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Episode 432: Nerdist Podcast
Clark Gregg
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg sits down with Chris to talk about how Agent Coulson came to rise, juggling a career between writing and acting, and a crazy story about acting on Broadway!

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  1. Ozzie says:

    Chris kinda called Guardians of the Galaxy’s plot here; “the team comes together though The Pina Colada Song”

  2. Donna Torchwood says:

    What a wonderful, personable man. Smart, funny, endearing and a grateful human being and my favorite SHIELD Agent. Allons-y!

  3. Zusie says:

    I don’t think that it could be The Mission because Roland Joffe had already directed the Killing Fields (1984) so he may have already recognized him at the audition and years later he definitely wouldn’t have mistaken him for the camera guy.

    I think that it might be Down By Law as someone has already posted, as Jim Jarmusch probably would have been somewhat unknown and there are only a few main parts in the movie. I think that Clark could have only possibly played John Lurie’s role, but I think that it’s pretty unlikely if you consider how young he would have looked at the time for him to be cast as an inmate.

    I think that it could be River’s Edge directed by Tim Hunter. Which was an independent film from 1986 that blew up. He would have been the right age and there are only a handful of main parts.

  4. Cartman says:

    The intro was sooo fucking amazing!!

  5. Josh says:

    Was the movie he was talking about The Mission, there aren’t a lot of roles in it but I could see him in Liam Nesson’s role.

  6. Lee Benningfield says:

    I loved when they started singing that Postal Service song during the promo…

  7. Eric says:

    I really appreciate how you kept spoilers out of the interviews with Clark and Tom. Thanks for thinking of us.

  8. alexg says:

    “Listen, churches are burning down. Otherwise, I’d be hitting on you.” -Agent Casper
    Love this guy. LOVE this guy. The Broadway story had me terrified and laughing at the same time.
    Loved this podcast. Thanks!

  9. AJPhelps says:

    Found the YouTube video of the Avengers Theme song!:

  10. Holly says:

    Down by Law seems like it could be the indie film in which he was almost cast. It debuted at Cannes in ’86. Jim Jarmusch was a pretty young director back then, and the film didn’t have a very large cast. Perhaps Gregg was almost cast in John Lurie’s role.

  11. Paco Siffredi says:

    Great episode!

    I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say about he & Whedon’s last years awesome “Much Ado…” as well. Never have I seen an audience leap to their feet and applaud a screen in any Milwaukee movie theatre before that. Brilliant!

    Next time!

  12. Geo says:

    Clark Gregg is one cool guy:)

  13. Kristofer says:

    Great episode! Clark Gregg is just awesome. And the bonus audio clip at the end of the podcast is fucking hysterical!

  14. Bobby G. says:

    OH, okay its Clark Gregg. When I glanced at who was on this podcast I thought it was Marc Evan.

  15. Matt says:

    I was a little disappointed that you didn’t touch on Much Ado About Nothing, but it was still a fantastic interview! Thanks for that!

  16. ConversionBox says:

    I absolutely LOVE Clark Gregg in the last couple episodes of Sports Night. The way he plays quiet and confident against Felicity Huffmans neurotic craziness in those episodes is what I imagine perfect acting looks like.

    Also I actually just watched this episode of The West Wing. The episode Bartlett for America… Clark Gregg talks about a Molotov Cocktail, and Im just thinking “Fueled by energy from another planet… SAY IT SAY IT” And of course he didnt.

  17. Sue says:

    The Clark Gregg podcast was driving me nuts because Clark’s voice was SO familiar. When I looked him up, OMG the slimey guy from one of my favorite movies, State and Maine! His story about A Few Good Men is hilarious.

  18. Makath says:

    He was 24, so the movie it’s something around 1986, independent, got in Cannes Festival, the director was young at the time… Let’s figure this one out guys…

  19. Zach says:

    What a great way to start the week, the host-full was hilarious. Loved choked when it came out a couple of years ago gonna go watch it again this week sometime.

  20. Leanne Forrester says:

    Loved this so much. This was such a fun way to spend an hour. Clark Gregg seems like a really smart, funny genuinely nice guy. Thanks for making it happen Nerdists. COULSON LIVES!

  21. TJ Wells says:

    It seems to me that Chris lives by the perfectly nice thing you were taught as a kid; “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

    I don’t see why so many people seem to hate him for that.

  22. alanso says:

    I like the rare glimpses of the cutting humour Chris can unleash in these hostful(ish) intros. Nice to know he’s human and not a perpetually positive, comedy robot

  23. C Collins says:

    Sex Lies and Videotape would be my guess, for a film that went to Cannes around that time and had a role he would have been really good in.

  24. Tim says:

    I am curious if the “Independant hit movie” was Platoon?

    27 years ago is 1986 and that is Platoon.

  25. Nichole says:

    The LBJ pants recording is amazing!! “like the powder on a lady’s face” “…down where your nuts hang!” Did he burp during that whole thing haha

    Clark’s Broadway experience sounds terrifying!!

  26. TJ Wells says:

    It’s GOT to be sex, lies, and videotape. Young director (Soderbergh was 24) with a small cast.

  27. tomK says:

    That recording on the end is incredible.

    But WHAT WAS THE FILM HE AUDITIONED FOR?! I want to go back and hunt down 70’s and 80’s independent film and imagine a young Phil Coulson acting.

  28. Erin says:

    OMG amazing Broadway story! Also, hooray Hiddleston! Can’t wait 🙂

  29. Poppy Thompson says:

    This episode was the best I’ve heard anywhere in the United States. But it was like riding a wire fence. It cut me from my nuts to my bunghole!

    If you can get more of these to me, I sure would be grateful.

  30. Ace says:

    Clark Gregg is funny, sweet, and just seems like an all around good dude. I had no idea he was a writer on top of being a total perfect badass of epically understated proportions, that is amazing.

    Hearing this was going to be Marvel week during the intro made me cross my fingers, and when you guys said Hiddleston was going to be on Wednesday made me the happiest girl on earth. HOW AM I EVEN GOING TO MAKE IT TO WEDNESDAY. He’s been the guest I most hoped you guys would have on for years! So HOORAY FOR MARVEL WEEK AND THE HIDDLES.

  31. Chelsea K says:

    This is a great way to spend some Monday time. 🙂

  32. Lindsay says:

    I am SO happy that they talked a bit about “The West Wing”! Such an awesome podcast! Thanks, Nerdist 🙂

  33. TIffany says:

    WooHoo! This is gonna be great!

  34. Lynda says:

    wheee! ^_^

    I’m listening to this in while working on class work at school (its a lab day, no lecture), its so hard not to squeal out loud with delight. “Curse” you Hardwick ;P

  35. Matt Spears says:


  36. Rachel says:

    Best way to start my Monday.