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Episode 64: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #64: BURGER SALAD

The guys all realize they’re much better off than they thought they were. *cue Wonder Years theme*

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  1. Weebee Jedi says:

    I love this podcast. I only discovered it a few months ago and I’m trying to listen to every past show in order… I will never catch up to the current shows. I feel like Doc Brown trapped in the old west… damn you Marty!

    I imagine in the future/present yous guys are arrogant, jaded, ultra famous, getting all the pussies types, but in my timeline you are wonderful and have such honest positive spirits. Thank you for this show, it has improved the flavor of my burrito! I hope your arm works in the future J-Ray : )

  2. BiotSavart says:

    Self deprecating humor aside, it is still alienating and off putting when you get the whole “girls don’t like cool stuff!” comments from all sides.

    And let’s not get in to the whole evo psych shenanigans…

  3. Zach says:

    Double Post!

    I hate to Nerd out and correct but it’s annoying me. 😀

    Fred Jones Part 2 is the song that Jonah was referencing, not Fred Jones Part 1. Part 1 isn’t even titled Fred Jones, it’s called “Cigarette” and it’s from Whatever and Ever Amen by Ben Folds Five.

    Please don’t think that bad of me, but I’m a huge fan of Ben’s and I can’t help it.

  4. Jadis says:

    I love this podcast. You guys are so positive and adorable. It makes my day.

  5. Nick Ray says:

    Ha! Chris was on The Minstrel Show. I thought the announcer was black. Ahh, I’m sad he didn’t tour with them, I would have saw them in theirs and mine hometown of Durham NC. Alright nerdists, stay black!

  6. Jen K says:

    Oh! And! Somehow I feel you, Chris, really enjoy the song “Either Side of the World”. Amirite?

  7. Jen K says:

    Love the love for Crowded House! I just had to go listen to Intriguer again.
    Next time they tour, I highly recommend checking out a show. The new incarnation has really gelled and there’s a great combination of “why have I never seen these guys?” fans plus the rabid loyalists who follow them around. They have lots of fun with both with each other on stage and with the audience. David Byrne played two Talking Heads songs with the band here in NYC and even he seemed impressed with CH’s ability to play with their crowd. Good times indeed.

  8. Eyedraugh says:

    What’s the last podcast mentioned? I caught “Walk in the Room” but couldn’t make out the last one… Help a brudda out.

    …This burrito is falling apart…