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Episode 398: Nerdist Podcast
Brie Larson
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Brie Larson

Brie Larson hangs out with Chris and Matt to talk about Animal Crossing, the confusing names of fruits and vegetables, and her new movie Short Term 12, out August 23rd!

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  1. TS says:

    (She shows up at 17:30)

  2. TS says:

    For those of you in the mood for some more Brie Larson, she was on Loveline a while back, and was GREAT.

  3. Kevie (rhymes with Chevy) says:

    Animal Crossing!! I love that you guys spent a significant amount of time talking about that game. I loved the Gamecube one and I played Wild World (DS) for about two years – that was early in my college years. I had earned about 14 million bells by the time I was done with that game. And by done, I don’t mean finished, but I had to resign myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to get every single item, as hard as I had tried.

  4. anna says:

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  5. James Ensor says:

    I’ll just leave this here:

  6. Wolvie says:

    Very cool podcast, Brie was an awesome guest <3

  7. Paul says:

    Brie Larson is awesome. This was a great, fun, podcast.

  8. Tr0n says:

    Is she talking about Super Spike V-ball?

  9. Sebastian says:

    That was delightful. Thank you for giving me this podcast for free πŸ™‚

    Now put up the Harrison Ford one, I want to hear you squirm Chris *evilgrin*

    No seriously, you guys had such a great talk with Brie who’s an awesome person and combined with the Lauren Graham one and the Bill Hader one I listened right before this one how on earth can you not put up one episode where you froze? We all know how it is, don’t worry. Come one. Doooo eeeeeet πŸ™‚

    Just remember that for every person with idiot brain out there who’s going to make fun of you *cough* AV club *cough* there’s a thousand who love what you guys are doing. Like make ’em laugh πŸ™‚

    Ok gotta go. Good luck with @midnight , fingers crossed! πŸ˜€

  10. BobbySmoke says:

    SUPER SPIKE V’BALL! …or possibly super dodge ball?

  11. Indonesian Fans says:

    I love you, Brie Larson !

  12. Bobbi says:

    Holy crap stain…While listening to this at work…i absent-mindedly just named the .pdf that I am working on “savagegarden.pdf” * . Just had to share.

    *PDF contained nothing to do with Savage Garden.

  13. Kevin says:

    I actually caught Chris & Matt coming out of this Podcast I remember saying to the person I was with that day that Chris’s backpack was kind of space like. Just found it funny to hear that it became a short point at the end of the podcast.

  14. Nick says:

    DYING listening to the Savage Garden discussion.

    “And there was a rap portion…” *Rap portion IMMEDIATELY begins*

    GREAT Podcast – didn’t know of Brie Larson previously, but definitely planning to keep abreast (hehe) of her work!

  15. Summer says:

    Such a hilarious episode. I had tears at one point.

  16. Cassi says:

    I think the volleyball video game she is talking about is Super Spike!

  17. she_is_canadian says:

    Someone needs to warn that girl about Downton Abbey ;___; #DemFeels

  18. Ross says:

    Another old fart here who doesn’t know her work, but finds her absolutely delightful–smart and wickedly funny. I think those AMA morons complaining about her not being a pr0n star were confusing her name with Bree Olson’s(who is a very popular p-star, a Vivid contract girl, IIRC).

  19. LevelledUp says:

    Fun podcast, Brie fit right in. I imagine you having a list of those you fully intend to ask back and those who didn’t work out too well and I’m sure she’s on the former list.

    And I really enjoy it when Katie has a few words to say from time to time. Not necessarily every podcast but a few times a month.

    For those of you who listen to The Bugle, ideally her role should be somewhat like Chris on that.

  20. NotMF says:

    I can listen to Brie talk about Animal Crossing all day, and I don’t even play the game.

  21. Dingus says:

    Awesome interview. I think between Brie and Schwartzman you’ve got co-hosts if you need em.

  22. Jake says:

    That was delightful. I love it when the guest episodes feel like Hostfuls.

  23. Wildride says:

    Oh, and KITT is absolutely a robot: a computerized motion control system. At the very minimum, whenever he turned the wheel or pressed the pedals by himself, that’s robotics. Actually, modern cars are pretty close to being robots at this stage. Most contain robotic components, like ABS.

  24. Wildride says:

    Also, how come so many fruits that are berries. like grapes and tomatoes, don’t have berry in their name, but a lot of fruits like strawberries and raspberries do have berry in their name, but aren’t berries.

    I think we’re on to something with this fruit conspiracy. I’d assume the phone cops are behind it, and the real cops are in on it.

  25. s1yfox says:

    when a host of a show*

  26. s1yfox says:

    I love when the hosts of the show can’t relate to the inside discussions that are had. Like I can just picture Matt just looking at Chris and Brie with a grin since he can’t speak on animal crossing…can only imagine if Jonah was there hahah! great show…. Brie Larson seems like a very fun person to hang around πŸ™‚

  27. Don M. says:

    Thanks to this episode I plan on re-watching Arrested Development season 4. Great episode btw.

  28. Ethan says:

    I’ll be honest, i wasn’t familiar with Brie but this was one of the most enjoyable podcasts to date

  29. John G. says:

    I want to listen to Brie sing more. Didn’t get enough out of this episode or in Scott Pilgrim.

  30. Anitabot says:

    PuppyFace McGee

  31. Jake H. says:

    Why does this incredibly smart, funny woman not do stand-up?

  32. Pr1m3 says:

    Can she just be a 4th host from now on? Seems super awesome and funny.

  33. Chris says:

    I love the Nerdist Podcast! w00t!

    Sweet episode. Brie Larson is adorable. Almost as adorable as Matt.

  34. NoTorrious says:

    I think this now calls for a little Savage Garden Radio on Pandora.

  35. josh c says:

    Why did the pretty lady replace Jonah?

  36. jgarfink says:

    No mention of her Canadian-pop-star history?

    Seriously, though, she seems like a hoot. Good show, gents.

  37. Lauren says:

    Really enjoyed this podcast! Was not previously familiar with Brie but she seems pretty awesome. And I agree with her about playing Halo, I usually end up jammed in a corner, spinning in circles with my head aimed at the ceiling.

  38. Sammy P says:

    That game she was describing sounds a lot like California Games.

  39. mistletoe says:


  40. Rich Altacho says:

    Delhi Belly sounds like an Indian jelly bean company

  41. azul says:

    don’t worry chris you are a dick

  42. Kristoffer says:

    not familiar with her but am keen to listen to this ep

  43. homebaked says:

    I fell in love with her after watching 21 Jump Street

  44. erik sonone says:

    awesome guest, glad for 398