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Episode 88: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #88: ACID PARTY

Matt Mira talks about his first open mic at Meltdown! Bill-n-Ted-Talks! Rave music and you! Photosynth! A highly informative hostful episode indeed.

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  1. Angel Jr says:


  2. Katherina says:

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  4. John Keefer says:

    What if you were named Bill and your best friend was named Ted? I think it’d go a little something…like this:

  5. Danielle ACM says:

    The Pac-man pill popping joke is by one of my favourite British comics Marcus Brigstocke 😀

  6. bk0b says:

    whats the song thats played at the end called and who is it by?

  7. M.C. says:

    The bit at minute 45 is one of my absolute favorite improv moments between Chris and Jonah—plus the byplay from Matt: “That was vomiting *and* an aneurysm…” High-larious…

  8. Sarah says:

    I just had to say that this has been one of my top favorite episodes. I busted up laughing and I listen to this podcast at work. I now have the three of you saying my name as my ring tone and I absolutely love it. I just had to say that you make the days when a new podcast come out better.

  9. Vessira says:

    I have a response to Nick’s quemment on this podcast. People who like GOOD electronic music (and it does exist) do not refer to it as RAVE music. Raves died out a long time ago. The bastardized things that call themselves raves are not and have not been for a long time. Electronic music is a genre with many subgenres and specific types of subsets from House, Trance, DnB, Ambient, Breakbeats, Jungle, not to mention all the breakdowns of those. Nick, if you really want to MC, work on your poetry. The most annoying thing in the world is an MC just saying the same phrases over and over, making terrible rhymes, or talking incoherently and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do NOT ask for frequent REWINDS. Write some intelligent poetry, learn from the masters of Hip Hop, and quality MCs that have come before and learn the music and you might have a shot.

  10. mario94606 says:

    bagged and boarded #72
    alex winters go in to discussion about how the studio stepped in and made changes and added characters to bill & ted#2 (station & the evil robots weren’t in the original script)

    BAGGED & BOARDED #72: Live! 6 – SModCastle High School Football Rules! -In which Matt and Brendo hatch a devious plan involving a time machine, Hitler, and some nocturnal indiscretions and are then joined by Bill S. Preston, Esq. himself, Alex Winter, to discuss all things BILL AND TED, LOST BOYS, FREAKED, and more. Want to hear the truth about BILL AND TED 3? Lend us your ears. You might get them back.

  11. Ryan says:

    Dang! Lots of people who don’t understand the concept of “opinions” commenting on this podcast.

  12. soldicurrency says:

    I listened to the Acid Party song while brushing my teeth and I totally love it.

  13. Brent says:

    I will agree that the guy with the quement contradicted himself by saying “I love music, I’m a big fan of Rave music” but not for the same reason as you guys. For someone that “loves music” you’d think they’d know there’s actually no such thing as “rave music.” Like bEN said, there’s a thousand different subgenres of electronic music, some very shitty, some excellent, some bordering on musical genius. There’s a lot out there worth checking out and it’s unfortunate that it gets written off so easily because of a shitty misrepresentation that happened 10-15 years ago.

  14. bEN says:

    RAVE music? What is this 1992? I happen to LOVE electronic music, mostly house, drum and bass dubstep etc. and I realize that people uneducated about the 1000 different genres of it tend to generlize it all into shitty early 90’s techno which always pisses off the people that are into the music. It’s ignorant, it’s like calling all rock and rock sounding like only 80’s hair bands. The scope of it is more vast than anything you can realize, and even now people in the rock side of music (radiohead etc.) are embracing electronic music. I love this show and I guess it hits close to home when someone claims bullshit theories that just don’t even come close. This particular subject has come up time and time again in my life, and always irks me, especially since I am a producer/dj of it as well, I take it as an insult. And not all people that go to raves are fucking “candy” kids (i can stand it). I dress like a semi normal person as do most of em these days, except for the lame few that the media portrays as the candy wackass clown style.

  15. AdotJdot says:

    Hosts! Have you seen the free KATG(Keith and The Girl) app? Give it a look-see for ideas to “borrow” for your iPhone app. It has one feature I haven’t seen on other podcast apps: It allows listeners to send in comments/feedback directly to a live show when it is being recorded and also broadcast through the app! You guys answer a lot of quemments so maybe that’s something to look into. Here’s a link:

  16. smartbunny says:

    OH. And also to mention the Brooklyn Navy Yard; my office is in The Brooklyn Army Terminal which was commissioned by the federal government in March of 1918 to serve as a military depot and supply base. Elvis shipped out to Germany from here in WWII. And the whole place is cement and very Blade-Runnery. There is a freight train that runs past here ON THE STREET, no shit!

  17. smartbunny says:

    You tell ’em, Big C. (which could stand for Big Cheese!)

    The Rock

  18. Andrew says:

    For being so critical of other people’s music, you sure have a hard time putting together that “quemments” song nowadays…

    That’s my insult snap. I’m not full of sass, so I only do a Curly-snap.
    Like from the three stooges…


    You guys really need to cinch that jangle up.
    It used to be the highlight of the podcast for me.
    I find it delightful.

    BONUS: Congrats on the most widely circulated impersonation of Gerard Parkes. Ever.

    Super-BONUS: Guess again, Goobers — My name’s not Peter.

    Have Fun.

  19. kasper romar says:

    The ‘concern’ expressed might have a little to do with the fact that we respect your oppinion on other subjects and that we might feel you are losing out on stuff, which in turn might be why you made this thing in the first place. We is probably I.

    Oh and that it contradicts your love for other similar niche.

  20. Andrew says:

    Hardwick Burn!

  21. Chris Hardwick says:

    Josh, I’m concerned you’re taking this COMEDY PODCAST as a serious lecture. We’re sorry we hurt your wittle feewings about your precious rave music. We were just fucking around. We love you. Please come home.

  22. Josh says:

    I love the podcast, but the attitude towards electronic music is fucking antiquated. Maybe some day you can put down the Dave Matthews or whatever the other whiny, emo shit du jour happens to be and try expanding your consciousness.

  23. nandorocker says:

    Matt, about the iPhoto issue… you should tell them to use Image Capture, which is on the Applications folder! That’s what I always do, since I’m a designer and take pictures of things like cardboard boxes and wood floorings, which I probably don’t want to look at with my family while enjoying a fun evening of iPhoto™ browsing on my Apple TV™.

    I’m not Steve Jobs.