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Nerdist Podcast: Button Pushers
Episode 652: Nerdist Podcast
Button Pushers
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Button Pushers

Some hostful fun to start off your weekend! The guys talk about The Jinx and Robert Durst, Chris’ recent trip to St. Louis, and Jonah’s parents’ trip to L.A. They also talk about an abandoned Disney water park, what pushes their buttons the worst, and Matt makes an announcement!

Artwork Credit: @HobDobbs

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  1. Krista says:

    RE: The Jinx-my first thought was multiple personalities as well…this coming from someone with multiple loopy Jews in her family.

  2. Kyle says:

    I have this bad tick where if I have to repeat myself more than 3 times, whether in a row while talking or a fairly easy concept I’m trying to convey to the same person at work, I immediately get angry.

  3. Karin says:

    Great Hostful, keep them coming! Jonah congratulations on you and your wife becoming homeowners! As far as your parents driving you crazy, you are not alone! As much as my mother annoyed me I still miss her, occasionally. Matt you sound delightfully happy at your up coming wedding with your soon to be bride. When wedding plans are driving you crazy watch episodes of bridzilla so you can see it isn’t that bad! Chris, that only leaves you as the lone bachelor! Perhaps you need to catch the garter belt and Lydia should catch the bouquet!

  4. Grace says:

    Born and raised in Chico; 1 mile pool is nice but the police find a lot of dead bodies in there

  5. Sherry says:

    I couldn’t make the Mar 13 show in St. Louis because my son and I were en route to LA! We saw the Beta Test on the 16th and we are so glad we did! Chris was awesome, James Davis was great, Myq Kaplan was a little weirder than normal I think 🙂

  6. Tiana says:

    Loved this episode!!! I just have a quick comment: in regards to whether or not Robert Durst is a serial killer, yes. He is. Simply by definition. He has nurdered more than one person over a period of time. That makes him a serial killer. I thought about watching this documentary, but after hearing how creeped out you guys were by it I think I’m just gonna pass lol. Love the hostfuls!!!

  7. Julia says:

    I haven’t made it through the whole episode but I loved that Chris talked about the Robert Durst documentary right off the bat. 

  8. Nikki says:

    I always thought that weddings are unnecessary pomp and circumstance  – and a waste of money when you could use that chunk of $ to put toward a house deposit or a nice trip together instead.P.S. Chappie was cute!

  9. Brian says:

    Hey Chris, this is my first time commenting even though I’ve been a fan for a long time, sorry about that.  But I had to leave a comment, because I almost fell over when I heard the name of your Grandfather, because that’s my last name! crazyness! love the show, keep up all the good work.

  10. Logan says:

    Episode was fantastic…until you started bagging on a movie you hadn’t seen. That was kind of – weird – actually.  Ignore the trailers and go see it.

  11. Andrew says:

    “Act like a bartender” is better advice than I think you or any of us really realize.

  12. Wildride says:

    “It smells like an old factory experience.” – Someone who doesn’t understand puns.

  13. hank says:

    buttons pushed when chipotle servers assume you want beans. i never said beans. dont automatically reach for the bean spoon. my blood is boiling just writing about it.

  14. Anna says:

    I cracked up when Chris said, “I don’t know Andy Rooney” – are Jonah and Matt too young to get the reference?  Also, Jonah has grown into a very charming podcaster…he is reaching a Chris Hardwick-level of charming.

  15. Congrats Matt! Nice and great episode!

  16. Jaco says:

    A hostful to start the week with! Oh yeah!

  17. Jonah’s rant about his dad reminds me of a long ago hostful when Matt did some ranting about his siblings… if I recall correctly he got in a bit of trouble for that one. Also I almost spit taked in the push your buttons section!

  18. Patty Marvel says:

    I just finished listening to this hostful and WOW did this one hit hard!

    But first…CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR IMPENDING HUBBYHOOD, BIG PAPA! I had no idea until now because I hadn’t followed you on Instragram, but I’ve since corrected that. Congrats, Matt! I hope you get everything you mentioned in this episode!

    Now for the button- pushing.* Yeah, I felt my own blood boiling because I could relate a little too well to the complaints, to the irritation of people saying “Are you sure” or “Should you do that?” Whenever someone says that to me, I don’t hear “I care about you” but “I don’t TRUST you,” especially if it comes from a stranger. The comment somehow implies that my decision-making skills are questionable and/or I’m not really an adult, just adult-ish.
    There’s an especially irritating comment that’ll push my buttons in a nanosecond, and I have a feeling I’m not the only woman who has had to put up with this nonsense (please tell me if any of you have experienced this, especially if you’re a dude).

    The comment is, “Oh, your [significant other] LET you do that?” I’ve gotten that one twice in recent years, one WAAAAY more irritating that the other. The first was when my husband’s grandmother commented to someone, “I’m surprised he [my hubby] let her [me] go to New York by herself!” That took me aback at first, but then I remembered she was from a generation where women probably HAD to ask their husband’s permission for even the little things as if he were Daddy (Dr. Freud…paging Dr. Freud…). Plus I understand NYC doesn’t have a good reputation regarding safety, though I’m probably MORE likely to get mugged (or worse) here in Cleveland simply because I have regular routes and routines that some creep could exploit.

    As for the other occasion someone questioned my going someplace without my husband, that happened more recently and at a dance studio. I won some dance lessons in a raffle (don’t laugh – they were free and I like trying new things) and once of the lessons was a Friday night group lesson where all the studio members get together to learn one dance, and I went on Venetian Waltz night (WAAAAY harder than a regular waltz due to all the spinning – oh, those poor toes I stepped on…). While sitting off to the side so I wouldn’t injure anyone, two women in their fifties came up to make small talk. They asked if I were married and I said I was. They asked why Hubby wasn’t dancing with me and I told them he was stuck at work due to a call-off (he’s a 911 dispatcher) and would pick me up at the end of the night. One of the women, who was just a decade or so older than me, said with all seriousness, “Your husband LET you come here by YOURSELF?!?!” I don’t remember how I replied, just that I got tunnel vision at that moment.

    I realize there’s no way she could’ve known the furthest I ever traveled in my life was a solo trip to England in my twenties, but her comment still knocked me back. Did I mention we were in a dance studio? In the suburbs? And that I’m a grown-ass woman? Nothing says, “I don’t trust you and dismiss you as being ‘adult-ish’” quite like needing PERMISSION from another adult to do ordinary things. I HAVE to go places without my husband, largely because being a 911 dispatcher means he often has to bow out of fun things with me due to a call-off. I wouldn’t have half the fun I do if I needed an escort all the time.

    I’m curious – has that happened to anyone else here? If so, what were the circumstances and what sex are you? I get the impression that happens to women more than men, but my perceptions could be wrong.


    *FYI, for reasons completely unknown to me, the phrase “button-pushing” was “corrected” as “butt pushing.” Just had to share that…

    • Karin says:

      That statement grates my nerves also. I was lucky to have been brought up by an independent mother, and as a result am independent as are both my daughters. I do understand some is age, some is cultural, some religions frown on women being independent too. I’m also lucky I have an husband who is not demanding. I don’t really want to golf with him and his buddy’s on Saturday. I would rather spend the morning at home by myself. The next time someone says that to you, just smile and say “aren’t I lucky to have a spouse who understands and cherishes my independence” and then walk off!

  19. JetpackBlues says:

    I used to be indecisive, now I’m not so sure.

  20. ericmci says:

    This one was tough to get through.  Hostfuls are by far my favorite but hearing people complain about their loving family being around too much and having enough money to lose SO much money in Vegas willfully…  Listen I get that everyone has their issues great and small and it IS ok to be able to complain for catharsis but – I personally didn’t care for how prevalent those themes were in this episode.

    • Chris Hardwick says:

      What would be really helpful for us is if you could please make a list of topics that fall within the parameters of your expectations of our lives and give us specific guidelines as to how we should cover them so you feel as comfortable as possible. Sound good?

      • ericmci says:

        Chris- read my comments again. Do I sound like I am being a troll? Or am trying to express my opinion in a way that I attempt to backup from a strictly personal viewpoint and I am also trying to offer a positive view point. Isn’t that exactly what you say you want in a comment that might be challening in some way?

        • Chris Hardwick says:

          I don’t think you’re trolling and I do appreciate that you expressed your ideas in a respectful way. But your comment is inactionable. That is to say, you’re just complaining about who we are and where we’re at in our lives and there’s very little we can do to change that. You just wanted us to know you weren’t pleased, full stop. All of the hostfuls are about where we are the moment Katie hits “record” so from that perspective, it’s no different than any other one. Your issue is specifically with us being who we are and being honest about sharing our experiences, which sometimes are admittedly petty because we are human. How would you like us to change that? Lie about what we’re feeling and going through because it doesn’t meet some acceptability threshold in your head that we couldn’t possibly account for? I’m not upset in the slightest, but you must understand why your comment got some response snark.

        • ericmci says:

          I am not demanding change in any specific way.But what is the point of a forum that just says – “You win the internets”Every Time?
          And I do not understand why this comment is snark just as you wouldn’t want all your perspective and comments to be colored by ‘dick jokes’ I was very deliberate to color my comment here specifically.I tried to tell you something that was absolutely how I was feeling as someone who has recently lost a lot of the covered topics- via the ‘You only make jokes until you get cancer’ so maybe hearing how someone’s family is town is too much for 30 mins and how much money someone has to lose at blackjack –  and then complain about it isn’t so entertaining to some.I bet- even a lot.And I sincerely tried to say that I do understand that my perspective is at the moment more extreme than average I Do get that it is more than OK to complain about first world issues for catharsis.I said that- I mean it.But I thought maybe- No ‘snark’ intended you might want to hear that some people want to cheer for and support more things going right than going wrong.

        • Chris Hardwick says:

          Ahhhhhhhhh got it. This is a much clearer picture of what’s going on. My apologies for missing that before! Look, one of the things I’m proudest of is the community of almost exclusively nice folks who swarm around the Nerdist hive. If you need hugs, support or words of encouragement please don’t hesitate to ask on here and I can almost guarantee folks will answer. And I do appreciate that you’ve been nothing but reasonable about what you’re saying, I just didn’t know how to fix it. And the thing about Matt losing money in Vegas is that he DOESN’T have the extra dollars to blow–he’s planning a wedding! In any case, I’m sorry for missing the point here and I sincerely hope you’re ok.

        • ericmci says:

          I appreciate you taking a second look at what I am saying.I do know that it must be crazy to be bombarded by comments on multiple platforms the way you are.  There must be a real compelling momentum to categorize it all in one or the other categories in order to just make sense of it all.The only reason I leave comments here in the first place is because I think they get a fair chance at an honest interpretation in as much any can by someone who doesn’t know you.Thanks.

  21. George Jefferson says:

     Please have a hostful episode in Austin! The Marchesa recently hosted Harmontown and I thought it worked out really well. Also, I don’t think their schedule is too full. They would make room. (Hopefully I’m not being presumptuous.)

  22. Kim says:

    Why was Matt riding Katie? Frownie face.

  23. Patty Marvel says:

    Listening to the guys talk about “Jinx,” wishing I had cable to see this thing for myself.

  24. melf melfman says:

    Jobert Burst. Best new porno name evah!

  25. Happy Days says:

    Jonah is happy these days in Hostfuls. Mr. Positivity

  26. Anders says:

    Sting’s “Demolition Man” was released in 1981 as a Grace Jones track. The same year, The Police included their version on Ghost In The Machine. Twelve years later, in 1993, Sting recorded a solo version for the Stallone movie — which takes its name from the song. 

  27. Ed Palencia says:

    Wait were they talking about a documentary on Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit 

  28. Brando73 says:

    Sounds like you were down at Laclede’s Landing when you were eatting BBQ in Saint Louis. Also 3.14 – pi day – Saint Louis Area Code – 314!!! And a final note. Sting’s “Demolition Man”, as silly as it was, was actually a remake of the same song he performed with The Police.

  29. Another great hostful which reinforces the need for these to be regular.

  30. English Dave says:

    My mum always tells me that it doesn’t matter how old the kids get, how grown-up they get, they never stop seeing us as their little boys/girls. So it comes from a place of love. Infuriating, bowel-churning, love…but still love.

    And congratulations, Matt!

  31. Drake Ramoray says:

    I’m from Chico, One Mile isn’t all that great

  32. erik says:

    Congrats Matt. Thanks for another fun episode.

  33. Alan says:

    What is the deeeeeal with PARENTS?!

  34. Nate says:

    Using acronyms like we’re supposed to know what they stand for.  My button is pushed.  Also, congrats Matt!