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Episode 310: Nerdist Podcast
Amber Benson
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Amber Benson

The lovely Amber Benson (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!) sits down with Chris and Matt to talk about dolphin sex, what her writing process is, and selling interesting things on eBay!

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  1. Jeff says:

    I didn’t read through all the comments because I’m too lazy.

    BUT… Amber should be a regular part of the Nerdist Podcast. She fit in so well and was very funny. It would be nice to have a regular female voice on the show.

  2. Alwin says:

    One of my favorite fucking episodes of Nerdist. Oh… my… GOD!

  3. Patty Marvel says:

    If anyone has trouble getting words on the page, I *STRONGLY* recommend using software called Write or Die.” You can use the free on-line version or you can spend a whopping ten bucks to get the desktop version with the extra bells and whistles. The slogan is “We put the PROD in PRODUCTIVITY” because you’ll get little prompts if you stop for a bit, such as the screen turning red or the sound of an out-of-tune violin. “Write or Die” has helped me in a HUGE way – I was able to bang out over 4,000 words one Sunday night thanks to this thing.

    Here’s an article about the software:

  4. Vince says:

    Kinda surprised, actually, with all the dolphin sex talk, at the lack of mentions of Malcolm Brenner. Kind of expected that to come up. So to speak.

  5. Tyler says:

    Just… Phenomenal. It’s like there’s a new podcast called “people with awesome personalities talk for a while and make you feel good. Oh, yeah, and they’re successful. But mostly they’re just cool as shit.”

  6. Bonnie Quinn says:

    I just listened to this episode on my way to work this morning. I have a lonnnnnnng commute so Podcasts are my go to entertainment and Nerdist is Numero Uno in my book. Also, I’ve had a massive crush on Chris Hardwick since 1994 but I’m sure you don’t care and that is not the point of this post. The point is, I NEVER comment on anything despite my ravenous consumption of all things interwebs and pop culture – I’m generally a voyeur, admirer, what have you. Long story long – I almost crashed my car this morning because I was laughing SO hard at the Driving Miss Daisy to the Fertility Clinic/Jessica Tandy laying quail eggs conversation. I was crying, tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. Also, my coworkers and I frequently have conversations about dolphins and their sexual misconduct so I appreciated that part of the podcast too.

  7. irksome says:

    I enjoyed that episode. Yay.

  8. bsg says:

    Night after Night… Dave the Weatherman FTW!

  9. Jober says:

    I think this episode made me crush on Amber Benson a little bit. I hope we hear more of her on Nerdist!

    So is somebody working on the Buffy/Genesis re-edit for YouTube? Because I quite want to see this.

  10. Xeroz says:

    Who knows maybe we can somehow convince CH to have her on as at least an occasional guest host.
    Wait, first find out what ‘if any’ is her favorite anime!
    Her answer will determine my vote.

  11. ArchGirl99 says:

    I enjoyed this episode so much! I love the episodes where there is wandering like a normal episode. I usually listen to the podcasts at work but this one was so much fun I finished listening to it at home.

  12. MIschaD says:

    Holy crap, that was funny! I totally agree with the above comments, she was an awesome addition to the dynamic of the show and it had a definite hostful vibe! I had no idea she was so delightfully filthy!

  13. Vince says:

    No offense to Jonah, but this might as well have been labeled a hostful for how well Amber fit into the dynamic and got into the riffing (moreso, even, than a lot of comedian guests). I had a hard time keeping a straight face at work listening to this. Please have her back on if you can, perhaps as guest co-host if you ever have Alyson Hannigan on the show. Kudos on a great episode. I’m gonna have to try that Genesis thing.

  14. Pay Lo says:

    Any updates on the threesome?

  15. Pedanto Bear says:

    @Xeroz — my bad. respect.

    I’d love to see any of the HIMYM cast on here, esp. considering that 3 of the 5 now have a Whedonesque connection. Thumbs-up for 5 out of 5.

  16. Xeroz says:

    No doubt Nerdist should have Alyson Hannigan on sometime, and if an opening in their doubtless busy schedules comes up, throw in Neil Patrick Harris or maybe Jason Segel. But, just like this show, talk about random crap. Not just what they’re doing now.
    And, if you do get Alyson on, CH can finally clear up that “almost” (hehe) taking her to prom remark he ‘just kept on and on’ about.
    Or… (If you wanted to really get nerdy, do a ‘Live Buffy Reunion / Hostful Podcast.) Let all the others from that show hear how ‘creepy’ you ‘once?’ were CH. And as a ‘kicker’ you could have them (cast of Buffy) be on your bowling for charity thing. (Crap can’t think of the name of it).

    Damit, is there any reason not to have her on the Nerdist? I sure can’t think of any.

    ‘Side note’ – @Pedanto Bear, Xeroz with a ‘Z’ at the end.

  17. Pedanto Bear says:

    I agree that there was a great dynamic on this one, although I missed Jonah. Can’t believe that no one asked Amber about “One-Eyed Monster”, and I wish that her appearance on “Husbands” had come up, as well. I’ll definitely look up “Girl on Girl” at some point. I’d love to hear her on the podcast again sometime.

    @Diane M. Martin — Not to be a jerk about it, but whales, dolphins, and porpoises are carnivores, and their ancestors were also carnivores. Their ancient progenitors were more like mammalian crocs than cows. On the other hand, their closest living, semi-land-lubber relatives are hippos, which are herbivores. So maybe the cow comparison isn’t that far-fetched.

    @Xeros — bonobos –> dolphins –> humans = aquatic apes FTW!.

    I second the Alyson Hannigan motion, as well as anyone from the Buffy-verse. I’d be interested to hear an interview with Nicholas Brendon fo’ sho’.

    And re: the Amber + Chris v. Amber + Matt romantic controversy, I think that it’s pretty clear that Chris and Matt want nothing more than to make man-babies with one another.

  18. Andrew says:

    I have lots of action figures.
    Like, far more than I should ever have accumulated.
    Hundreds and hundreds.

    I also enjoyed Buffy enough to watch every episode.

    I only own one Buffy figure though, and it’s Tara.

    Before, I liked Amber Benson a lot.
    Now I think she’s super great.

  19. Kelly says:

    Been listening forever, and this has to be one of my favorite episodes. Hardwick always puffs about his nerdery, but his nerdery about Buffy destroyed me. Amber is a delight as always! Thanks for another great show, Nerdist crew.

    And Matt, I understand the desire to watch Skyfall a dozen times. nbd.

  20. Xeroz says:

    @Diane M. Martin
    If you’re related to George RR, tell him to hurry up and finish that final book for crap’s sake. 😛 Sorry, couldn’t help but toss that in there.
    But, on to the podcast comment.
    You forgot to throw in the fact that dolphins are one of the only other animals (other than us humans) that have sex for fun, not just mating.
    Woohoo finally using that Doctorate Degree from Discovery Channel, #thatsathingisntit

    You should keep that bit ‘about the perfect Buffy music’ as backup for the next time CH tries to bring up the ‘Dave Matthews Band’.

  21. I would like to know the type of coffee that Amber Benson drank before the podcast so that I can stockpile it.

  22. Chris: …so, I basically played — I tried a bunch of different songs over that montage, and determined that the best one …
    Matt: You ARE a f—-n’ nerd!
    Chris: (chagrined) Shut up.
    Matt: [Characteristic Mira laughter.]
    Chris: You dickstain! You just saw ‘Skyfall’ like five times!
    Matt: I didn’t try and make my own music for it!
    Chris: You would!!

    Guys, I’m sorry to hear Jonah was ill, but this is now — hands down — my favorite Nerdist podcast moment of all times. The Matt-Chris dynamic has never been more nerdtastic. Thank you.

  23. Marblehead says:

    Thom Yorke? Seriously? That’s like saying I’m into Zooey Deschanel because she’s such an awkward dork.

  24. Vincent S says:

    Might as well have been a Hostful. That was so awesome and it had that unique feeling of dicking around that feels like a Hostful.

    😀 Amber’s awesome. I knew she was kind of awesome but this just froze that thought egg and made it better like garden body stash-aways.

  25. Any Portmanteau in a Storm says:


    Retort + Portmanteau = Retortmanteau

  26. @farleyk: sexy excerpt = SEXCERPT

  27. I stopped listening when Chris seemed to be talking about how awesome it was when Tara got shot. Sure I’ll get back to it eventually, though.

    (Nope, still not over it)

  28. farleyk says:

    If anyone has any doubt, after listening, that Amber is awesome, here is further evidence. She is reading a sexy excerpt from her book Serpent’s Storm with the equally incredible Pat Rothfuss.

  29. Emily says:

    What if her sister needed those My Little Ponies!?

    So disturbed.

  30. Vincent K. says:

    Listening to Chris talk about the Michelle Branch song, my brain goes, “Oh yeah, that’s at the end of ‘Tabula Rasa’, the 8th episode of S6. Nerd indeed. And now I have to re-watch that and play Genesis over it.

  31. LevelledUp says:

    Matt was very funny this episode.

  32. Jeff Kelly says:

    That was probably the weirdest Podcast yet. It. Was. AWESOME!

    The genuine glee from Chris when Matt made the “Frozen in Amber” joke was nice.

    Amber would be exactly my kind of woman, a beautiful dark twisted mind and a great sense of humor.

  33. Jorge says:

    Man do I love you guys! This is just another one of those episodes that’s so great I genuinely wish I was in the room.

    And please, get Lily Aldr… I mean… um… Alyson Hannigan… on the podcast! (Whew, close one.) She’d be DE-lightful.

    Also, Chris, NICE “Mandroid” cover! Can’t wait to finally watch it!

  34. joe says:

    @filthy hmm well….i’m disabled with muscular dystrophy and quite honestly there are too many damn words. when i was a kid in the 80s it was still somewhat common to hear crippled in the common vernacular. I kind of like that still to be honest…cause I can pretend to be a gangster by calling myself a ‘crip’…….

  35. mistletoe says:

    I wish Jonah could have been there, but the episode was great regardless. Since I’ve never seen Buffy, this was my first introduction to Amber. She’s kind of awesome. One of those episodes that makes you wish there was a revolving fourth host chair just so the guest can come on more often.

    Also, just because a girl is friendly doesn’t mean she wants the d, guys. Don’t make it weird. That’s Pete’s job.

  36. Brian says:

    As a Fringe fan i should have seen the “Frozen in Amber” comment coming a mile away.

  37. filthy says:

    Regarding the whole R-word thing. Where I work in 1995 we said mentally challenged, then it changed to intellectual disability. One of my co-workers was just a a conference where the term different abilites was used. Everyone that thinks Amber had a thing for Chris is Wicked [email protected]$%^&ed(I can’t even type it). Clearly she had a thing for Matt, Ki Ki watch out!!!!!

  38. Nick DePrimo says:

    Just going to go ahead and say it: Amber wants Chris. BIG TIME.

  39. oma says:

    Was it just me or did it sound like Amber Benson wanted to blow Hardwick like a didgeridoo?

  40. Wildride says:

    “Oh my god! Someone smurfed all of the smurf off of his smurf! One of those smurfs means c*ck.” – Rachel Perry on The Stash reviewing Smurf porn.

  41. Wildride says:

    That’s it: I’m inventing the underwire codpiece!

  42. NeuroMan42 says:

    Big fan of the books and films.

  43. Curtis says:

    I think you guys broke Amber at the point with Jessica Tandy’s eggs.

  44. kittnen says:

    ^Haven’t listened to the episode yet, but that literally made me lol.

  45. Bryan says:

    When the dolphin is done with his seconds long sex he always leaves saying “So long & thanks for all the fish”. Cheeky dolphins.

  46. I have so many thoughts and feelings about this episode. Let me just enlighten you by sharing my knowledge of dolphin sex. Once upon a time I was into (and still into) Orcas (Killer Whales but they are actually dolphins.) An extremely long time ago Whales/Dolphins were cows. Bulls are incredible efficient lovers. If you blink, you’ve missed their sweet love making. In conclusion having sex with a dolphin would not be a very satisfying experience. Unless you are into sexual encounters lasting seconds. At least that is what a friend of mine told me. Sadly there are not pictures.

    (YES, I used one of my college degrees today. WIN)