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Episode 53: Nerdist Podcast
Sarah Silverman
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #53: SARAH SILVERMAN

Sarah Silverman took videos of her boyfriend Alec wielding a lightsaber and her dog Duck’s bleeding anus. Chris has a dog named “Scott” whose anus is a-ok,  Jonah finds Hawaiian comedy particularly racist and Matt has a herniated disc.

The above painting, “Sarah” by Tara McPherson, is on currently on display with almost 100 other INCREDIBLE depictions of comedians by various artists for “Is This Thing On?” at Gallery 1988 on Melrose in Los Angeles.

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

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Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Where in the Galaxy is Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Where in the Galaxy is Grand Admiral Thrawn?



  1. P. Esh says:

    I have listened to every one. This is the first one where I felt I was actually there just listening. Very conversational and I almost felt this is what it’s like hanging around a bunch of comics. Thanks for letting me piggy back.

  2. M!ke says:

    Silverman said she wanted to come to the South and check it out… Please Do Not come to the South! There is a quota on Jewish women allowed, here, and I’m married to one and will have to fight.
    Meanwhile, having grown up in Alabama (Way better than Mississississippi), and spent a year living in a trailer, while our house was being built (mitigating reason), she definitely needs to stay for a while, live in a trailer and shop the local Whole Foods here in Chapel Hill, NC, 10 minutes from the Research Triangle Park, with the worlds highest concentration of PhD’s on this planet (excluding China, where they have more, but they are crappy Chinese plastic PhD’s and they break after only a few years of normal use) to get a feel for the South the way it really is…

  3. Josh from Europe says:


    I love Sarah

  4. Dave says:

    Your wing ding emails will look like they were written by the Zodiac killer.

  5. Tim says:

    I just listened to the show and it was pretty great until the part towards the end that implies that all comedy nerds in America are all white. Maybe I’m the only non-white comedy nerd in this country…

  6. Nic says:

    Great episode, I checked out the link for the gallery 1988 and it is totally epic. I love the three of you guys riding the burrito- reminds me of a contemporary Dr. Strangelove. Also the #donald4spidey, the turd ferguson, and the david cross ones are pretty classic.

  7. dmds says:

    Re: automatic spellings on the iphone:

    “stevejobs” is corrected to “erections”

  8. Phil says:

    How could you spend time with the beautiful , talented and hilarious SS and not mention her role on ST:VOY? Nerds indeed. Love the show.

  9. Jerod says:

    im a fucking moron. Now i regret seeing that.

  10. Jerod says:

    DAMMMNNITTT! I wanted to see the bleeding asshole picture.


    Great show as usual Chris. Please come to Dayton sometime!

  11. BigMik66 says:

    Hey Chris, great work with this podcast. Geez, great interview with Ms. Silverman. I guess you really are a nerd, eh? Thanks for makin’ it hip to be square all over again bro.

  12. Allison says:

    fellow memphian here. it would be awesome if you and sarah came here. i’d pay upwards of $22, including the ticketmaster charge, to see you. we have a small, but healthy comedy nerd group here in town, and you wouldn’t be bombarded by comments like, “where’s yar puppet? you know, like that dunham guy. i like puppets. them’s funny.” the folks who would come would know y’all are a class act.
    i think paul f was bummed by the small crowd when he visited, but i’ve never laughed as hard and really appreciated that he came. i think now that we have a more streamlined way to see comics (minglewood hall) you’d get a better crowd. it’s not a bar per se, and people aren’t coming because it “seemed like sumthin’ to do.”

  13. Alan says:

    Hey, what was the TV show you were both talking about really looking forward to but you thought it was canceled but it’s going to be starting it’s third season later this year or something ? My wife and I need something new to watch…

  14. bummer_yo says:

    A podcast full of nerds, and not one of you has an inhaler? Can a nerd card be revoked?

    All kidding aside, you guys are fantastic and I’m loving your work. Please keep it up!

  15. Melissa says:

    I loved this podcast! I’ve been doing storytelling in San Francisco for almost two years now, but have yet to write five minutes of stand up (I’ve been trying for years now). So awesome to hear about the process. Keep it up!

  16. Cate says:

    Late question: What song is playing during Chris’ intro? I want to have sex with it.

    Love the podcast!

  17. Matt Boyd says:

    I would like to see the pic of her boyfriends Star Wars wallpaper. I am one of the few comedy nerds that you guys spoke of. I grew up watching Comedy Central through the 90’s. Which was a great decade I think for comedy with Kids in the hall and you and Mike Phirman, Brian and Patton and Bob and David all the new styles that were coming out and changing the face of comedy.

  18. rhzunam says:

    Good show but I’m surprised nobody has pointed out something about it when they were talking about the census trying to figure how many comedy nerds were they, they started about how” they were 300 million people in the US and 200 million caucasians and of those 200 million cuacasians about 2% would be comedy nerds so about 2 million”. I know it was an oops but that implies that all comedy nerds are caucasians. I mean I’m not even american so the census thing doesn’t count for me so it not offensive but it was a mistake too imply that. Just an honest mistake but still.

  19. Hunter Boone says:

    Finally. This made me so happy to listen to.

    My favorite comedian ever. Thanks Chris & friends!

  20. Dave says:

    Great show as always – if you could pick up a print of ‘Wisdom of the Lama’ for me while you are at the gallery, I’d appreciate it.

    One other comment, since if anyone can do this I think you can, Mr. Nerdist. Could you set your links to open in a separate page? There have ben times I’ve clicked on one of the links mid-streaming of the podcast to see what you are talking about, and I get kicked off the page and the podcast. I think in WordPress, it is pretty easy to do, just a check box or drop down.

  21. Another great episode Mr. Hardwick. Only bad part was hearing we have to wait another month to see you in Chitown. Either way keep on keepin on!

  22. Josh Mel Bushman-Bell says:

    Sarah Silverman is on one of my favorite comics because she is hilarious (obviously). My love for her grows every time I hear hear on a podcast because she has immense respect for her friends, peers and the rest of us humans. She fights networks to make sure her friends have jobs, she never partakes in malicious gossip, and she always follows trough with friend engagements (so I have heard, Tig Notoro tells a great story about this on CDR). Thank you, Sarah, for setting a standard that should be followed by the entire entertainment industry.

    Nerdist: I have always wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. Last summer I was laid up to the point that I could not get out of bed for weeks. I couldn’t even tilt my head to watch TV. I could, however, listen to podcasts. If it was not for podcasts like yours, I may not have pulled through. I absolutely endorse laughter as medicine. Thank you guys for saving my life (too dramatic? sorry, I can’t say thank you enough).


  23. Todd Mason says:

    Or Al Harrington…another guy squeaking by as a singer, with patter, before and after his HAWAII FIVE-O gig. Carole Kai, actually.

  24. Todd Mason says:

    For the longest time in the ’70s and ’80s, it seemed that Andy Bumatai was the only guy making a living as a comedian in Hawaii, though “Pat” Morita would pop up for local television to do Bank of Hawaii ATM commercials (as a self-abnegating caricature of a “local” East Asian-ethnicity guy trying to figure out this New Bank-Oh Machine, as they called the ATMs). Bumatai had a slight Vegas-west/Waikiki sheen (much as that demonstrated by Don Ho or Carol Kai or Jimmy Borges would among the lounge singers) over his ethnic jokes, but not too much.

  25. Eric A says:

    As you start linking stuff that you talk about in the show you may find yourself in a forest where one Queen Kashian already holds court (

  26. ANDY says:


  27. Jeremy says:

    Where is that picture of Jesus guy?

  28. Dr Molasses says:

    Total babe! If I were married I’d totally betray her trust for but one tender moment of parking the beef bus into tuna town with Ms Silverman.

  29. JD says:

    Great paintings,
    Great show,
    Sarah’s much cooler than I expected,
    Chris is still an asshole. (luckily not a bleeding one)

  30. Jeprox says:

    This ep is so good it took Sarah’s breath away.

  31. idiotpassenger says:

    Please tell me Matt asked Dr. Lawyer who his malpractice attorney is.

  32. Saso Alauf says:

    Hey, cool show, Sarah’s great…I was just wondering, since you spoke about Lost and how you don’t get excited as often anymore…I was wondering if you’ve heared any buzz about The Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series by George R.R.Martin? I mean about HBO making a series based on the books (book one/season one is Game of Thrones). I don’t think I was this excited about a show since Axl killed my dreams in 1993 when he killed the Band…

  33. Chris Hardwick says:

    Ken: we do indeed get into process

    Annecoultersadamsapple: Mira toys with it, but never really sticks with it. You’re right, though. He doesn’t fire often, but when he does it’s gold.

  34. Annecoultersadamsapple says:

    I can’t beleive Matt still works at the apple store. Does he do any stand-up? There have been a few podcasts where he had the best joke and the biggest laugh.

  35. Ken says:

    Not meaning to be harsh, just looking for input.

    I’m not generally a huge fan of Sarah’s stuff but I am really interested in people’s process and in the general types of conversations Chris has with people so I am somewhat on the fence over if I should listen to this episode or not. Do they get into Sarah’s process and/or origins or is it mostly just Sarah being Sarah? Not to say that isn’t a good thing, it’s just not my particular cup of tea.

    Thanks for the input and keep up the great work Chris!

  36. Ledlow says:

    I want to send you a message in wingdings. Let’s get rolling on this…

  37. Handy J says:

    Are you guys recording in a gymnasium now?

  38. yogahz says:

    I’m just past the mid-ward in Sarah’s book. I love her.

  39. Bill says:

    Chris, just remember, even Jesus bombed in his home town.

  40. Brian says:

    Friggin’ Awesome. Sarah is wonderful as always. This might sound strange but I was really enjoying the reverb in that room the whole way through. lovely ‘cast

  41. Benjamin says:

    Best thing on the web right now, except all the nude girls