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Episode 80: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #80: RHYME TALKING

Chris reminisces about the Cranberries! Jonah twists his ankle! Matt walks everywhere now! Nerdist friend Brent Weinbach drops by to chat about video game music. FunFunFun!

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Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape

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ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

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Science Explains Why Your Cat Keeps Knocking Stuff Over



  1. Carrie says:


  2. Dave says:

    I have a couple quick zombie questions for Jonah. First, what are your thoughts on zombie super strength? Some movies have them pulling off limbs and ripping people in half with little effort. Second, if you considered The Walking Dead season 1 as a zombie movie, how would it stack up against your top 5?

  3. Patrick says:

    I’ve been listening for awhile now, and I feel the need to chime in on Jonah’s choice of weapon for the zombie apocalypse (or just any general zombie unfriendliness). I am a Nippon-o-phile, and I love all things samurai, martial arts, Takashi Miike, etc. I think katanas are awesome, and under normal circumstances would agree, as you will only run out of “ammo” when you run out of the will to fight. One problem you may not have considered is, without proper training, even the sharpest katana won’t cut all the way through a limb or the neck. It takes a much more precise technique than you would think. I’ve spent a while learning myself (about 3 years so far) and I can’t even cut through bamboo consistently, let alone if it was trying to eat me. I would recommend a bokken. It is the hard wooden version of a katana. You can crush a skull pretty easily, and you won’t have to practice the stupid look you’ll have to make when your katana gets caught in some zombie’s spine, and his friends come to congratulate you. They, the bokken, are hefty like an aluminum bat, but weighted properly for swinging, and can do much more damage than a bat with a much shorter swing. Check one out and enjoy! I won’t come looking for you (that’s always a dumb idea during an apocalypse, right?), but if we both use bokken, I’ll probably run into you sooner or later.

    All the best,


  4. mandy says:

    Love the zombie debate! My husband and I are pretty damn sure that the zombie apocolypse will truly happen…maybe. 🙂 But we also came to the same conclusion that Extreme Couponing and The Walking Dead go hand in hand. What else would you need 62 bottles of mustard for or 90 bags of croutons???

  5. paul says:

    Hmm, my previous comment never posted. Maybe because I was all-caps shouting quite a bit? I’ll try to be more reserved this time.

    Ahem. Jonah, really, I’m disappointed in you. Animal zombies = shitty movie? “But what about Return of the Living Dead?!” I almost screamed at my iPod. “It’s, like, one of your Top 5 Zombie Movies!”

    Monkeynaut has already pointed this out, of course, so I’ll just add a YouTube link where you can watch the scene in question. Zombie dog appears at about 0:55. WARNING, READERS! Do not click this if you are squeamish.

    Despite this grievous oversight, Jonah’s Zombie Rant remains one of my favorite segments of the hostful podcasts. I’d like to hear a little more justification for the samurai sword as the ultimate zombie-killing weapon, though. Wouldn’t a machete work just as well, if not better?

    Thanks to all of you for continuing to make fun, free things for me to listen to every week.

  6. Nick Sierra says:

    Hey, Chris Hardwick! You started the podcast with something that would be perfect for a hashtag I’m trying to start (a hashtag that could use your help). It’s: #QuestionsYouAnswerYourself . I’m not trying to push it on you, but if you ever happen to tweet one, if you could drop that hashtag this nerd would be SUPER excited! Also, check out the twitter account I started based on a stand-up bit I did about if twitter could travel through time.

  7. Eleanor (undeadgoat) says:

    Oh my god, Matt, you live in fucking California. Medical marijuana is a thing there, right? Just because it’s illegal & fun doesn’t mean it’s worse for you than fucking Vicodin.

  8. Monkeynaut says:

    And, another thing!

    Fulci’s Zombie (2) has an underwater zombie attacking a shark. Two birds, one zombie.

  9. Noah says:

    Might I suggest this special episode of Skeptically Speaking where they dig into the fascinating ways zombies overlap with real-world science! Entomologist David P. Hughes speaks about his work studying parasites that use mind control to direct the behavior of their hosts. And mathematician Robert Smith shares the results of his paper that models the best ways to control the spread of a potential real world zombie infestation! It’s science bitches!

  10. Monkeynaut says:

    Nerd indignation!! NERD SMASH!!!

    Um, fellows, the ‘shitty’ movie which featured a dog zombie was, in fact, Return of the Living Dead. It was a dog that had been old-school Bodyworld-ed for edumacation.

    As pointed out by another commenter, in Peter Jackson’s Braindead (Dead Alive) there is hot zombie-on-zombie fuck-action (and even reproduction). And, it may not be Romero canon (like Return), but it’s classic.

    And, with apologies to James Gunn, it really vexed me that the zombies in the Dawn remake ignored the dog. When the zombies in Walking Dead attack anything living and moving it seems more plausable. But, there’s arguments on both sides for the ‘virus’ that causes zombieism to propagate by causing zombies to attack only humans.

    Also, in Romero canon zombies are afraid of water until Big Daddy (who, like Bub retains some of the ol’ noodle) leads the zombies into the water (in Land of the Dead). It’s more of a Brooks thing for zombies to be under water. Which isn’t really worth nerd indignation, so I’ll let it slide *this time*, Jonah.

    And further to that point, TLDR.

  11. Yup, you opened the can on episode 29. I did not get to listen to that that episode before it was removed. I never noticed it was missing…till now. Of course now having been made aware of this missing episode, I must have it. I also must know why it was removed. I have to. There cannot be a thing on the internet that remains unexplained. It’s a law or something.

  12. Just a note to thank you guys for keeping my sanity in check. I do print design for RPGs (yes, I help make roleplaying games for a living) and the Nerdist has been in heavy rotation and occupying my mind as I work on this massive tone. Keep up the good work!

  13. solidcurrency says:

    I laughed quite a bit at Your Body is a Zombieland. Should I be worried?

  14. Eric K. says:

    There is one zombie movie that does feature fornicating zombies and another zom-baby too, Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive aka Braindead.

  15. Luke C-F says:

    Did Chris get his dream knowledge from Batman: TAS?

  16. Kyle Clark says:

    Alright, I don’t normally comment on things. I prefer to admire awkwardly from a distance and boy do I love awkwardly admiring The Nerdist Podcast from a distance! But Jonah’s comments about the impending zombie Holocaust have forced me to break my silence. I commend you, sir, for doing the noble thing and taking your own life rather than joining the ranks of the undead masses. For years I have debated with a friend about the moral obligations of a recently infected survivor living in a post outbreak society. I feel that not ending one’s own life once infected is a slight against the ever dwindling dregs of uninfected humanity. My friend does not see things this day. Though he claims he would resist the undead hoards for as long as possible he says that he would gladly succumb to infection. As our debate has escalated threats have been exchanged and as it stands now I have vowed to personally slay him myself if I too remain amongst the survivors. He has made a similar vow to use what little sense of sense memory he has left (see “Bub” in Day of the Dead) (Romero, 1985) to hunt me down and consume me. Ignoring the vaguely homoerotic undertones of his statement (also the fact that I find this strangely erotic…) this brings me to a question. If, in fact, Romero’s later work is cannon and the living dead retain some level of sense memory, do you fear a reanimated Matt Mira seeking undead vengeance?

    Love the podcast! Its the highlight of my week.

  17. Dano says:

    Hey guys. Great Hostful podcast this week. Apropos of Sweet Videogamish music, be sure to check out “the Minibosses.” They play nintendo themes Rock style. You can download their “Brass” album on their website for free. What is their website URl? I don’t know, that’s what google is for.


  18. smartbunny says:

    Did you know that Doug Benson is a zombie in Return of the Living Dead 2? I can tell you which zombie OR you can guess. But don’t cheat and ask him!

    Tell Matt that it’s fine to take Vicodin and sleeping pills as long as you wash it down with Scotch. GOOD Scotch.

    I still watch Days of Our Lives.

    Aaaaaaand Justin and MagnoliaFan are dickholes.

  19. Jack says:

    I agree with Rosie – Phirman would be a great guest. His episodes on Ken Plume’s A Bit of a Chat were really fun, so I’m sure it would carry over to the Nerdist.

  20. tjd195 says:

    the answer to proper zombie ass kicking attire is as follows:
    1: Katana
    2: motorcycle helmet with neck guard
    3: racing suit
    4: thick 5 fingers gloves preferably with grips
    5: boots so when you run you won’t twist an ankle
    6: duck tape

    This has been a public zombie defense quemment.
    ***The more you know***

  21. Wesley Marshall says:

    I second all of what @Rosie just said. Except Jonah not a big zombie fan. Not because they aren’t good genre of movie but movies like that, the ones that pop out and scare you and horror in general scares the shit out of me. To the point of I dream about it wake up and think said creature(s) are outside my house or outside my bedroom door. But yeah Matt don’t do that to yourself, seriously we all love you.

  22. Rosie Forest says:

    Hi guys. I’m 16 (17 Sunday!), I’ve been a fan from the beginning and I really want to thank you for being fantastic and amazing. Obligatory thank you aside, here is my “It’s a question. It’s a comment. It’s a question, it’s a comment, it’s a quemment.
    1. Chris. First, don’t listen to Justin. He is an asshole. I just want to say thank for getting me into Doctor Who, its one of my favorite things now, and I cant express how grateful I am for that. Also, thank you for helping me win a pi recitation contest with a friend. What about having Mike Phirman on for a regular podcast? I know you had him on for the Largo one with Paul and Storm, but what about a not musical one?
    2. Matt. Please for the love of fantastic people who do amazing things that I love so dearly! Stop mixing pills! That IS how people die and I really would be very sad because you are an awesome person and you are such an important part of the podcast and the world in general. There is a shortage of wonderful people in the world, it would be a shame to lose one. And please stop being so down on yourself. I cant think of enough synonyms for ‘super nice funny guy made of awesome sauce’ to describe you with. And for that I apologize.
    3. Jonah. Please talk more about zombies. I really like those conversations. On that note, what do you think about a prison? I assume in the first wave of panic people will just leave cities over-run, but if you manage to survive long enough, would breaking into a prison be a good survival strategy. I mean, it’s got mass amounts of canned foods, its fortified, its stocked with guns and armed vehicles, and it has a yard for growing food and having livestock. Let me know if this is a good idea, or if it will get me killed. And please hug Matt for me.
    You guys are all fantastic. Please continue to be super amazing!

  23. Adam S. says:

    I love the fact that someone else in the world loves the music in Gunstar Heroes as well. Thank you, Brent Weinbach. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s the greatest game on the Sega Genesis.

  24. kyle morgan says:

    This podcast is the best i saw chris at the wilbur in boston . It was one of the best times i ever had. he took the time to meet everyone after the show . Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast and thank you chris for the epic comedy at the wilbur

  25. Jason says:

    I WAS going to comment that the Nerdist comment sections are some of the nicest I’ve seen on the internet, but… well, nevermind.

  26. adrianne says:

    Loved the conversation about 8-bit. My friend just released his first album of all 8-bit music called Steam Fist Island II.

    I wish he could play that show you were talking about. Sounds awesome!

  27. mario94606 says:

    SHOCK WAVES (1977) – nazi zombies underwater fighting a shark

  28. Justin says:

    Make that Matt. Go me.

  29. Justin says:

    Chris is such a winey bitch. Token fat winey guy. Grats.

  30. Jack says:

    I have a theory why the Mountain Goats, Superchunk, and Ted Leo are popular for comedians at the moment. Ted Leo and John Wurster (the drummer for the Mountain Goats and Superchunk) frequently appear on The Best Show on WFMU (a weekly radio show/podcast), which is hosted by Tom Scharpling. John Wurster performs many comedic bits with Scharpling on the show such as the character Philly Boy Roy – a character that claims to be Philadelphia personified.

    Marc Maron had Scharpling as guest on WTF where Scharpling mentioned that a lot of bands and comedians would listen to his show while on the road. It is possible that comedians heard of Mountain Goats, Superchunk, and Ted Leo from Scharpling. Either way, The Best Show on WFMU is worth checking out and the bands are great. I just saw the Mountain Goats in Columbus about a week or so ago and they were awesome live.

    Any way, I love the podcast and just wanted to give some insight to a talked about topic.

  31. corinne says:

    there’s an ice cream truck across the street playing the tetris song. it alternates with dashing through the snow all day long.

  32. Magnoliafan says:

    Somebody needs to tell fat boy that the inversion table works but it’s not going to be overnight.

    I’d start out with 15-20 minutes a day at 45 degrees and keep it up for a couple of months. Sounds like you’re back is really jacked, it’s going to take a while before you start feeling results.

  33. Bob says:

    While the Land-Doo Calrissian is a fine machine, I personally prefer the Martin Land-Doo.

  34. Eric C. says:

    Re: zombie attire.

    What about the jacket and pants for motorcycle riders? Light(ish), form-fitting, some degree of armor. Same shop offers gloves and boots (maybe something with ankle support for Jonah).

    As for face gear, you need protection, but limited reduction of peripheral vision. Tough call. Ideas, anyone?

    Basically, there needs to be more zombie podcasts.

    Thanks for another great podcast, guys.

  35. Travis Weir says:

    I dug the almighty f*ck out of the Black Dynamite panel. I didn’t realize how much world building I was taking for granted in that movie and think the ZAZ comparison is dead on.

    The alt-history-taken-to-extremes has a hip-hop equivalent spearheaded by a Chicago emcee named Serengeti. Check out the videos in the “Kenny Dennis” or “K-Dz” saga, two of which I’ve linked below.

    Kenny Dennis of the present day:

    Young Kenny Dennis aka “K-Dz”

    Keep up the quality meltdown panels. Hopefully I’ll make it to one soon.

  36. Aaron Wolfe says:

    Holy shit! You guys mentioned me! WARM INTERNET FUZZIES!

    Also, for anyone who wants to see the afore mentioned picture, it is here.

    Also, the headphones rock.

  37. Pat says:

    I know you probably have your reasons, but will we ever get an actual response about why #29 with Todd Barry was taken down? You initially said it was an audio problem, but that’s obviously not the case since it was fine. I didn’t hear anything controversial on it either. Just wondering if we’ll ever get a straight answer. Love the podcasts that are still online though!

  38. Raymond says:

    This may be long a clemment, so sit back. I wanted to start by thanking you guys for doing this amazing show. I’ve been listing since the beginning and haven’t looked back since. I’ve followed Chris since his early days on that show with the angry cupid, which is odd since I was 10 and really shouldn’t have watched it. I’d see him pop up here and there for years and always been like “Oh hey it’s that guy, I like him.” When I started watching Attack of the Show, I was excited to see Chris appear occasionally. When the podcast began I was introduced to Matt and Jonah Ray and everything felt right. You guys are great and make all nerds proud. I’ve been a nerd on a number of things including but not limited to: Comics, Sci-Fi, Movies in general, Stand up, cartoons, and much more (well not really). I’ve actually acted in several nerd shorts which include a comedy horror, a superhero movie, and a zombie movie (with G.W. Bush as the hero, a black Dick Chaney, a boy in wheel chair, and a robot). While I didn’t go down a path many of my nerdy friends did into film and other entertainment areas, I try and use my nerdiness to connect to people in my current profession, a marriage and family therapist. I thank you guys for a place all of us Nerds can call home. Here are a few clemments I have.
    1. You do realize Noodle Stories is your Boba Fett. Something small and truly insignificant has spawned it something that those who worship at the altar of Nerdist will argue about over the millennia. Also like Boba Fett, it feel it needs merch, first up a shirt. I not graphic designer or anything, but I picture a spilled cup, with “Noodle Stories” written on it, with noodles made of words spilling out, but as I said I have not artistic skills and this could look horrible.
    2. You guys seem to be very diverse in your nerdum, but you guys never mention anything about animation, do you guys have an affinity for any cartoons? Specifically Venture Bros. (Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick would be awesome guests).
    3. Lastly kind on the subject of Dr. Who, which I have to thank Chris for getting me hooked on the Who, which there is no cure for. In the area of Sci-Fi British television, do any of you guys enjoy Red Dwarf ?
    Again thank you guys and keep up all the amazing work, and of course enjoy your burrito.

  39. Justine says:

    Regarding the Zombie part of the conversation, I can understand how the disease may initially infect only humans; however, I find it hard to utterly disregard the possibility of the disease evolving to be able to infect other creatures of a similar organic composition to that of humans. Wow, that was an unnecessarily long sentence. XD

  40. Chris, Jonah and Matt you guys are good people…and funny too!! Jonah I would consider coming out of a mosh pit with a twisted ankle a success, a broken nose would have much worse! Chris your abundant knowledge of random nerdiness never ceases to amaze me! Lastly Matt, are you wearing a back brace like all hours of the day? My sister has Degenerative Disc Disease and when her back is “killing her” she wears a back brace for like 3 days (except when sleeping) and she’s better – just a suggestion – hope ya get better!
    ☺Great hostful podcast + guest, it was as always funny stuffs! I can’t wait for the Bonus Who Podcast tomorrow and Doctor Who on Saturday! #SQUEE #PeaceOut

  41. Jake Brackin says:

    Hey I’m an aspiring comedy writer and really enjoy the podcasts. I was wondering if it was possible at all if you guys could give me some advice about what the expect just starting off and what would be some good preliminaries to start before hand.

  42. Pat T says:

    I feel like as Matt continues to lose weight he’s slowly absorbing Jonah’s powers. Causing Jonah to twist his ankle, get an armsling, etc.

  43. Justine says:

    Listening now 😀 Looking forward for some giggles after a long day of trying to resurrect a car whose brain has been eaten by zombie rats and trying to snap off rusty, tail-pipe nuts XD

  44. Wesley Marshall says:

    Chris did you trick me? Because this started off as a hostful podcast then changed? Crazy still love it 😀

  45. Jason says:

    Kinda disappointed that pleasestoptellingmewhatthefucktodochrishardwick/nerdist isn’t a real site.
    Just sayin.

  46. Wesley Marshall says:

    Enjoying the episode right now!!! Honestly my favorite part of the week is hearing you guys talk about yours and it’s funny too 😀