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Episode 98: Nerdist Podcast
Cop Mustache
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #98: Cop Mustache

Chris wants to start a Bluegrass band, Jonah makes an announcement about his pilot and Matt responds maturely to Internet ire (he’s growing up, you guys!!). Plus, E3 wrap-ups! And Matt’s NASA tweet-up! AND NERDIST TV SHOW GUEST ANNOUNCED!

Post image provided by David Wood, who also made some kick-ass 8bit pieces of Steve Martin, Richard Pryor and Carlin. Click for a full-size image here to decorate your desktops and smartphones!

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ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

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Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Where in the Galaxy is Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Where in the Galaxy is Grand Admiral Thrawn?



  1. Stephen says:

    Here I am, listening to a podcast that is almost a year old, but I feel I need to respond to something from this episode.

    Nerd culture as a demographic is large, but not monolithic, that is the first strike against it. It has a great deal of disposable income, which is a point in its favor. Why is still considered niche?

    Two reasons. Nerds are the least gullible to advertising, and not very likely to spend their money on anything advertised on a show that attracts them. Their behavior is almost the opposite, if an ad is seen by a nerd to be transparently catering to their interest they will purposely avoid the item advertised.

  2. Laura Chin says:

    Matt, did you start your STNG blog yet? I have every episode, taped from the original showing (with commercials cut) on about 20 vhs tapes in a box in my basement. <3 ~Laura

  3. movingjpegs says:

    I know this is nit-picky, but Night at the Opera is one my (and my dad’s) favorite movies. The whole of the movie begins IN Italy. There are plenty of references to Italy in the movie. And there are many copies of the movie with these references to Italy available widely. We have a dvd copy in my house.
    So, get you facts straight, MATT. GEEZ.
    Anyway, love you guys!

  4. Jen says:

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to say i love the podcast, the content, hosts, guests & the overall vibe. You’re very supportive of each other in a ‘mary & rhoda’ sort of way.
    In the cop mustache episode , when Matt asked ‘how did all known we were going vaudvillian?’ with the quements song… It’s because you’re on the same wavelength & share great timing & instincts.

    Thanks for all the laughs,

  5. Gregg says:

    I love it when you guys talk about starting out doing standup, but as a young comic it’s pretty demoralizing every time you guys say what a horrible place LA is for starting out in comedy. Also, you’re 100% right; half the time when I go to open mics I can’t get a spot because they’re so crowded (have tried Matt’s open mic twice and didn’t get my name drawn either time) and end up wasting an evening plus the money it takes to drive there. The annoying part is that I know 80% of these people aren’t going to keep at it, but until they quit they’re keeping me from getting on stage. When I do get stage time I’m at the point where I feel like I’m finding my voice, but I’m not the type of guy who’s great at networking or asking people about being a part of their shows. Would love to hear you guys talk about how one makes the leap from doing open mics to getting spots at booked shows or clubs with real audiences, but please do so at a high pitch that only I can hear so no one else gains this advice.

  6. Matthew Cole says:

    Ah dude Jonah :l failure is the best motivator! Come back twice as strong.

  7. Kierstyn says:

    @ Zac

    It is so nice to see another history nerd around! I was trying to keep it simple for Matt, who seemed to be having a hard time understanding, so I didn’t want to get into all the ephemera… like disqualifying the Catholics and such. but thanks for adding on! 🙂

  8. smartbunny says:

    YOU KNOW… I made Jonah a shirt too. Because his Quemment Pie song cracked me up so much. Just so no one thinks I’m dissin’ Rivers Homo.

    (combat perry pie)

  9. You are like the awesome Nerd The View. I like guest eps but love the Hostful ones. You save my sanity on long work days pushing computer buttons. Coworkers think I am batshit crazy when I full on laugh out loud at my desk. Meh you all bring the funny. Well done. ChrOnahRayMatt

  10. Turd Ferguson says:

    Chris – Any chance your new show will be available to stream online? BBC America seems to not be huge fans of streaming shows, but I still have to ask. Or will it be available to stream in the UK at least so we can see it using Tor?

  11. Kevin says:

    Do you guys know Richard Ayoade? You should have him on if you do and it can be scheduled. He is a funny guy.

  12. Fantas says:

    Thank you for your meaningful input, Wesley. I look forward to it being addressed in the next Hostful.

  13. Laura Jordan says:

    I love your podcast!
    I’m transitioning from graphic design to comedy writing, and your podcasts help in such a huge way. There’s never one solid process, just a path of learning your own voice, and I’ve learned to understand more about that with The Nerdist. Epic THANK YOU for your podcast! I’m a loyal listener!
    -Laura Jordan

  14. (((d(–__–)b))) great Podcast.

    I love the pixel cover

  15. smartbunny says:


    (furiously typing)

    (on a typewriter)

    (it’s 1987)

  16. Lor3_in_Lease says:

    Hey guys,
    I just wanted to start this out by saying that I love listening to your podcast, so much so that I haven’t really been listening to music unless I’m in my car. I have a couple comments, I’m going to start out with praising you and stroking your egos a little more, then I’m going to tell y’all something I’ve noticed, and finally I’m going to bring it home with a joke.

    Here goes:
    I love your chemistry on the podcast, you guys obviously enjoy each others’ company and want to be doing this. Kudos to you for finding something you like doing even before there was money involved. You always keep the conversation flowing and that’s awesome because then I’m never bored and never know what topic is going to pop up next. (It’s almost like you guys are in my brain area…)
    I’ve also noticed some things that bother me. The first is that sometimes Matt is talked over. I know it’s not intentional, unless you’re ragging on him, but I’ve heard it happen a few times. Second, Chris, you sometimes talk over guests or interrupt them and, while I love the jokes you make, it kind of leaves me frustrated because I want to hear what they’re trying to say. Lastly, Jonah, you’re quiet. You always have interesting points and questions but the only time we ever really hear you talk is on the Hostful casts.

    Q:How many ears does Spock have?
    A:3 a left ear, a right ear, and a final front-ear….

  17. Wesley Marshall says:

    @Fantas *Sigh* Matt’s fine, he does work, get off his case. That is all.

  18. Rachel says:

    This episode proves there is a need for a website called – for all your Malaysian comedy needs. 🙂

  19. Fantas says:

    All right, so I douched up the previous comment. But I think that Hardwick and Ray are really underplaying just how often they get on Mira’s (er, Matt’s) ass about his laziness, and how clearly his laziness has come across up to this point. Never wants to write, never wants to blog, never wants to do anything. That’s the impression THE ENTIRE HOSTFUL SERIES has put across. When Matt said it was a “put-on,” that seems to be the truth. That’s what you all put across. For those of us doing open mics and blogs and writing spec scripts and lacking the connections he has, his apparent laziness (according to the show you all put out, every week) easily becomes outright annoying. I guess you should just temper that in the future. Or do whatever you want; this shit is free.

    Anyways, good luck, Mira.

  20. DC says:

    So this is in response to Matt’s lovely little rant about his job.

    I feel your pain my friend. I feel your pain. I work as a physical therapist and all I ever get are people complaining at me. It is also tough when the thing they broke was their body and it is there fault. (in your case, it is NOT your fault) My advice focus on the few lovely individuals who are actually thankful for what you are doing.

    In regards to your back, you are doing all the right things so keep it up! How is the traction table treating you?

    Also, Lowell is very scary. And I will be avoiding Boston today out of fear that the Bruins parade will murder me.

  21. J.A, says:

    Is it me or did they not talk about e3?

  22. Chris Bell says:

    This is me bitching about how often you guys bitch about how often people on the internet bitch. The interesting part is that this relationship is based on assumed mutual appreciation.

    Sorry to hear about the show Jonah. They have a lot of trouble finding time over there…you know, only so many minutes in the day to run Daniel Tosh into the ground. On a related note, is it possible you didn’t make enough jokes about black people?

  23. Zac says:

    I want to expand on Kierstyn’s comment about British succession. Kierstyn explains it easily enough for the top 13 on the list, which are all the children and grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth. After that it goes to the descendent’s of Queen Elizabeth’s siblings, and so on. Sons take priority over daughters, and after that older siblings take priority over younger. Queen Elizabeth ended up Queen because George VI had only two children and both were girls.
    An interesting (to me) note: if you follow the line of succession you find a bunch of people whose parents are distantly related. For instance, Prince Karl Vladimir of Yugoslavia is/was 109th in the line of succession. His father and mother were third cousins once removed. He is the only living person to be twice descended from Queen Victoria.

  24. gladly says:

    I’m so very, very excited to have Matt covering the final shuttle launch. You’ve already gotten me to listen to “Star Talk,” so you’re doing fantastic PR for the universe.

    Jonah, I’m sorry about your pilot, but I thought it was very sweet that you brought it up on the podcast. I wish it had been better news, but I’m quite touched that you shared it with your audience. Thanks for letting us in.

    Last of all, whiny fan request: would love for you all to eventually record a song together. The musical bits of the hostfuls make me super happy.