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Nerdist Podcast: Ari Shaffir
Episode 637: Nerdist Podcast
Ari Shaffir
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Ari Shaffir

Comedian Ari Shaffir chats with Chris and Matt about their early days of comedy in Los Angeles, all the crazy stuff he has seen being a regular at The Comedy Store, and why he is no longer religious. He also talks about his newest special Paid Regular and his new TV show This Is Not Happening!

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  1. David says:

    Enjoyed this podcast thoroughly. About the question Chris posed regarding if a parent tells a child to sin, although the Bible states honor your mother and father homage goes to God 1st. Under that context the child is Biblically in the right to disregard the parents so long as their intent corresponds to incurring God’s favor. The Bible has no contridictions. People contridict themselves.

  2. Matt says:

    You guys were saying maybe we all don’t have a purpose. That made me think what if when someone says that, it turns out to be true only the reality of it is, we are just a very small part in a plan. Like someone like a President or a king or some person who is historically relevant maybe everyone is somehow connected to that person that kind of got them in that place of relevancy. Like Marty Mcfly is connected to his parents naming him Marty or how to change his future of him getting fired he has to go back to the old west meeting his ancestors and learning composer by almost getting killed by Mad dog Tannen. OR like the Doctor said there are points in time that are fixed and cannot be changed. But something as little as Donna Noble going left than right could change her future and then change the way she is introduced to the Doctor. Maybe we are one tiny nail that just holds up a tapestry in a castle close to a barrel of mead that may go to someone who will know someone who drank some of that mead close to a king. ( I hope that makes any sense at all LOL) (Even if this gets read at all.) 

  3. Arabrabbra says:

    This conversation should have gone on for another 2 hours. I love Ari, he is my fave. I haven’t heard Chris so relaxed in a long time. Really amazing convo

  4. DH says:

    I’d like to thank the hosts and guest for providing me a blog post. If any of you guys want, you’re welcome to join me at my church to help study and discuss things with people who study the bible every day. I’d submit, however, that if the thought that pops into your mind is “yeah, that’s JUST what I’d like to do” then there really isn’t a point to pretending you’d like to discuss it with someone who believes in God. I do enjoy the podcast and (not so secretly) enjoy seeing atheist comments pointing out how much smarter they think they are than everyone else. Comedy gold!

    • DH says:

      …and the “atheist comments” point was not directed at the podcast hosts or guests. It was meant in general and regardless whether such comments are sincere or intentional. 

  5. Sammy P says:

    It’s funny sometimes. Ari’s comments about how he was born Jewish, and that a protestant had Christian parents to tell him about Jesus and that he was at a disadvantage because he had a Jewish family. He was having the discussion with Christian people, and he acts like he was never given a chance. That was one right there. He didn’t want to see it.

  6. Neal Babcock says:

    I totally agree with Ari about this podcast invigorating live comedy! I’m planning a trip to L.A. just to experience The Meltdown, which I learned about from Nerdist.

  7. Josh says:

    What an awesome conversation! Ari’s story is fascinating and wonderful — such a great exchange about how life experiences, a little curiosity, and a willingness to engage in an honest exploration of ideas can lead to personal growth. The only thing I think should probably be added to the conversation is that, at least for us Jews, being religious isn’t an all-or-nothing situation. There’s a whole world of ideas between orthodox and secular. One can, in fact, be inspired by many of these ideas and still celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. Personally, I find skepticism the highest form of faith. 

  8. Ivy says:

    You know a point that’s rarely made when discussing Christianity,  heaven and hell is how can there be a heaven (for your mom, Chris, for instance) when she knows you’re burning in hell for eternity.   How can there be a heaven for those who love non-believers, knowing their horrendous  fate.   I hope you talked a few people out of this ridiculous and divisive institution.  

  9. Wildride says:

    An altarboy is basically a PA: Priest’s Assistant. 😉

  10. brandon says:

    ari shaffir is the shit son

  11. FRJ says:

    Flying Burrito Monster isn’t real you Heathen! the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one true church Flying Raptor Jesus died for our sins.

  12. George Jefferson says:

    The Pope Cavalcade was my favorite part of the Howdy Doody show!

  13. Wildride says:

    So, I’d like to tell you about the Flying Burrito Monster. Also, a Wizard did it.