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Episode 436: Nerdist Podcast
Aziz Ansari
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Aziz Ansari

The hilarious Aziz Ansari sits down with Chris to talk about the world of stand up comedy today, his newest special on Netflix, and where his inspiration for jokes comes from!

Watch Aziz’s new special Buried Alive, available now on Netflix!

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  1. Patty says:

    Good interview. I’m kind of fascinated by the comics that come on and are just non-stop funny vs. the ones that are pretty serious outside of their comedy. It’s interesting to me that Aziz is of the latter variety. He had some pretty good advice that applies to life as well as comedy which is just to put your head down and work. I’m not familiar with any of the stand-up, just his work on Parks but I’m going back to watch the specials now.

    As for Chris’ comments on trolling, it is one of his fav topics but he has admitted to being hyper-sensitive. We are all probably much more repetitive than we think about out pet topics so I’m inclined to give Chris a break on this.

  2. boldreditalics says:

    @hardwick Your avatar image link is broke.

    Also, I’m just calling it like I see it. I know it’s important to you, but it’s something that I cringe at every time you talk about it. I want to like your podcast. There’s a lot about it I enjoy but somehow it just always comes to you bringing it up.

    Just take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. It’s a critique. I get critiqued all the time in my work. I like to hear opinions of my work, thought maybe you would too.

  3. SherwynS says:

    This was a pretty interesting interview. Lots of great insight. Thank you Chris Hardwick.

  4. Alec says:

    If Dan Harmon can get free Vodka by getting drunk on each episode of Harmontown, I’m sure Aziz can get a few buds.

  5. Dana says:

    YAY!! I love Aziz!! And of course Amy Poehler is the most amazing woman ever. PLEASE GET AMY ON THE PODCAST!! My ears and heart would explode with joy!

  6. Lee Benningfield says:

    Aziz was talking about how nice and great Amy Poehler is. If anyone has any doubt about this, go check out her YouTube channel at . It’s targeted more towards girls and young women, but there’s some great stuff on there that anyone can enjoy.

  7. Jen says:

    Thank you so much Chris. You are so right. Right now we are still trying to get my Grandmother and other family out of Tacloban. Its touch and go right now but thank god they are ok.

  8. Natasha says:

    I can’t wait for New Stories About Harris

  9. Natasha says:

    great interview

  10. chris hardwick says:

    @boldreditalics: nah, it’s shouldn’t be cringeworthy. what you don’t understand is that it is something that is SO present in our everyday lives as performers. The podcast is about the experiences we’re having at the moment. How is that desperate? It’s something all performers deal with more now than at any time in history, and it affects us all to one degree or another. It’s interesting (as humans with shared experiences) to hear how other public folks deal with it. And I disagree with you–I am not the one bringing it up most of the time. I get a nugget of info that the guest wants to talk about it so I let them explore it. They’re trying to process it too. Before you get all soapboxy about what we’re doing wrong, TRY IT for a while. If you haven’t or are not willing to, then you are nothing more than an armchair critic and I will humbly bid you good day.

    As humans, we are not programmed to be able to hear that we suck balls or should kill ourselves multiple times on a daily basis. It’s counter-intuitive to our emotional make-up. The recurring troll topic is more a failing of our culture than the fact that we talk about it. People can anonymously attack you and face no repercussions. It’s weird! Isn’t it? I think it’s weird. I became internetty in 94, after I was already an adult so I didn’t have the experience of growing up numb to it all. Also keep in mind that as public folks we are at the disadvantage of always being accountable for what we say. On top of that, comedians are a particularly sensitive bunch, but unfortunately that is what the job calls for–a hyper-awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.

    NOW before this sounds even whinier, please know that I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world. As performers, we are beyond lucky and lead charmed lives. That said, your problem with what we talk about says more about you than it does about us. We do what we do! You’re getting honest reactions. I can all but promise you that the troll talk probably will come up again in the future, so here’s your opportunity to bail so you can be cringe-free!

    And now for something that’s WAY more important than this exercise in narcissism, @Jen I am genuinely glad to hear that your family is ok!!! Horrific events like these remind us how fucking lucky we are every single day.

    Thank you everyone else and Happy Veterans’ Day!

    • goseechappie says:

      but you DO suck, hardwick. colossally. so i don’t know why you’re upset about people reminding you about the fact that you do.

  11. michaelscott says:

    great interview! Aziz (you will never read this) the Buried Alive special was really, really excellent. You elevated your game sir. Well done.

  12. Nichole says:

    ok Chris, has anyone tweeted at you that they saw you picking your nose?

  13. LexingtonSkittletits says:

    Great Interview! Watched Buried Alive yesterday and it was super funny.

    PS. boldreditalics is trolling Chris on his comments on trolls….what a douche…

  14. What Happened To The Quements says:

    I’m glad Matt’s back in the intros, I feel like we’ve suddenly been spoiled 400 episodes in by having these hostful intros when it was you alone since the beginning. It’s become hard to go without them now.

    Side note – Great conversation with Aziz, can’t wait for the Chris Hadfield podcast.

  15. boldreditalics says:

    How does Hardwick ALWAYS manage to steer the conversation towards talking shit on trolls? It’s cringeworthy and comes off as desperate.

  16. Jen says:

    Just wanted to say your podcast is cheering me up big time right now. Been worried about family that have been hit by the typhoon in the Philippines. They are ok thank gooodness. Just wanted to say thank you

  17. Andre says:

    Just listened to him on You Made It Weird last night, surely this will be less awkward.

  18. chris hardwick says:

    @MattSpears: Jonah is touring with a live comedy central show and Matt is writing on @midnight. They’ll be on when they can.

  19. Matt Spears says:

    Have Matt and Jonah been terminated?

  20. nate says:

    Treat Yo Self!