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Nerdist Podcast: Chris D’Elia
Episode 563: Nerdist Podcast
Chris D'Elia
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Chris D’Elia

Comedian Chris D’Elia chats with Chris about moving to Los Angeles when he was 12 years old, why he thinks comedy has made a comeback, how he copes with being alone on the road, and doing his own upcoming tour!

Check out for all his tour dates and listen to Ten Minute Podcast!

Photo Credit: Tyler Ross

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  1. Stephen says:

    OMG Within the first 10 mins of the podcast I can’t help but hear a reference to Montrose. Which just happens to be the place I worked as Will Farrell’s stand in on an little movie called Old School!! My mind was officially blown. How freakin cool is that?!?!? Thanks as always Chris. You’re podcast is honestly always awesome!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Another ok episode in a string of just ok episodes (except for Adam Buxton. He was good). It really comes down to who the guests are and I guess I haven’t really been moved by any of them. I think the problem is compounded by the fact that I’ve been listening to episodes in reverse and I’m currently in the 2011 episodes, where there were a lot of hostfuls and comedians appearing.

    This brings me to another point, which I hope you read, Chris (I don’t know if you look at quemments anymore since they haven’t appeared on hostfuls in a long time and you’ve replied to comments before): I wish you would stop promising that there would be more hostfuls incoming. I don’t remember exactly if you did outright promise them but I do know that earlier this year and late last year you said there would be more and that hasn’t happened. I know real life gets in the way so I understand why there haven’t been as many but I’d rather be surprised and get hostfuls dumped on us rather than get our hopes up and then not deliver.

    I’m going to end this rather long post with who I’d like to see on the podcast:
    – Alan Tudyk (you said you did a pilot with him during your Peter Hardwick days and I’d love to see you talk to him and get his side of the story. Plus, he’s awesome in anything he appears in)
    – Ron Funches (he was in a standup cluster episode and a group episode but I want to hear him on his own. Besides, you talk about him more than any other comedian (aside from Bill Burr) and clearly adore him)
    – More VO Actors (I adore Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche and would kill to hear them or others like Tara Strong)
    – Michael McKean
    – Carl Reiner
    – Chris Parnell (he seems to be a real quiet guy but I love his work and want to hear about his SNL days)

    • Kinda agree with all of the above. Can’t even remember the last time Matt was on a podcast…. shouldn’t that be easier since he works in the same building as Chris. Not sure how it all works out that way…. I’m glad Jonah has been popping up in random episodes though.

      Good point about the quemments…. I see the form there and wonder if anyone ever reads them anymore. Live quemments happened in the recent SDCC shows but they weren’t called quemments as far as I remember. No matter…. just would be nice to get a yea/nay on whether they’re being read or not.

      As for guests…. I’ll be honest, sometimes I get burned out on the comedians… I know Nerdist has a varied meaning here but at times the guest list makes it seem like this is a comedian specific podcast, and if you’re not one yourself its hard to really relate to constant tales about standup comedy and all its ins and outs. How about more game designers? Or I dunno, science fiction/fantasy authors, or hell even more scientists (there’s been a mere handful on the podcast in its 4 year run).  More NERDY guests would be great is all I’m saying.

      • I totally agree.  It’s gotten to the point where I just skip most podcasts that have the word ‘comedian’ in the description, because I know it’s going to devolve into Chris completely driving the conversation with “…In comedy (x100)”, and “When my dad died (x100)”.  You’re fun to listen to Chris, but for the love of god please get someone on your podcast who actually has something to do with ‘nerd culture’.

        • Overlord says:

          You guys are way off on the comedy guests (not to mention disrespectful) . Comedy can be super nerdy (with the exception of this guest). If you go back to the proto nerds, you’ll probably find a common strand of being into things and people like Monty Python, Steve Martin, etc. The only shows I don’t like is when it’s some celebrity who just got booked by their publicist to plug their movie or whatever and it devolves into a biography. The best shows are the ones when the guests can riff with the guys and those are of course most often comedians.

        • How was either mine or Andrew’s comment disrespectful? Just because you disagree with us about the issue of too many comedians appearing on the podcast? That’s just a difference of opinion. What I think we’re both trying to say (if I may presume to speak for Andrew here) is that there’s so much untapped Nerdy veins that the podcast could explore than just having the constant stream of comedians one after another. Like I mentioned…. there could be an effort made to get more sci-fi/fantasy authors, cartoonists, game designers/animators/etc, and you know…. scientists and educators on board as guests.  I’m not saying no more comedians, just saying how about something else besides….

    • MCYH says:

      Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche are together on episode 187.

      • Rebecca says:

        Oh, I know. I just want to hear them again; separately, together, with others, doesn’t matter. VO actors are fantastic.

    • Ashley says:

      @Rebecca – Hi! I help book the podcast for @nerdist. I do read these comments and I hear you! We will try our best to get some of the names you mentioned on in the near future! Thanks for listening! 

      • maya says:

        I want to see RuPaul

      • I love hearing VO actors too

        I’m still waiting for another Joe Manganello episode! he was so hillarious as well as Kevin Smith again

        More Wrestlers,Comic Book People. Chris and the sister wives are always killing it with the live podcasts too. Crossover podcasts are cool too like Nerdist(Main Podcast)/Wrestling Compadres  anyway,thank you ashley for your work as well as Chris and everyone in the Nerdist Realm! Much love from Puerto Rico!

      • LJ says:

        I’ve love to hear from some women of color. Like Retta, Issa Rae, Mindy Kaling, Margaret Cho, Rashida Jones, someone, anyone! It’s like we aren’t allowed to be on podcasts (I’m not singling Nerdist out).
        Also, ditto to Ru Paul!

  3. JM7 says:

    Sacred Heart is the hospital in “scrubs” 🙂

  4. Claude says:

     I’ve really soured on this guy since he spewed a bunch of crap about how the #YesAllWomen hashtag was just an excuse for silly uptight girls to complain about stuff like “Eww, an ugly guy looked at my butt” and that it was trivializing violence against women. When female comic Shelby Fero tried to call him out on it he just mansplained a bunch of garbage about how wrong she was and then took off to do an AMA promoting his sitcom. At which point, his jackass buddy Owen Benjamin jumped in and kept up the Bro quotient while upping the ante on the personal attacks, culminating in passive aggressive subtweets about “bitter” comics who were just jealous of Chris’s success. It left a bitter taste in my mouth that has kept me from watching Undateable (despite the Ron Funches factor) or listening to the Ten Minute Podcast.

    • BV says:

      Same here.  Ever since I heard those comments I’ve avoided this guy like the plague.

    • twitter_SweetGeekling says:

      You’re not missing much. I tried desperately to like Undateable, but it’s like New Girl meets How I Met Your Mother, but without any of the funny parts.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, he’s kind of a dick, both as a standup and also as a person.

    • tylord says:

      You’re missing out on TMP for sure!

    • LJ says:

      He’s very aggressive. He’s always reminded me a lot of Dane Cook. This episode helped me not dislike him as much. But, not everyone’s going to be your cup of tea.