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Nerdist Podcast: Andrea Romano
Episode 621: Nerdist Podcast
Andrea Romano
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Andrea Romano

Voice director and casting director Andrea Romano chats with Chris about her long career as being a casting director and voice director in animation and working on shows such as Batman: The Animated SeriesPinky and The Brain, Animaniacs, The Smurfs, and way more. She also gives her advice for anyone who wants a career in voice acting!

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  1. Andrea, Terry McGovern here. Yeah, Launchpad! How are you my darling director and, at one point, agent. Glad you’re doing so well. Would love to talk to you about something a little to sensitive to post here. Please drop me an email and let me know how we can have a phone conversation. Remember them? Love you, Terry

  2. J says:

    this is one of the best podcasts ever. I love and admire Andrea’s passion for what she does and her respect for people. Thank you so much for having her on the Nerdist podcast. I could listen to her stories forever. What a wonderful woman!

  3. Charlie Hunt says:

    What a wonderful episode! Andrea has been one of my biggest nerd-crushes since I saw her in one of DC’s earliest ‘talking heads’ extra features.

    The relaxed mood and snappy patter of the ‘interview’ expertly reveled Andrea’s professionalism, love, and passion of her work. and you, Chris, didn’t do so bad yourself! Way to (continue to) showcase your comics bona-fides. BRING HER BACK SOON!

    10 out of 10!

  4. Gabs says:

    This episode was fascinating! I had no idea how ignorant I was about the inter-workings of cartoons. Love love loved it!

  5. FilmPsycheq says:

    I had no idea who Andrea Romano was until I listened to this.  She was absolutely a delight to listen to! This may be my favorite episode simply because you could here the love, joy, and passion she has for her work.  Of course Chris Hardwick geeking out only helped with how awesome this episode was!  LOVED IT!

    I knew exactly which Pinky and the Brain episode she was talking about even though I was a kid when I watched it.  So many of those cartoons are etched in my brain for various reason, it makes me tear up to think of the many great memories I have of my childhood because of her work.  Thank you, Andrea Romano, for being such a huge part of my life!

  6. Kandee says:

    Found this episode to be truly fascinating.  While I grew up with cartoons of the 70s & early 80s, I never really thought about all that goes into them and what a voice actor or director does.  I could have listened to Andrea’s stories for much longer!

  7. Corey says:

    This was one of my favorite podcasts ever, loved it.

  8. boblebob says:

    great interview. fascinating but the amount of times she used stunning to describe something was a little annoying

  9. Steve says:

    Andrea’s “Yes Always” story positively made my day! Thank you!  

  10. M Rowe says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Every show and name mentioned gave me a big smile. It’s incredible how she was able to bring great, unforgettable voices to some favorite series of mine. I loved the story about her scheming to make certain Rob Paulsen got the Yakko part, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else! I saw Animaniacs Live here in Denver and it was hilarious watching Rob bounce between Yakko and Dr Scratchansniff.
    Thank you for bringing this amazing woman to our ears. And I second/third/whatever-number the idea of bringing Rob and Maurice back to the podcast and on @Midnight. It would be brilliant! Maybe you need a voice actors week theme. 😀

  11. Chris says:

    Very interesting and fun interview! She seems so sweet and has done some amazing stuff!

  12. Josh says:

    This is my first Nerdist podcast and its fantastic! Plus the VO info is amazing!

  13. Shealyndj says:

    Just watched I Know That Voice this weekend…so naturally I feel I’m an old VO aficionado.  Loved her anecdotes.

  14. Michael Hahn says:

    What was the site to learn how to do voice covers?