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Episode 62: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #62: FRACTURE

Jonah broke his arm and Chris broke Matt’s feelings because Matt broke the news that he’s never had a major failure.

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

Science Explains Why Your Cat Keeps Knocking Stuff Over

Science Explains Why Your Cat Keeps Knocking Stuff Over

Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape

Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape



  1. owen devonshire says:

    just started listening to the podcast about a month and a half ago, and I have consumed almost all offerings. I already knew Chris from web soup, and it has been a pleasure getting to know Jonah and Matt. You guys rule, I wish you all a ton of success and keep up the great work. Thanks.

  2. Tony Recktenwald says:

    As a UCF student I’d love to see you guys! I e-mailed UCF’s comedy event coordinator, Alex Nelinson @ [email protected], and maybe if we can get enough people to e-mail him we can strike a deal to have the Nerdist crew perform at UCF!

  3. Diana Mayo says:

    You guys are the most funniest podcast. Your really good. (A short but loving review gleefully rendered in mean review grammar)

  4. ginny lee says:

    Jonah…you will be good as new…I broke my wrist (bike vs car) in August 2004, had three surgeries, had to do left handed pelvic exams for awhile until my cast came off, finished Ironman Florida in Nov 2005…now have full range of motion, can deliver babies without dropping them.

  5. Grahm says:

    So good to hear a shout-out to the Grandma’s Virginity podcast! Justin, Ryan and Jackie are hilarious. If you’re a fan of surreal, off the wall comedy bits, check them out.

  6. Grover says:

    AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I have this burrito right here, waiting for the end of the podcast, and now I don’t know what to do with it! Help!

  7. my_leisure says:

    Have read all of Anton Strout book and they’re pretty good. If I remember the first one was a little harder to get into but they ended up getting pretty good. I’d stay away from Robin Hobb though. She’s a great author but her books are soooooooo depressing.

  8. Pedro Salinas says:

    I was really happy that Jonah mentioned Gex, the old PlayStation platformer. I played that game all the time when I was a kid. It was either awesome or terrible. Maybe I just suspect the latter because I could never beat it because I’ve always been a shitty gamer.

  9. Chris Hardwick says:

    Christopher, this is an excellent point. Of course he would know that!


  10. Christopher says:

    Not that DMB is an important band to anyone except Matt. Or that they might have earned initials status, like say GBV. Just too lazy to spell it out. But not lazy enough to forgo over-explaining myself, apparently.

  11. Christopher says:

    I might be a bit late to the party on this, but I may need to call a nerd foul on Chris on #62. He called Matt weird for knowing when DMB was is the studio. Music nerds ALWAYS know when the important bands are recording. ALWAYS!! (shaking fist at sky….)

  12. Jen K says:

    This is just to say (I think this is the right episode) that when people I know sneeze, I say “Gesundheit”. Pick your language. I’m just proud of myself for no longer sneering at people who say “bless you”. I just say “thank you” and move on.

  13. ZTrover says:

    Seriously, I’m an illustrator and once your Nerdist HQ is up and running, I’d volunteer to help design a mural or something for your office. I wonder many offers of free art you’re going to get…

  14. Magnoliafan says:

    I hate how all of you like each other and get along. It makes me wish for a childhood and family life I never had.

  15. Jason says:

    I thought the episode title was a result of Matt leaving another podcast. I’m glad you’re still around, Matt.

  16. Shane says:

    Dammit! I should have said “Nerd BADGE!”

    Just take it.

  17. Shane says:

    I found it hard to believe that I was the only one confused by the episode title. I could have sworn you had gotten an interview with comic book writer Matt Fracture. I then realized that his last name was “Fraction” and felt like I needed to turn in my “nerd card.”

    Then you guys started talking and I got to connect on things like Dana Gould as Gex 3d, Huck Finn with robots, &c. and things were ok once more. Oh my science, what a trip!

  18. Topher says:

    How’s this for a title for the comedy thing:
    “The Nerdist Bi-annual Comedy Showcase Extravaganza” or
    “Comedians You Oughta/Gotta Know”.

    And I agree with Haze in the Comments regarding the Nerdist HQ: Nerdist Clubhouse GO!

    Stay Amazing!

  19. Sari says:

    Hey Chris,
    Have you considered interviewing Randall Munroe, the creator of xkcd comics?


  20. Ryan says:

    While over zealously drunk last night i couldn’t stop saying ‘noodle stories’. While this confused my friends to no end, it did lead to me meeting a fellow nerdist listener and thoroughly exchanging bodily fluids with said human. Thank you for getting me laid guys.

  21. Hello, Mr. Hardwick and The Nerdist Crew!

    My name is Trevor Lincoln and I’m a huge fan of your guys’ show! I haven’t been able to make it out to the live Largo shows just yet, but I hope to make that happen the next time around!

    By the way, I was listening to the Fracture episode and heard that you guys are in the process of opening your own offices at Meltdown Comics and that you may be hiring for various positions. I was just wondering if you guys might have any need for a content writer of any kind? I have quite a bit of experience in so-called “geek journalism” and I would like to offer you my services. You can find some examples of my work by clicking on the following links:

    Feel free to let me know if and when you all will be hiring. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Trevor Lincoln

  22. As a comic artist and massive nerdist fan, I will happily help you decorate your new lair with whatever faux-Nerdist comic book art you desire.
    Great episode! Get better Jonah! Say hi to the Meltcast for me!

  23. Bill Cosby says:

    How do you break someone’s feelings?

  24. tommy blisard says:

    All hail Discordia! There is a chord in music known as an augmented fourth also known as Diabolus in Musica. It is terrible to hear. Whether by accident or with purpose you made my ears bleed and my new discounted earbuds exacerbated this effect. Apart from that the show was awesome.

  25. Flatulator says:

    Piss Larddick. Boner Spray. Scat Reara.

  26. Why was it so damned quiet? How far were you from the mics? Classic schoolboy error gents, lets get with the program.

  27. Beth Kaelin says:

    Yes please come to Florida! Personally, I don’t think anything’s wrong with the state. I’ve lived here all my life and I would be interested to know why Chris didn’t like it. I would definitely buy a “Enjoy Your Burrito” shirt! I’m already designing what it would look like in my head. Anyway, love the podcast as always and can’t wait for the next one.

  28. Lucas Hensley says:

    This episode is right up there with my top three favorites! Sorry about your arm Jonah. Get well soon. You guys are one of the highlights of my week. Thanks for assisting this nerd in his struggle to survive in a NC mountains hick town.

  29. Shirt idea:
    Matt v. Jonah in a face-off, opposing (profile-view) SRS BSNS faces, faux boxing-type NERD OFF promo poster. A few choice stats under each “fighter”, etc.

    On the back it’s an elated Chris clapping with a speech bubble or quoted text: “MAKE OUT! MAKE OUT! MAKE OUT!”

    I’d buy THAT for a (multiple) dollar(s)!

  30. Matt Mira says:

    That comment above by John Mira was actually my dad. I still don’t believe* that he wasn’t disappointed, and yes once I did throw myself in the snow in an attempt not to finish a hike. Like Bones in star trek 6.

  31. Matt Mira says:

    That comment above by John Mira was actually my dad. I still dot beloved that he wasn’t disappointed, and yes once I did throw myself in the snow in an attempt not to finish a hike. Like Bones in star trek 6.

  32. Jason says:

    Childless people crack me up. Childbirth doesn’t destroy vaginas, the damage is temporary. My wife gave birth to our first, and a year and a half later had twins, and her hoo-ha was back in mint condition in no time!

  33. John Mira says:

    Matt, here’s a secret for you. I really didn’t give damn that you didn’t become an Eagle Scout. I was just happy that you stopped throwing yourself in the snow and refusing to finish the hikes.

  34. Maseca says:

    Guys, guys (and by guys I mean Chris). No one ripped out Mulholland Madness! It’s being rethemed to Goofy’s Sky School, but they’re keeping the track and ride mechanisms exactly the same. It’ll be reopening late this Spring.

    And if you all ever want to go to Disneyland with a couple of Disney Park nerds, my husband and I would love to play personal, geeky tour guide for you. We’re certifiable nerds of all things Disneyland.

  35. Tek says:

    Wait, did Jonah sing a bit of XTC’s “Making Plans for Nigel”?

  36. Deanna says:

    I really don’t know how anyone can have a single bad thing to say to any of you guys. You never say anything bad about anyone in the podcast and you 3 guys are super nice! I saw you at the Sketchfest live podcast and your are all super nice and super kind! I was one of those groupies that waited outside after the show and all three of you were so nice and so gracious! So, ignore all the bad stuff, those people just have nothing better to do than pick on other people. I love the podcast and am so happy it is so successful. We listeners really appreciate all that you do!

  37. Sari says:

    Gex 3D !!!! Thank you Jonah for reminding of that game !
    Oh and get better soon (I wish you would, I am not commanding you to)!

  38. dave koval says:


  39. Jeremy D says:

    Hey Chris,
    Fahrenheit 451 was actually about how technology was going to destroy society, Bradbury never meant to write a book about censorship. He actually walked out on a college lecture when the students started arguing with him about the meaning of the book that he wrote.

  40. sussudiokim says:

    You know I work at a design firm and would love to give some advice on renovating/retrofitting an existing space. It would be great to evolve a storage room into the glorious hub that will be the expansive and successful Nerdist empire.

    Unluckily I work in Austin. Good Luck!

  41. Shannonb says:

    The Hostful Podcasts are extremely entertaining!Congrats on the Nerdist HQ! Jonah, I hope your arm feels better than mine did when I twisted it and broke it in three places.
    I, for one, would sincerely be delighted by an “Enjoy your Burrito” shirt, and I think that is a swell idea. Keep up the good work and great ideas, guys!

  42. Cate says:

    FLARG! If I were in L.A. I would enlist as a Nerdist intern. Alas, I am a poor eastern soul.

    I agree with you gents. I was raised in Florida and lived there for eighteen sweaty years, and I couldn’t wait to get out. Kudos to Matt for being there possibly the least time of all.

  43. Haze says:

    Office, Headquarters, Nerdspace, ????

    Call it what it really is …..CLUBHOUSE