForAFiend

  13. crystalp says:

    This is usually the way I listen to the podcast and for the last week, I have a mysterious, hidden Verizon commercial that will start up and play during the podcast. Like the ad is hidden somewhere on this page. Anyone else have this happen?

    • grim says:

      Same here.
      Hardwick — I realize ad revenue keeps the the lights on and podcasts free but this is ridiculous.

      • Russell says:

        I really doubt Hardwick exclusively made the decision to interrupt the podcast with a Verizon commercial. Have a little common sense. This sounds more like a web developer or mobile issue. 

        • grim says:

          Common sense is so boring, why have it when you can UNcommon sense? Is someone coming to the defense of their nerd god? Relax, he’s my nerd god too. This has been happening for months and I remember Hardwick saying somewhere that he likes to keep a hand in quality control. I’m almost certain it’s a webmaster issue.

    • aj says:

      Guys, get a script blocker. It will stop this annoyance. I pick and choose what runs on a page.

    • jennifer says:

      Hasn’t happened to me at all.