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Nerdist Podcast: Brian Cox and Eric Idle
Episode 641: Nerdist Podcast
Brian Cox and Eric Idle
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Brian Cox and Eric Idle

Physicist Brian Cox chats with Chris and Matt about what made him want to get into science, his views on extraterrestrial life in our galaxy, and his upcoming tour, the “Infinite Monkey Cage Live.”

Eric Idle also sits in and talks about how they met, his views on science, and different theories for what the universe is!

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  1. April says:

    Wonderful ep. Thanks for bringing Brian on. He’s one of my favorite scientists that are out in the maintream today. He explains things so well, I almost believe I understand it while he’s talking. 🙂 I’m especially grateful for this ep as I’m up with my 3rd migraine in 3 days and listening to Brian’s calm voice was very helpful. The complex science concepts took me out of myself and my pain for an hour. More science stuff on Nerdist podcast please. Also, how about some scifi authors (or fantasy or horror or anything really) I know you’ve had Neil Gaiman, but if you google top scifi authors, there ar so many that I’m sure your fans would love to hear from even if they don’t have a current book to pitch. Thanks! Love Nerdist Podcast. Keep up the good work!

  2. DarthChimay says:

    What an amazing podcast. Thank you. I would love to hear Brian Cox and Massimo Pigliucci sort some of the philosophical points out.

  3. Richard Krul says:

    One of the best shows to date. The science bits go way over my head but they do make you think which i guess is the whole point of science. I am stil waiting for the day you have Stephen Fry on the show.

    • Scott says:

      haha…oops, yes I am Scott. This episode was great!! I play in a band called Holiday Friends, our ‘debut’ album just came out and it features a song I wrote called “Father of Science” (one of Galileo’s nicknames) I’d love to share it with you guys! Is this an appropriate place to leave a soundcloud link?

  4. Sean says:

    There were several book and author references in this pod cast and most previous ones. Could you post those and on a further note: Have you considered posting a more detailed show notes which includes references made note of during the show? Shows like this definitely peak my interest and keep me listening! Thanks for what you do!

  5. Alwin says:

    I look forward to the presentation of empirical evidence supporting the low intelligence stereotypes applied to Republicans and Oldham natives.

  6. Gareth says:

    This combines the only two podcast I listen to! Great episode, shame Robin couldn’t make it along. Saw Brian and Robin at the Edinburgh Festival last year, live show in LA will be brilliant. Need to get back to Edinburgh again Chris and this time host a Podcast or two during the Festival! 

  7. David says:

    Where the hell does Leibniz et off eh? Friggin jerk with his big ideas! Take that Leibniz!

  8. Daniel says:

    I love Matt’s laugh, especially at 1:16:54. I feel like he got that laugh from Pete Holmes. You see, people can actually pick up other people’s habits. But now he’s adapted it into his own unique sound. 

  9. Mike Z says:

    This is you guys are at your best  – smart, additive and funny.  Keep podcast like this, Bill Gates, and astronauts coming.  Ever consider getting Elizabeth Kolbert author of 6th Extinction?

  10. Eliot says:

    This was an excellent podcast, withthe notable exception of Mira’s fatuous interruptions. Those were painfull unfunny.

  11. Stephen says:

    This was such a magnificently fantastic podcast. Sometimes I’m a little behind on listening to the most current episode but fortunately I just caught this now and as such I’m actually finding out that the Infinite Cage show is going to be in LA in a few weeks!! I am soooo buying tickets!!
    Seriously, I had forgotten how brilliant Brian is. This whole episode just made me happy to be alive in the age of information and enlightenment that we’re in. Thank you so much Chris for putting this out there. This made my whole week.

  12. So good! Had to listen to it twice, might be thrice! Brian Cox’s “Wonders” series (of the Solar System, Universe, and Life) are some of the best most eye opening science programs you can ever watch. I wish they’d Netflix those!

  13. Narrator says:

    I was so relieved when I seen it was Brian Cox, for a sec I thought “Aw no, not James Blunt!”

  14. English Dave says:

    Great podcast, I could listen to Brian for hours – although when he starts talking about quantum stuff I start bleeding from various orifices. I would thoroughly recommend Brian’s series the Wonders Of The Universe, it’s awesome, in the literal meaning of the word.

    By the way I’m pretty sure the 20s banjo player he mentioned was George Formby, not George Foreman. I think Foreman made grills…

  15. Cassandra says:

    <3 <3 <3 Hot bod, hot brain. Yesh! Nerds rule! I’m sorry Robin couldn’t have been there, but ya know, Eric’s cool too. 😀

  16. David says:

    Great show!! Thank you so much for this … huge fan of BC and the Monkey Cage! Hopefully they’ll add a few more cities to the tour!

  17. Sierra says:

    Hi everyone!! I just have to say THANK YOU sooo much for your mention of my Etsy shop, Owls N’ Orchids in your podcast. I had no clue my husband sent in that email and was shocked when he handed me his earbuds. I still cannot believe it!!!! 
    We’re both huge fans and it meant a lot!
    Thanks again!!

  18. Caroline says:

    I agree with Kyle. This is one of my fav episodes.

  19. Wildride says:

    Wait — Why is CEO of Canada Post being so hostile on Twitter?!? Weird that you’d call Canada Post woo, tho. The science of letter carrying is pretty solid in Canada.

  20. Joefeesh says:

    Internet let me log in after I’ve already made my comment. Stupid internet. But not a stupid podcast. Anyway, again, awesome podcast!

  21. Joe says:

    I know that it’s been a good podcast when I don’t want to get out of my car until the podcast is done. Even though I was sitting outside of my hotel where steak dinner awaited me.
    Listen to the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast people! There’s a nice big back catalogue now and it’s entertaining, interesting and inspirational.
    Also, Brian Cox is 46 but has baby soft skin and the hair of a 19 year old pop sensation. It’s because his brain moves close to the speed of light and therefore time moves more slowly for him 😀

  22. Bobby says:

    David Cox look like a young David Brenner.

  23. Nikita says:

    Loved this episode! So engaging and eye opening.
    Please please please do more science related podcasts!!

  24. Nora says:

    I <3 the Infinite Monkey Cage so much.

  25. Dcoil03 says:

    This is easily one of the most uplifting podcasts I’ve heard in a while. When we’re so downtrodden with all the dumb shit going on in the word, it always makes me feel better to hear intelligent discussion about science and discovery. Thank you so much for this episode!

  26. Yes, thank you for making good on the promise delivered in the 5th anniversary show to have more science / education related guests on. There have been times in the past when I’ve felt that the Nerdist is more a podcast about comedians and comedy or showbiz stuff than anything else. I don’t mind that much but it kinda gets old just hearing about the ins and outs of standup comedy over and over and over again —- I was really hoping there’d be more of a wider expanse of guests/subjects.

    Can’t wait to hear this one, and please —- keep on with the bookings of scientists of all kinds, maybe throw some videogame developers in there, science/tech writers, futurists, etc etc!

    • chris hardwick says:

      It’s interesting because in the beginning, I was just asking whomever to be on the podcast. Once it got a bit bigger, we got to this point where publicists are actively pitching to get their clients on the show. People in entertainment have publicists, scientists/educators typically don’t so it’s up to us to GO AFTER these people because it’s easy to get busy with other things and let the podcast run itself, if that makes any sense. I’ll make better efforts!

  27. English Dave says:

    Oh hell yes, you just made my fucking morning, sir!!!

  28. erik says:

    Loved it. Really smart discussion.

  29. rob in maine says:

    This is why I should have never smoked weed.  This guy is so smart it makes my head hurt.  The complexities of his dreams must be ridiculous and math filled.  Chris was smart but he was respectful and just let the genius talk.   I was lost a little because I don’t know the science words but it made total sense and I learned a lot.  And that is why I wake up.   I love how he can make me feel amazingly special and like space dust in one conversation.   Also FYI;  that is nerd at it’s best.  Hating sports is dweeb.   I think I learned that from a comedy special….  🙂  jk love u

  30. Brian says:

    YES!! So excited.