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Episode 214: Nerdist Podcast
Aaron Paul
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Aaron Paul

Chris, Matt and Jonah sit down with Aaron Paul in the back of a bowling alley in New Mexico to talk about all the exciting things to do in Albuquerque, his days as a radio mascot and, of course, Breaking Bad!

Watch Aaron and the rest of the Breaking Bad cast bowl on All Star Celebrity Bowling on the Nerdist Channel!

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  1. Dan says:

    Chris, next time you see Aaron, just mention Mark Wahlberg. Who would have thought he could be funny in different movies like The Other Guys. Give it a chance Aaron!

  2. Sawyer says:

    I’m playing catch-up, and I hate to be that guy (but I will anyway), but I think Aaron Paul’s counsellor was right in discussing backup plans. I mean, obviously not in this case, but Paul has both talent and a strong work ethic, and for every Aaron Paul, there’s probably 50 Aaron Paul wannabes who are lacking one or both of those, and to have a fallback option is maybe not the worst idea just in case acting isn’t paying the bills, so I can’t really blame the counsellor for anything more than not seeing that Paul had what it takes to succeed.

  3. Josh says:

    @Setlasmon Thanks! Still not sure… it’s probably too much for me… Sheesh. Anyway thanks!

  4. Smalls says:

    I wish they asked about Smashed, the film he’s in with Mary Winstead and Ron Swanson. My friends saw it at Sundance and said it’s one of the best movies ever!

  5. setlasmon says:

    @Josh BB is dark… waaaay dark. I recommended it to a friend and when I found out he couldn’t make it through a season two episode without taking xanax I told him he should just stop watching before he overdoses sometime in season 3.

    but its incredibly awesome. I say watch it!

    two quemments about that “Weird” trailer

    1) Are they actually making it into a movie?
    2) WHY THE FUCK NOT?!?!

  6. Peter Schmalz says:

    On the Simpsons There was an episode where the Springfield Isoptopes want to move to Albequrque and Homer protests and gets them to stay in Springfield

  7. QuasarSniffer says:

    Random: here’s a link to that “Weird Al video” the guys mentioned in the podcast. It’s pretty great:

    Aaron Paul was both a great guest on here and on Nerdist Bowling. I enjoy him very much… in a totally non-creepy way, of course.

  8. M. Dashe says:

    Was Aaron Paul chewing gum during this? Sounded like it, and therefore could not listen…:(

  9. Marielle says:

    Again, thanks for another amazing episode. I’ve got the cravings for Breaking Bad something fierce right now and I’m glad to get even a little new information on the show.

    Aaron Paul seems incredibly cool, and I’m looking forward to this next season so.hard.

    This also indulged my NM nerdery, which I loved. I moved to NM on my own a few years ago (since had to move back for personal reasons) but pretty much consider it one of the most beautiful places in the country. I’m hoping to move back eventually, and it’s neat to see that Paul feels some of the same ways I do about it.
    New Mexico sunsets are pretty much unbeatable,a nd some of the best times I’ve had in the staet were out in the canyons and cliff dwellings. Put on your hiking shoes @chrishardwick, that’s what NM has to offer in spades. 😀

    AAgain, thanks. (misspellings courtesy of disapperaing text. Sorry)

  10. James Kutemeyer says:

    So I live in Albuquerque, and today I listened to this episode while at work and loved it. Tonight however I was at a bar with some friends and who should I see but Aaron Paul himself. I didn’t approach him but I found it funny and thought you might as well

  11. Josh says:

    @Charles H: Thanks for your post but actually I was thinking @Fantas! seemed kinda nice and helpful this time around. I mean, there MIGHT have have been a trolly kind of tone in that first post up there, but you could also read it with more of a j/k kind of tone… I dunno, hoping for the best! That’s why I apologized for the dig above. I mean, it was too obvious not to do, but I felt bad doing it anyway.

    #duality #whatstwitter? #hoorayforrunninggags

  12. Patty Marvel says:

    @Chris – Now that Team Nerdist has gone to new Mexico to bowl Team Breaking Bad, maybe, possibly, someday you can/will go to New York and bowl Team Daily Show or Team Colbert Report? I realize you don’t have 100% control over the situation, but if you EVER make that happen you will hear the loudest fan girl SQUEE coming all the way from Cleveland.

    Random question – who is the woman whose voice bookends the podcast? I assume a professional voice actor or was she someone around the office who happened to sound good? And how did she react to rerecording the ending to include “Enjoy Your Burrito?” And can you tell I’m the kind of person who likes “The Making of” and “Behind the Scenes of” DVD features?

  13. Walt says:

    Chris, why did you put a picture of yourself in the header for the Aaron Paul episode?

  14. Charles H says:

    Why does anyone even respond to @Fantas anymore. You are giving him what he wants!

  15. Brad Eleven says:

    Never mind, found the mp3 link in the RSS (3rd icon, far right in the player above) and just used wget.

  16. Brad Eleven says:

    iTunes can’t D/L this one. Dreaded “err = -39.”

    Where else can I get the mp3?

  17. Josh says:

    Wow, @Fantas! Did @Chris Hardwick’s long note to you succeed in breaking bad? Sorry. It was right there. Way too snarky, I know, but it was just dangling like a carrot. A big ol’ snarky, maybe even a little bit mean, leafy, leafy carrot. Had to be plucked. But, you know, sorry again.

    Anyway, great ep! Don’t watch Breaking Bad, yet, but am seriously considering it. Is it too dark? My inner entertainment biology changed when I first became a dad five years ago — super-duper dark entertainment was all-the-sudden too hard for me to watch. Anyone else experience that? Who or What does Breaking Bad compare to in terms of dark humor?

  18. Ben Z says:

    @Chris Hardwick,
    I have to do this, but I hope you enjoyed the burrito you mentioned in the podcast. I hope you enjoyed it hard.

  19. On second thought Fantas! I take it back. Your comment was clearly a sweet, good natured way of saying how much you missed Matt and Jonah, not a passive-aggressive, underhanded, shitty complaint. I apologize for jumping the gun and assuming you were up to your old tricks; that was wrong of me to do.

  20. Jake says:

    @Fantas! you’re right, both Matt and Jonah in a podcast with a guest doesn’t happen that often anymore. I always enjoy it when it happens though

  21. Ben Z says:

    Who are these Matt & Jonah people and why are they in my Nerdist podcast? {End Sarcasm} Looking forward to this one and Season 5 of Breaking Bad!

  22. Dave says:

    Thanks Fantas! Downloading now.

  23. Fantas! says:

    No spoilers apart from what may have happened to Paul’s character, but didn’t. No worries, Dave.

  24. Dave says:

    Any spoilers for Breaking Bad? I just started watching it.

  25. Anyone want to take a stab at that before I give it a go?

  26. Fantas! says:

    Matt and Jonah? Why I never.