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Episode 73: Nerdist Podcast
Tim Ferriss
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #73: Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss invited us into his home to talk about traveling, snooty college clubs, knives, and his book, “The Four Hour Body”, which everyone on the show was implementing to varying degrees of commitment.

You can follow Tim on Twitter, visit his site or purchase Four Hour Body.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I’m surprised to see so much negativity here. While I did go read what Penelope Trunk had to say about Tim Ferriss, and I see why she could feel how she does, I also think everyone is getting a bit too uppity.

    Reading the 4-Hour Work Week changed mine and my husbands’ lives. However, like every book I read, I only take away what works for me…I’m never going to work only 4 hours (I’d go crazy), I am going to check my email more than twice a day, and since I’m not single, young or interested, I won’t be trying to win Tango competitions in South America.

    I love the Nerdist podcast, and was happy to stumble on this one. If anything, it made think more of Tim Ferriss, as I originally thought he was a bit on the snooty side. 🙂

    Just take what fits your lifestyle best and don’t worry about the rest.
    FYI – Robb Wolfe, the “Paleo” guy made a wise statement once – if you take care of your body 90% of the time, you will be setting it up to handle the 10% that you don’t. Enjoy your Chai Lattes!

    Keep up the good work, everyone, being healthy makes life a lot easier 🙂 Even for nerds & geeks!

  2. Chad says:

    Even a year after I first listened to this Podcast, it is still one of the more influential events in my life. I lost 90 pounds this last year and I am still loving 4 hour body! I hope I can come back next year and give an even better report. This episode really changed my life!

  3. Kellie Ross says:

    This was one of the most entertaining pod casts I have ever listened too! Gonna go google you some more!


  4. Junk Trunk says:

    Checked his mammoth book out at the library. I started using some of his ideas and I’ve lost 10 lbs in 10 days. Thanks for the info guys.

  5. redsonja1313 says:

    LOL @ Does it Matter….. podcast is tagged explicit and uh name me a 10 year old that hasn’t heard all the dirty 7 curse words by that age…Might I suggest you listen to IPADRE or EWTN instead of Nerdist it is probably more your speed. But thanks for caring and sharing oh and FUCK THE FCC !!! or any other asshat that thinks swearing is corrupting our youth… #absentee parenting

  6. Stevey says:

    @Does It Matter. What is with people incessantly complaining about fairly innocuous statements? Are you really this contentious that a few moments of profanity could deeply influence your day? Language only has the power you allow it have over you, so it may be time to evolve past the point of prudish judgments. Understanding what is truly important rather than focusing on a few choice words seems like an even greater embodiment of maturity. The basic structure of your argument bears a striking resemblance to a child who hears another child swear, then yells “You said a bad word! I’m telling!” If whining about a curse word is a sign of growing up, I prefer to live out my days as an adolescent with no concern of inconsequential matters.

  7. Does It Matter says:

    Okay, I forced myself to listen a second time to part of this podcast to see if I was over-reacting. I have to apologize, Tim was not the person being disgusting. I still found the foul language a turn off and hard to listen to in gathering information. Like it or not, I do represent large demographic and a person’s maturity and intellect are judged by their language. I do have a challenge to Tim and the hosts of this podcast. Tim talked about setting New Year’s resolutions that are seemingly impossible accomplishments, for him it was swimming a race starting from a position of fear of water and not knowing how to swim, his friend took on the challenge of drinking nothing stronger than tea for a year starting from a position of drinking six shots of expresso a day. A new seemingly impossible challenge, eliminate all cussing from your language. This means one has to try to be funny and emphasize thoughts without foul language. It’s possible. Millions of people live this way.
    This podcast was unfortunately my first impression of Tim and I went to Tim’s website and was impressed by a video of him making a presentation. I will buy both his books.

  8. Does It Matter says:

    The beginning of this podcast should be edited out. It is foul, disgusting and should remain a private “disgusting guy moment”. I had previously decided to go to my local bookstore and buy both of Tim’s books. I heard about his podcast from the bookstore clerk at BN who verified the books were in stock for me. The only reason I did not immediately turn the podcast off is because I decided to give Tim a chance to redeem himself intellectually before deciding to completely write him off. Unfortunately, I will NEVER recommend this podcast to friends. After the introduction, Tim had a lot of interesting information to share. I really don’t understand why saying the F word in almost every paragraph is necessary. Why does that word make your statement more funny to you. It degrades your message to a large segment of the population. It sounded like a couple of foul teenagers who have not grown up yet. It is hard to recognize an expertise when one can’t express themselves in a civil manner. This is my first time listening to a Nerdist podcast so perhaps this is what is “cool” and what “reaches” your typical Nerdist audience.

  9. Mick says:

    Tim has some great insight that is actually more effective than the whole “stay off fat” thing. Our society has been low fat for decades, gyms and personal training has multiplied and we’re still getting fatter. The answer is fructose! I went off fructose and lost weight quickly and easily without feeling I was denying myself. And guys I felt sorry for all the questions you had for Tim about “good” sweeteners. The truth is: if you break the sugar cycle you no longer crave sweets. And this is coming from an ex chocoholic. Check out The sweet poison quit plan by David Gillespie. And give egg yolks a break… yuk yuk!

  10. Marcus Green says:

    Personally, I really enjoyed this episode. Why do people hate this guy? He really sounded like somebody who has a healthy lifestyle while still remaining incredibly humble and friendly. If I still read books I definitely would have bought his just to help myself out.

  11. Greg says:

    This guy seems like a bag of hot wind. Besides thumping the table every ten seconds, he sounds like the latest crystal cure to me.

  12. Aaron says:

    I’ve only been listening for a couple of months, but I’ve downloaded most of what was on iTunes and was making my way through them while at work, sometimes six episodes a day. I hate to say this, but this episode put me off the Nerdist, at least for now. It really sounded like an infomercial to me, and really left a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully one of my friends who also listens to the podcast will mention a truly magnificent guest, and that will bring me back.

    Also, I notice that there are a lot of comments for this episode, more than for most of the others, and a good number of them are positive. But I wonder how many of them were written by Tim’s “virtual assistants”, since flooding review sites and blog comment sections appears to be something he’s known to have done in the past:

  13. Jim Moak says:

    I can’t thank you guys enough for turning me on to this cat. I was really inspired by his philosophies on improving life. Already am jamming thru his book. Looking forward to implementing it into my life.

  14. Em says:

    I agree with someone who commented that there might be some new lifestyle convert stuff happening, which is fine, but can be annoying. I’m sure everyone has been that person to some extent. I know I have. Lots of diets “work”, and they all have lots of anecdotal evidence, and to some extent research to back up some claims.

    It was an odd episode, and the guy seemed smart enough, but I didn’t really find him in any way endearing or interesting, even though he seemed to have some interesting stories. And was it just my perception, or did he seem to allude to some sort of illicit stimulant use a few times? Coke? Is that in the book? It would help you stick to a diet… Hmm. Think I found my get -rich-quick book idea.

    Oh, and the vegetarian thing- Tim mentioned talking to people like Scott Jurek- it’s not super relevant to the conversation or anything, but he’s a vegan triathalete. Just sayin’. I’ve been vegan more than 5 years. Vegan absolutely in no way means healthy. I’m mostly vegan for ethical/environmental reasons-but a vegan diet can be really healthy and super tasty. I’m pretty healthy and fit, and don’t feel at all deprived.

    Anyway, good conversation I think.

  15. Grover says:

    I think one of the reasons Tim is so polarizing is that he projects this air that absolutely everyone could have his lifestyle if they just stopped being so lazy and would do something about it. And that’s simply not true for some things. The “just get up and do it” advice is great advice (especially for performing as you guys often recommend), but it implies that any person not getting the same results just isn’t trying as hard and that’s simply not the case.

    Tim says he wants data, so here’s data. I have been slowly but consistently (a couple pounds a year) gaining weight since puberty (I am now 34) and no amount of diet or exercise has changed that beyond the margin of error. I’ve eaten like an asshole for months, I’ve dieted for months, and the results for me are the exact same. I’ve tried personal trainers, I’ve tried several types of diets (crazy stuff like Atkins, calorie counting like Weight Watchers) with zero success. The personal trainer was actually considering a change in career afterward when I actually gained a pound of fat over the 3 months we worked out together (we know it was fat because we measured my body with calipers).

    Let’s be clear, I enjoyed listening. And the assholes complaining that it doesn’t fit the mission statement of the site have obviously forgotten who’s god damn podcast it is. But as I think Matt wanted to say, it’s not that simple for everyone.

    I also agree with Jenni. Chris, you’re obviously in pretty damn good shape and taking great care of your body (wow, that got creepy all of a sudden), so what possible benefit would you get from removing chai lattes from your diet? Food is delicious. You should eat food.

  16. jenni says:

    ya know, i’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years and was vegan for most of that. just now i’m experimenting with eating meat again. let’s call it a vegetarian hiatus. Chris, do what you gotta do. you HAVE given up a lot in your sober life. you’re clearly taking care of yourself. not to enable, but it doesn’t seem like a chai latte is going to kill you. now 3 or 4 a day, maybe you ould cut down. you have to do what works for you. you’re not Tim Ferris or anyone else. you’re you. and you’re okay if you follow your own path.

    peace, love & doctor who.