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Episode 272: Nerdist Podcast
Andrew Lincoln
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Andrew Lincoln

It’s more goodness from The Walking Dead for your ears! Andrew Lincoln sits down with Chris to talk about all the different sides of his character Rick Grimes in season 2, the arc of the storyline in the show and, of course, killing zombies!

WARNING! There are spoilers in this episode up through the end of season 2, but nothing about season 3!

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  1. Rinnie says:

    Love listening to Andrew Lincoln on the Nerdist podcast.

    Please though…please book Norman Reedus for a Nerdist conversation. Please!

    Thank you!

  2. laura says:

    I could get turned on hearing this voice read the back of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch box. Because of this reason I only vaguely recall the content. Walking Dead is the best. I liked hearing CH’s GF in the beginning, sounds like a swell broad!

  3. Steve says:

    What a great new-ish episode. Just listened and loved it. Loving the new season of Walking Dead, too, of course.

    Keep up, Chris. If you ever think you and the fellas could fill a room in Salt Lake City, I promise to do my level best to bring at least five friends.

  4. SlimCharles says:

    At some point, everyone who has anything to do with Walking Dead will have a podcast episode :p

    Good episode, again, much better than any actual Walking Dead episode.

  5. Crump'sBrother says:

    “I wish for a basketball.” – Mole from Rescue Rangers

  6. toonsmyth says:

    Awesome show. Awesome interview. Loving every second of the new season. I haven’t attempted to watch with the dual-screen live simulcast thingie, though. Does that actually ENHANCE the viewing experience? It seems like it would be awfully distracting to me.

  7. Taryn says:

    Great episode! I wish it was four hours long so the work day would go faster.

    I loved it when Andrew started getting really passionate about defending his character’s actions. I don’t know that I buy his arguement fully, but I think it shows the right level of being in his character’s head that he can fight that hard for him. I’ve seen interviews with Jon where he fights just as passionately for Shane’s perspective. I think that’s got to be part of what makes this show so great.

  8. Kyle says:

    Holy amazeballs this is good.

  9. Jake says:

    Wow, Chris Hardwick is particularly vocal in this comment thread. I’ve never seen him respond so much in just 1 episode.

    Also, props for @Gary. Abraham Lincoln would be my first choice if I had a time machine. I would’ve gone with Einstein, but I don’t speak German

  10. Curtis says:

    I wish I had commented earlier in this thread…

    Oh well, it was a great sit-down chat. I got the feeling that I’d like to try acting across from Andrew because he just seems like he’d be such a great scene partner. This definitely brought up my actor feelings from college that I don’t really get that much anymore.

  11. John48221 says:

    I wish that they come out with a family friendly version of the show since gore makes me squeamish 🙂

  12. JetpackBlues says:

    I wish Patty’s wish would come true. And that I could get one more wish than Dr. Quemmento. Just because.

  13. Scott Jones says:

    I wish for lots of free pizza. And a girlfriend who likes heavy music and The Walking Dead. And a new terrier. And for the Nerdist podcast to do another show in Iowa City. And a giant Cadbury egg.

  14. Trentesis12a says:

    May want to add that there are also huge comic book spoilers as well. Not that it ruined anything for me, just a heads up to anyone who hasn’t read the comics.

  15. Jacky Dan says:

    Great interview! The walking dead game is also really well done too. I have been playing it while I have been sick for the past couple of days and it it such a good adventure/roleplaying game.

  16. Chris Hardwick says:

    @datgai: ah yes! I just wanted a good FF movie. Anyhow, I take back my suggestion and submit Spiderman (kidding).

    Andrew has that comics hero jawline, so he could pretty much play most of the characters. Hawkman? Aquaman (with severely dyed hair)?

  17. datgai says:

    @Big C: unless you were talking about the marvel vs. DC crossover from a few years back methinks reed richards is not in the universe you are thinking of. I think Andrew could bring some real gravitas to barry allen as the flash. If they got the license away from fox and let marvel make an FF movie then yeah he would be a bomb reed richards.

  18. J. says:

    I wish… more Chloe hijinks! More adorable Hardwick sassing!

    Speaking of which, Nerdist stuff like Cosplay at ECCC next year? Horning in on panel hosting because the media guest are super awesome?

    Ok, back to listening to the episode. 🙂

  19. @John T Rogers: if you put white streaks in his hair he could be a pretty decent Reed Richards

  20. John T. Rogers says:

    Anyone else think that maybe Andrew Lincoln should play a part in the new Justice League movie?

    What DC Comics character do you think Andrew Lincoln could play?

    I was just thinking about those questions near the end of the podcast. I thought maybe Batman?

  21. filthy says:

    Thanks for the heads up Chris. John sounds like the kinda’ guy I can spend hours talking too. Can we post images here? You might get a kick out of this one.

  22. Diane says:

    I wish you all get your wishes. Especially PJ 😉

    So many wants but I’d really like right now is a CH hug.

  23. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Filthy: that’d probably be John Sanders, the prop guy. He let me fire that automatic gun doohickey (I don’t know guns), and he’s been a lifelong gun guy/instructor.

  24. Matt Grandis says:

    Hmwhat? Who dares to interrupt my slumber?

    Oh yeah, there’s a German word for that. It’s called “Rendezvous”.

  25. filthy says:

    Tyresse may still be on the show later on(fingers crossed). I really like that they kept Shane in the TV show much longer than the comic. They can’t follow the comic word for word I don’t think some of the things Kirkman did would work on tv.

    This is going to sound silly but I really nerded out over the guns they’re using in this season. I saw an M4 carbine with aimpoint sight, a folding stock AK-47 and they had homemade suppressors on 2 of the pistols. Somebody working for the show might be a gunnerd.

  26. ThyHoopyFrood says:

    I wish I wish I hadn’t killed that fish.

  27. Dan says:

    The TV show is inferior to the comic book in my humble opinion, they just modified too much of the character relations I love and for some reason got rid of one of the best characters (Tyresse) but I’m happy a show like this exist just for the simple fact that we can get more show in these kinds of themes. Anyways great job as always Nerdist.

  28. gary says:

    Sorry, I misread and I thought you were interviewing Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Lincoln is still a good get, but I was really hoping you invented a time machine.

  29. Patty Marvel says:

    @christopher – “…it looks like so much marvelous terror and fun at the same time;there probably is a German word for that.”

    Paging Matt Grandis…Matt Grandis to the white courtesy phone…

  30. ericmci says:

    OK- Andrew Lincoln should be required by contract to NOT speak in his native accent while doing the walking dead.

    I am not going to be able to see him as Rick -ever again.

    It’s like if Worf started speaking like he sucked a balloon full of helium.

  31. christopher says:

    Chris; Have you tried the new Tapout xt workout ? I have been doing it a lot lately and it is a fun workout to try.I so want to go to the run for your lives 5k run because it looks like so much marvellous terror and fun at the same time;there probablly is a German word for that.

  32. Patty Marvel says:

    I wish I had $1M so I could travel and also get the CUNT Office together just once for a nice dinner party.

    I wish cookies had no calories.

    I wish Hubby had a different job so he would be off today to show off his “TARDIS repairman” costume at the sci-fi Halloween party instead of working a double to cover for a sick dispatcher.


  33. I do…….I do. Not sure why it was necessary to say that twice. Just felt right for some reason.

  34. Peter says:

    How many people wanna kick some ass?!

  35. Chris C says:

    I wish for a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back type montage where Hardwick visits the houses of all the trolls that give him shit on the Internet, and he kicks the shit out of them.

  36. Nate says:

    I wish Skee-Lo would make a comeback as well.

  37. Vincent S says:

    Goddammit! Chris! Stop making me wet my pants!

    ohh. Also, I wish for a… Jaguar. 😛 Sorry Chris.

  38. @Jhg, well it DOES seem vaguely sentient, so that’s gotta add SOME value…

  39. Jhg says:

    Dang, so that’s where my mint conditioned Douche-action Sam went? who took it out of the packaging, totally lost it’s value now. T_T

  40. Chris Hardwick says:

    I wish Sam would realize that douches can’t type and get back in his packaging

  41. RobJ says:

    I wish i were a spaceman

  42. PJ says:

    I wish I was a little bit taller/I wish I was a baller/ I wish I had a girl that looked good, I would call her/ I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 64 Impalla

  43. Sam says:

    I wish for the prompt cancellation of The Talking Dead.

  44. Robby says:

    I wish the old nude man didn’t kiss me while I slept.

  45. Drmcbeard says:

    I wish the sun had a smilie face so that childrens pictures could be accurate.

  46. I wish for infinite wishes.

  47. Evan Arrington says:

    I wish for frosted animal cookies

  48. I wish for world peace

  49. Collins says:

    I wish matt and jonah could’ve been at these waling dead episodes