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Episode 99: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #99: GEEKDAD

Happy Father’s Day! In celebration, here is a bonus ep for geeky dads and lovers of geeky dads alike! WIRED‘s Geekdad, Ken Denmead, drops by to chat about being geeky with your kids in celebration of his new book The Geekdad’s Guide to Weekend Fun, which is available here!

Now go geek it up with your kids! (this includes you too, nerds)

*Minor note for tiny ears: I believe there are one or two swears in here, as well as a conversation about steampunk vibrators that I, of course, instigated…

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  1. JL says:

    I may have missed something but are the podcasts no longer downloadable off the site? It’s not working for me.

  2. Anonymous Burrito says:

    Steampunk vibrator? Google “chattanooga vibrator.”

    Sent from my Bandai Pippin Atmark
    (not really, but it comes with Netscape Navigator so who knows, maybe I could.)

  3. christian says:

    I listened to the GeekDad podcast and I learned about oil patterns in bowling so I wrote about it…. now my brain hurts.​11/07/physiochemical-propertie​s-of-bowling.html

  4. Toby says:

    What a great episode! I love them all, but as a geeky dad, this one certainly hit home with me. Already playing video games and Risk with my older child, this opens up a whole new world of nerdy to share with my kids!

    Thanks guys

  5. Tommy d says:

    Really with the creationist jab? You could have picked on the mutual enemy of the jocks getting all the money.

  6. smartbunny says:

    Can I be a guest so Chris can slobber over me for an hour?

    (wakka wakka wakka!)

  7. Gospel X says:

    May I be “that guy” for a moment? Good.

    OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is an anxiety disorder, usually based on fear of unfortunate happenstance. “I need to wash my hands with a new bar of soap or else I’ll infect everyone I contact throughout the day,” and “I need to flick the lights on and off 20 times because I need to make sure the house won’t catch fire,” are just a couple of ways in which it may manifest in people. It is a disorder based on fear.

    OCPD, or Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, is a personality disorder in which people are focused on orderliness, minutia, and control. This is more in line with what you mentioned in the episode, and it’s a common error to attribute these traits to OCD given the fact that the name of the disorder does fit extremely well.

    A Psychology Nerd

  8. agirlyman says:

    Seems like nowadays there’s no bigger joy for me than to get my nerd on listening to the Nerdist Podcast while getting my game on @ the same damn time!

    Thanks Hardwick & Crew!