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Episode 7: Nerdist Podcast
Andy Richter
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #7: Andy Richter

Andy Richter talks of Conan & Morrissey, Chris invents “The Golden Parachute,” Jonah tries sitting up straight and Matt likes the Dave Matthews Band.

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  1. brett says:

    trying to find out more about the song used in the intro for the podcast. First off…. great show you guys. I heard the name Chris Hardwick and had a flashback (all few years) to him doing the intro to the Lil’ Brother cd Minstrell Show and thought….wasn’t this dude on nickelodeon (hidden treasure or something) ….fuck it…. I love what you’re doing now. I’m posting this on a super old show but its 2 am and I’ve had a few and I just wanted to hear that gawd damn song from the intro and went on a rant….. good job …thank you. (and if someone reads this and can tell me where i can find that sweet 8 bit intro song that’d make me feel extra awesome). fan from here on out…


  2. Julius says:

    Ok, I found the name of the intro 8-bit song… Google Anamanaguchi – 2 – Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues

  3. Julius says:

    Seriously — I want the name / artist of the intro 8bit song dood!

  4. Pete says:

    37-ish minutes in you said “ATM machine machine”! Thats like saying Automated teller machine machine machine, which is just ricockulous. Yea thats right i called you out on it. So I think you should play the intro from episode 1. or I shall refer to you as Sound of Drum. shhh shhh listen…


    HA! the show’s great.

  5. suaceman says:

    seriously what is the name of the intro song i have to have it!!!

  6. ivy says:

    God Jonah sounds grrrreat on this!!

  7. stonedfuckingwizard says:

    I love the intro song. Who is it?

  8. smartbunny says:

    No matter what industry you’re in, your job is never totally secure. I think the last generation with job security was my grampa’s.

  9. Nicole says:

    I totally read the same article you did about the Latino community’s fascination with Morrissey! I think it was in Rolling Stone. Ever since then, it’s the first thing I think of when I listen to him “hmmm…if I was Latino, would I love this song EVEN MORE?”. It’s something to ponder.

    Another fantastic podcast – I have quickly become addicted and it’s the best thing about Tuesdays now. I have to say I love the 8-bit into/outro, but I would not object to hearing Senor Tom Lennon’s super-awesome version every once and a while.

  10. Lee says:

    I usually pride myself on not falling into stereotypes, so hearing that Latinos like Morrissey makes me die a little inside.

  11. jessjo says:

    you guys are great!
    look forward to more podcasts

  12. Samtaters says:

    Another excellent podcast. I chortled, snorted and choked my way through it (and loved every minute). Andy is a class act, even when he’s nose-fucking you.

  13. Sean Hutchinson says:

    The wikipedia quote about peter is “At the age of two he had is fetus in fetu brother, Peter, removed in a tragic but mutually beneficial surgery.” Job well done, Wikipedia editor. It must be true!

  14. Eddie says:

    Hey, why are you still using that horrible 8-bit theme song? You suck!

    Bring back the original amazing $30k theme song – it wants to have sex with me, man!

    Señor Abuelito must be spinning in his grave!

    Also, Any Richter rulez! Yeah, I used a “Z” cuz that’s how I roll!

  15. maonk says:

    i think andy’s views about the mexican/morrissey connection were spot on. watch a telenovela and you will begin to understand.

  16. Jess says:

    Love you, love the show, luuurve the intro/outro songs by the Ecuadorian gentleman, Abuelito (?). Please bring it back intermittently? Pretty please?

  17. Josh says:

    Did you guys know Justin Timberlake is rumored to star in the Dark Crystal 2? He’s bringing skeksi back.

  18. Dave says:

    If you really want lazy, pathetic popular music Chris should have used the Black Eyed Peas as his example.

    Has any band gotten further by finding one asinine phrase and repeating it over and over again for 3 and a half minutes for 12 songs per album?

    Let’s Get Retarded, indeed.

  19. I loveDaveMatthewsToo says:


  20. Scott says:

    LOL @ your Wiki! Just one thing? How come your brother was an orphan and you weren’t? Or maybe you were the only one adopted?
    Doesn’t make sense. I must say the choir of small orphans backing you is a nice touch. Women cream over orphans.

  21. Deltus says:

    Andy is awesomeness. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

  22. Clyptos says:

    When did Andy get a “07” tattoo? Anyway, he seems happy. 😛

  23. Dan Myers says:

    I’ve love these pod casts. <3
    Side Note: Chris should listen to Lady Gaga live. It's pretty mind blowing when you compare it to the radio shit.

  24. Tom N says:

    Can’t wait to fill my ears with his nonsense
    to the people who say first on shit WTF is wrong with you ?

  25. Matt Mira says:

    HAHA NERDS First!