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Nerdist Podcast: 5th Anniversary Show!
Episode 631: Nerdist Podcast
5th Anniversary Show!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: 5th Anniversary Show!

It’s the 5th anniversary of The Nerdist! Chris, Jonah and Matt do a live podcast at NerdMelt Showroom to celebrate. Chris’ mom, Kyle, and Katie join in for a bit too!

Photo Credit: Tyler Ross

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  1. Gerry says:

    What a great episode!! Thank’s guys for five years of entertainment and inspiration. Just one thing: Didn’t Chris mentioned that this episode was filmed? This is definitely a episode I like to watch again. So, where can I see it?

  2. I love these guys and can’t believe it’s been five years already.

  3. Gabe says:

    Chris’s mom is the best!  i dig her unfiltered comments. and shes right about bill gates pr guy! 

  4. Allan McLeod says:

    Chris, Matt and Jonah, You guys are awesome! You have helped me recognize and appreciate the nerd inside me and I can’t thank you enough for that! I have thoroughly enjoyed all five years and hope there can be five more.

  5. brooks says:

    5 years of you guys? yuck! that’s 5 years too many of you, hardwick! get lost!

  6. Jess says:

    I finally got to listen to this and I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary show.Your mom telling Matt to shut the fuck up was the highlight of my week! 

  7. Norm says:


  8. JE Smith says:

    Is NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD still in public domain? It was basically a screw-up by the original distributor that led to that situation in the first place, but I thought I remembered an interview with Romero where he said they had resolved the situation and they had the rights back. However, I can’t remember which interview it was, and I can’t get the internet to back me up. Stupid internet! 

  9. Alanso says:

    Congrats on reaching 5 years, guys! I have moved to another continent, travelled a lot and moved back home since this began and I’ve especially appreciated the consistency of the podcasts over a time period where most things are constantly changing! 

  10. daMama J says:

    Great episode and Happy Anniversary!!!!  Wow! @nerdistmom is the best!!  Please, please, please include her in the show more often!!!

  11. Richard Gardner says:

    Chris, your Mom is awesome!  

    Seems Katie, as stated in others’ comments is a wiz and we only hear the one comment about the “PR Guy”; and bummed I am way up here in Silicon Valley and couldn’t make the live show!  

    *I have been a fairly faithful listener of the podcast in the last year and not only was the Bill Gates show amazing – all 3 guests – but have to agree with your Mom!
    **I’m sure you have the clout now to at least “request”… “Sorry, only the Talent” in the room; no PR guys”.

    Jonah, Matt, Katie, Kyle and Chris – y’all are fantastic; keep up the amazing interviews, WAYYYY more insightful than any “traditional media” interview shows, both comedic and “other” guests!  

    I agree, sprinkling in some more TED like talks would be awesome!  Again thanks for such great show(s)!

    • Richard Gardner says:

      Oh, and it’s GIF! not JIF!  The creator is wrong!  He should have spoken up sooner! Hehehehe

  12. asterikos says:

    I have been binging these at work for the last 6 months, trying to catch up on 5 years of stuff, and i finally achieved convergence on the day of this podcast’s drop date. I’m so stoked.I god damn love Chris’ mom.

  13. Nicole B. says:

    Hey guys! Happy 5 Years! Only 20 more and you will be a special edition box set! Great episode, very entertaining. I have some suggestions for possible guests, I think John Noble would be a fabulous find, for all your knowledge of geekiness and sci-fi I have never heard you guys even mention FRINGE, which was an absolutely incredible show and John Noble was the keystone. Wes Anderson would be entertaining. Also more bands and artists. I feel they always get the shaft on late night shows, they come on and play the one song everyone already has stuck in their head and leave. I like hearing the stories behind the music 🙂

  14. Dude, as someone who has come back from extreme addiction (clean 12 years), and had no support due to my family not being anything closely resembling wealthy, I’ve been able to become successful. I think you should check your privilege, not everyone defines success by fame. Stop being such a shitlord.

  15. Fuck the naysayers Hardwick. You’ve got my support, and for every one of these assholes there are ten more like me. Keep it up hoss.