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Episode 78: Nerdist Podcast
Large Puppy
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #78: Large Puppy

Burrito tweet-ups! Boston! Doctor Who in NY! Inversion tables! Spanish Zombie Movies! This hostful ep covers much!

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

Who Is the Secret Cameo in DEADPOOL 2?

Who Is the Secret Cameo in DEADPOOL 2?



  1. Ryan says:

    Hey,I’m a little late but it WAS in fact BJ Novak who did the popeye bit.

  2. Ryan says:

    Yo! Little late, but it in fact IS BJ Novak who did the popeye bit.

  3. Robert says:

    You guys think gay nerds are the best? This gay nerd thinks you guys are the best!
    Awesome podcast. Love what you do. The hostful podcasts are really entertaining AND you guys are awesome with guests. You know how to bring out the best in these guys. I really appreciate what you guys do.

  4. Dan says:

    Capacitive + glove workaround –
    Saw this on lifehacker and thought of Chris and the infamous Dexter ep wherein our murderous protagonist answered his capacitive touch screen phone while wearing gloves (don’t worry, I noticed it as well):!5793741/make-your-gloves-touchscreen+friendly-with-a-bit-of-cpu-thermal-compound

    I haven’t tried it myself (not exactly glove weather at the moment), but it sounds it was vetted a staffer. I could see Dex using thermal compound this way without flaunting it (i.e. a less showy MacGyver).

    Anywho, I dig the podcast. Keep it up fellas and enjoy your burritooooooooooooooo!

  5. smartbunny says:

    Combat Perry Pie.

  6. scott says:

    I liked the Vicodin line – hmm drugs beginning with V…
    Viagra, come to think of it I am flaccid

  7. scott says:

    I liked the Vicodin line – hmm drugs beginning with V…
    Viagra, come to think of it I am flacid

  8. Megan says:

    Oh guys, I absolutely love you, but you killed me a little with your disdaining (well, I know it wasn’t all three of you) of Korean barbeque (or as it’s known to me via Japanese, yakiniku) and shabu-shabu. It’s probably from living in Japan too long (five years), but the idea of getting either one of those things at your table already done? Blasphemous! Yakiniku is an experience! 🙂

    Anyway, keep up the good work you guys. You’re often my companions when I’m out on a run and you keep me from focusing too much on being tired!

  9. my-name-here says:



    Okay! I’ll stop posting now.

  10. my-name-here says:

    Hmm, maybe someone didn’t mention it already.

    +10 nerd points to me!

  11. my-name-here says:

    Someone has probably already pointed this out, but I’m pretty sure that Pop-eye bit you guys are talking about was Todd Glass.

  12. First off I thought the title said Large Puppy #LOL so anyways…the hostful podcast is again Nerdtastic, so glad you guys decided to do this! I’ve said this before so excuse me for being redundant but “Keep the Funny coming Guys!” I ♥ the show! BTW I really, really, really can’t wait for Doctor Who to start!!! #SQUEE Revenge of The Nerds is a great movie, Porky’s too! #EYB

  13. Mike G says:

    Just returned from your show at Irvine Improv. Thank you. I haven’t been to a live standup show in years and your podcast brought me back. I originally found you through an iTunes search for Zach Galifianakis, but was so entertained by your portion of his appearance that I downloaded more episodes. Needless to say I listen to every podcast you put out now.

    I managed to convince about 20 of my friends that they HAD to come see you live and they loved it. (So another thanks for making me look cool, like I knew what I was talking about, I guess). Please continue to make nerds mainstream and don’t let downers from Miami keep you down (I promise Irvine is a nice place). Kumail Nanjiani knows, he RUINED that guy.

    Mike G.

  14. Zachk Donovan says:

    I’ve been listening to this for a while, but I have never actually heard the definition of a noodle story. What is a noodle story?

  15. Kiki says:

    At the beginning of this episode, you guys mention that you neglected to do a hostful (iPhone auto correct just made hostful into “host um”). Matt (I think) says “sorry, America!” don’t sell yourselves short. I think “sorry, world” or “sorry, universe” are much more appropriate.

  16. Ben M. says:

    Hey Nerdist Crew! I just wanted to say I’m absolutely loving the podcast. I look forward to both of them every week. Seriously, the podcast is awesome.
    Now that the sucking up is over, I have a genuine question:
    Chris, are there any plans for you to come towards the Atlanta area, or somewhere near it for your tour? I’d really love to see your live show, but all the tour dates are for places pretty far away for me. Should I just impatiently wait for you to announce more dates because you do have plans to come this way, or are you not planning to come this way at all? Just wondering.


    A loyal listener

  17. David B says:

    Noodle stories involving dicks? Very niche…

    Also, Wikipedia say to pronounce the ‘t’ in Lumet.

  18. Tim says:

    I have to throw Gary Oldman’s hat in the character actor cage match ring. His most recent bouts with the acting world haven’t been his finest showings but he is the one actor who when you rattle off the parts he has played people are amazed that it was the same guy.

    Definitely a bout that would go many rounds with the likes of Giamatti and Hoffman.

  19. markus says:

    Jonah and Chris, you’re both way off about cooking your own food at Korean barbecue. Here in China, going to get hot pot and being brought meat to dip and cook (relatively quickly) in heated sauces is pretty popular, among expats and Chinese both. When I was in Korea, it’s the same as Matt is saying – you do it all yourself, at your own speed. You take your time. It’s like a two hour deal, more about socializing than just eating.

    Sooooooo Matt knows his shit, Jonah and Chris are sheltered crackers. Point Mira.

  20. Tim says:

    When you say you’re studio is essentially in the lobby of the E building would that happen to be the studio where G4’s Feedback is taped?

  21. Arieh says:

    Wow that was awesome.
    I wish I had more to say about that, but that was just fucking great. Just slightly disappointed that Chris hasn’t posted the vid of the DW cast singing his name, but I get why he hasn’t 🙂

  22. Kate says:

    Chris – Can you put up the video that the Doctor Who cast made for you and the Wilbur response? I was at the show and I want to see how it turned out!

  23. Teresa says:

    Thanks for another hostful podcast, gents! I haven’t finished listening, but I reached the part about Korean BBQ and HAD to chime in. If you love Korean, you have to try Soot Bull Jeep on 8th near Vermont. It’s double black diamond, but probably one of the best BBQ places that you don’t pay premium prices for (in my not-so-humble opinion). It’s a cook-it-yourself place, but I enjoy that part of the experience. Any food you use scissors to cook with, is A-OK in my book!

    My friends and I actually had a Korean BBQ cookout at a park by my house in Silverlake that same weekend. Which is completely beside the point.

    Chris – Congrats on your show in Boston!!

    All – Love the podcast!! Keep it up!

    Teresa (@tvsteresa)

  24. Germ says:

    mmm…Karen Gillan’s thigh

  25. Brian E. says:

    Another great hostful podcast guys! Listened to this one while on the way to and from my dentist.

    Chris, so glad to hear how well the show at the Wilbur went. 900+ is FANTASTIC! Go back to listen to those earlier podcasts where you talked about how worried you were and look at what happened. So happy for you.

    Also loved hearing about the fun you had doing the Doctor Who panel. Can’t wait to see the premiere.

    Sorry about your back probs Matt. Jonah I haven’t stopped singing the “Quemment” song. This always happens each Hostful show. Your enthusiastic performance always sticks in my head.

    Thanks again guys!

  26. JE Smith says:

    Hey Chris, there are several pics of you from the panel here:

  27. Zach Boblitt says:

    Thanks Ben K, I did do my first set a couple weeks ago and was top 3 I’d say out of about 15 comics. I like to get the ohhhhhhhhh’s because that means I offended someone’s sensibilities and made them wanna laugh at the same time.

  28. Ben K says:

    @ Zach Boblitt – I got this one Nerdist guys. Zach, just go out there and fuckin’ do it! Find some open mics and comedy clubs in your area and just bring some material and see what happens. Try to do it as often as possible! Hang out at some comedy clubs and meet the other local stand-ups. Mix, mingle, circulate, just don’t stagnate. Oh, once you’ve gotten started, the real trick is to NOT STOP. 🙂

  29. Angelo says:

    Love the podcast guys as it helps me get through the horrors of office work, but when is Chris going to make it back to Sacramento? We don’t get many good comics here and he canceled his shows after I got tickets. I was hoping he would reschedule sometime soon. I can promise I’ll do whatever I can to promote the show. I know its not quite as exciting as San Francisco, but there is enough of a fan base here to sell out a few shows.

  30. Ernesto says:

    I think Paul Giamatti wins in the acting cage match with PSH (too lazy to type his whole name, but not too lazy to write a longer parenthetical statement). I highly recommend WIN WIN. Saw it last weekend with my lady friend and it was HIGHLY enjoyable. Good casting, great story, equal parts funny and heartwarming. I dare say not a better wrestling movie has been made since Vision Quest.

    Keep up the good work.

    PS Jonah be nice to Matt. It’s funny to hear him laugh.

  31. Zach Boblitt says:

    Here’s a qwement, since you have 2 pro comedians on this podcast and an up and coming stand up. I am wondering some tips you guys have on doing stand up.

  32. Matt Rowan says:

    Dearest Nerdist podcast,
    I have never been so sad to hear a podcast from the Nerdist folk. Little story: A friend and myself went to go see Chris at Zanies in Chicago, we went to the Friday (10:30 show) and during one segment of the show Chris was asking what people did for a living. One guy was TSA (right after Chris lost his wallet) and one guy did back-end programing and when Chris said “Anyone have anything worse than that” I responded with “Unemployment” Long story short it came up that I am also doing a podcast and Chris made a in show promise to talk about my podcast on the Nerdist podcast. So I brought back a piece of paper with our podcast URL on it (I’m the guy who is podcasting with his ex-girlfriend…HATEFUCK podcast) In the mean time we’ve been sitting back listening in hoping to hear you mention us to no avail but then you show up with the GLBT World of Warcraft podcast…I cried a little. So dearest Nerdist Podcast, I implore you for a shameless plug of Matt and Rachel’s Hatefuck. We’re still huge fans, but every time we don’t get mentioned we well up with tears. Love you lots.

    Matt and Rachel Hatefuck Podcast.

  33. Jess says:

    Just listened to this before bed and had to hop on to comment on Matt’s ADORABLE little noises! Seriously, I think I heard three “D’awwwww”s and at least one genuine glee-giggle. And this from a man with serious back pain! Matt, you are a gem. I sincerely hope you get well soon, it hurts my heart to hear of your suffering.

    The Red Sox are also hurting my heart. I just picked up my tickets today for a game in September that I bought before the season started. And now I will cry myself to sleep.

  34. Shannon says:

    What an amazing podcast guys, thanks for making my day yet again! 🙂
    Jonah- I was also at the Anamanaguchi show @NerdMelt, what did you think of the DJ? [I personally was not pleased with him, his puns were extremely bad] The guy before him was much much better, had great songs and let everyone dance with him. 🙂
    Matt- I am sooooo sorry about your back! If I could wave the Elder wand and make it all better for you, I certainly would! I know just how you feel, I have had back problems since I was 8 years old. I agree with you on the steriods for your spine, I think it would eff up your diet. Just stick with the Vicodin, and the pain will hopefully go away long enough to let you sleep for a full 8 hours soon!
    Chris- I am so happy for you that you got to sit in the car with the cast of your favorite show, that must have been really exciting! I was recently taking my mother out to lunch, and she asked to play with my iPod while I drove, and I said okay. I forgot that I left the podcast up, so she started listening to it. Halfway through, she said, “Who is this Chris person? He won’t shut up! That’s great that he is going to Boston, but he needs to get to the music already!” I then proceeded to explain to her what a podcast was, and then she said something that made me pull over and laugh heartily for a good 10 minutes, “Oh, that’s nice. Is he single?”

  35. Tbirch says:

    yay. Perfect sound. Voice levels just the way they should be. 🙂

    This podcast is the only one that I’ve actually been listening weekly. With mixed feelings.. in one way, I’m envious to all the awesome geek stuff you all get into, but on the other hand its awesome to hear about all the stories.

  36. MLO says:

    Example of reaching aforementioned limit? I posted the wrong fracking link in that last post. This comment has the right link (which does NOT have a mobile view, yet)

  37. kijan says:

    i wrote this quemment about two days ago..not sure if i went to the right link:
    Greetings matt, jonah and chris! Love the show, been a loyal listener from the beginning. My boyfriend, kyle and i just celebrated our 8yr anniversary. I thought i would win this year since i got him an ipad2 and a “date” with chris and kevin on may 2nd (both of whom he would leave me for) as i smuggly thought of my awesome gift, he one-uped me by proposing in the middle of return of the jedi. I couldn’t stop smiling and asked how long he was planning this. He looked down sadly and said not long because he originally planned to propose on web soup but couldn’t get seats. We usually go up every week from san diego but failed to get seats this time. I was wondering if you could please give him a shout out since he loves you so. Thanks again for the amazing podcast. See you may 2nd!
    P.S. Matt you get me through my day i too work at “nordstroms” although i am not a pants genius i am a pants specialist

  38. MLO says:


    I ran my first continuous mile since high school while listening to your podcast, a victory that was only slightly marred after I tripped over my own feet when Jon Hamm told me, via your podcast, the best way to visualize his new beard.

    A qwemment: Do you guys field podcast questions sent via Twitter and if so, are they called queets, or twestions? If you do, please keep an eye out for one from @mutablemind if you can. I’d send it via email (or just ask it here) but since I spend my entire day working as a server/network janitor, I’ve reached my mental limit.

  39. Wesley Marshall says:

    Will you post the panel interview as a podcast after the 23rd Chris?

  40. Ivan says:

    I was hoping all three of the “Noodle Stories” books had “…don’t tell the others, but you’re my favorite.”

  41. Amanda says:

    Can’t wait to listen!

  42. Eulissa says:

    Yay! A fresh toasty Podcast! Gotta love it!

  43. Tbirch says:

    Hope the sound issues from the previous podcasts are not on this one. 🙂

    Still.. Good timing. Usually listen these when I go to sleep. 😛

  44. kijan says:

    hooray! LOVE hostful podcasts!