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Episode 258: Nerdist Podcast
Ben Folds and Fraggles
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Ben Folds and Fraggles

Ben Folds comes on the podcast to talk about the new Nerdist-produced video we made with him and the Fraggles for the first track “Do It Anyway” from the new Ben Folds Five album “The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind” (which is amazing)! And stay tuned for a special bonus interview with someone super special at the end…

Check out Ben’s website and buy the new Ben Folds Five album, out tomorrow September 18th! And click here to get “The Sound of the Life of the Mind” on iTunes!

And watch the video for “Do It Anyway” here!

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  1. Alex says:

    “We’re playing Brixton Academy”

    Made me smile because I already have tickets ;D

  2. setlasmon says:



  3. Leigh Ann says:

    Loved it. One request though – Please let us buy the music video?!?

  4. Drew Walker says:

    My grandfather is the bass singer for the Jordanaires. Not sure how I feel.

  5. Amanda says:

    Does anyone else find Ben’s speaking voice oddly soothing, or am I just weird?

  6. Stephanie B says:

    I loved the Red interview. They need to reboot the Fraggles, but keep their charm and humor exactly the same, like the Muppets!

  7. My one little criticism is that Robert and Daren weren’t on this podcast. It would have been really cool to hear their stories. It was pretty last minuet so that is probably why there is just Ben.


  8. Justin says:

    I love Ben Folds! I want to thank you guys(Chris, Ben Folds Five and the Henson Company and everyone involved) for making such a great video. My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves the song and the video. It is nice that it is such a fun video that I can allow my daughter to watch. It is a nice break from (fill in the blank) show on Disney or nick.

  9. J. says:

    The music video, the behind the scenes video, and this podcast = happiest day!

    Honestly, thank you all so much for making ’em! I would like to compliment the tone set in the video, it felt like it honored the Muppety/Henson feeling and canon, it was as respectful, playful, and lighthearted fun as it could possibly have been. I also cannot wait to hear more of the Ben Folds Five stuff!

    My only negative comment is… boy, Chris, you sure have a problem with redhead attractions! 🙂

  10. Ross says:

    Great conversation.
    But what was the dog doing in Ben’s underwear on that Greek island?

    And, I think that studio spirit would be The Ghost of Office Christmas Parties.

  11. Michelle says:

    “Floopin’ cuz its rev.”

  12. Hugh M says:

    Ben Folds Five & the Fraggles seems like a very natural match… I mean, we’ve known for years that BFF could be happy underground.

  13. Dicks says:

    Dude looks like Tig Notaro.

  14. Vincent S says:

    omg, even though I had a little idea of what the Fraggles are, I ended up falling in love with that Fraggle endnote in the podcast. XD I ended up chanting along to the Fraggles initiation chant. Awesome podcast, ohh yeah and Ben Folds is still funny.

  15. toonsmyth says:

    Pure epicness. I expect the video will have a BILLION hits within a month. Great stuff. Brilliant cameos. The bonus material at the end of the video AND the podcast had me LOLing. Thanks for this. Nice to be in on it while it’s still pre-viral fresh. I’m going swimming now.

  16. Eric Bell says:

    Have been a huge fan of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five. I also love listening to this podcast. When you put these two things together, I can’t help but feel giddy knowing I will be able to hear everything Ben has to say about his music and the stories behind them all. You know how to pick your guests Mr. Hardwick.

  17. Marielle says:



  19. Faulty says:

    The new album is great! I was excited to hear that he was able to use the riff he played in the last podcast.

  20. Patty Marvel says:

    Anyone else think Red Fraggle sounds an awful lot like Maria Bamford?

  21. Janelle says:

    WooHoo!!! Red was awesome. Ben Folds was pretty cool too. But, how often does Red come into outer space with us? That was totally cool. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Michelle G says:

    Just finished watching the music video and behind the scene for the second time. Thanks for all the great content! You are all sorts of banana pancakes awesomeness!!!!

  23. ToddF says:

    This interview and the music video just really made me a happy camper. I think I have a new thing to watch when I am feeling down.

    PS, If you haven’t seen it there is a FANTASTIC documentary about Kevin Clash (Elmo) called ‘Being Elmo’ that left me in tears.

  24. Abby says:


  25. Tony says:

    Fraggles. Ben Folds. This all made me so deliriously happy. Thank you Jim Henson co, thank you Ben, and thank you Nerdist.

    Now I’m going to go watch it again.

  26. I love the new album. “Do it anyway” has been such an anthem for me. I’ve been proclaim my near unnatural love for this song since they released it to pledge. It was one of those right song at the right time.

    Watching the album develop into a thing has been a delight! I really love it when artists let the fans peak behind the curtain so to speak.

    If you are a fan, this is a must buy album. If you are Ben Folds Curious—buy the album. There is so many lovely auditory treats!

    Today has make me unspeakable happy.

  27. Ron Veiders says:

    I listened & loved the interview. THANK YOU for this! Great job!

    In a related topic, I wanted to make sure Ben knows us fans appreciated all those “empty bar” gigs!

    I’m from Western New York, and made sure to hit all those you had… including High Falls Brewery in Rochester & Thursday in the Square in Buffalo in 2002. Talk about “where did the people go?!?!” moments. I was happy though, got front row every time! We still loved ya Ben!

    In any case looking really forward to Ben’s return to Kleinhan’s in Buffalo with BFF! Last time was amazing with the BPO, and while this is without them, it’s gonna be AWESOME!

    Great Podcast Chris! I’ll tell my buddy Brett Schenker to thank you personally at Comic Con NY in Rock-tober!

  28. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Woo hoo….more Ben Folds monday! Ben rocks….both with Ben Folds Five and Solo. Also, he’s amazing live, check him out if you get the chance. On a personal note, and the ever-so-slight chance that Ben see’s the talkbacks, i’d like to send my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to him for the song “The Luckiest”. That song is me and my wife’s song, and was our first dance at our wedding. Lyrics within the tune touch beautifully on moments in our life. Its quite literally a perfect song.

    Peace .n. I am the Luckiest



  30. Admiral Kent says:

    So is Ben Folds the hipster Marvin Hamlisch now, or what?