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Episode 47: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #47: ADAM CAROLLA RETURNS!


Adam Carolla makes his triumphant return to the Nerdist Podcast while dominating the medium with his own show. This time, Adam takes issue with rude male receptionists, radio program directors and “The Love Boat,” while promoting his new book In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks, available here. This episode was brought to you by Hiney Wine and Hickory Lube.

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  1. Josh from Europe says:

    It was very nice to hear him again.

    After his “too late show with..” I lost track of him.

    Great Podcast

  2. Yosty says:

    I’m just catching up on old eps and loved the discussion of Hiney Wine bits with Adam. I did some searching online and came across a real gem of a Hiney Wine country song from Louisville’s WAKY radio station in the ’80s.

    Scroll down to the section called “Other Musical Productions” at

    Enjoy and thanks for another great ep!

  3. April says:

    It’s okay, I understand. If I were you, I might also try to remove the point from Corolla’s bullying a receptionist to mocking the network, since I have a point!
    Thank you, I am nice. 🙂 I would have been polite to the receptionist and patiently waited for him to research the situation. Yay!

  4. Chris Hardwick says:

    Well, seeing as how you hate Adam so much it makes perfect sense that you would listen to this ep. Your unbridled rage is well justified over something as important as a podcast with a guy making fun of an E show. Clearly, this is the worst thing going on in the world, so your volcanic level of anger doesn’t seem ridiculous. Upon doing the math you requested our scientists discovered that The Soup is brutal to the Kardashians and is also on E. You will, no doubt (your fave band), be writing a vitriolic hate spew to set them straight as well. We are deeply sorry to have offended your profound Kardashian-worship. We take it all back.

    PS – You seem nice.

  5. April says:

    Adam Corolla is a moron. What a waste of a podcast. Does he not realize: 1) the idiocy of thinking everyone should recognize his NOT-funny, Donny Osmond/Jerry Seinfield/Gilbert Godfrey-look-alike ass… 2) the brilliant security advantage of an entertainment company having a strong, non-discreet receptionist… 3) the misunderstanding and innocence behind someone NOT having the contact info… 4) the fact that straight-up mocking people says A LOT of things about Adam Corolla–none of those things being that he is actually funny, or creative. Name-calling wasn’t funny in grade school and it still isn’t. Threatened much??? Sure going on like he’s obsessed with it. Unprofessional! The best comedians plan their material beforehand. They don’t just impulsively take out their bruised-ego on all the listeners. There are buzz-words in Hollywood that give you clues on how to become more popular, aka FAMOUS: ever heard of “bullying?” Realize the fact that Hollywood (and the WORLD) is EXTREMELY against BULLYING right now? Adam Corolla makes me want to call a social worker to find out what love he’s not getting at home. 5) You are so judgmental, you are blind to reality. Your perception IS NOT reality. Receptionists and parking attendants receive no satisfaction from detaining you–they could care less about who you’re meeting or lunching with. That’s your delusionally head, detached from reality, and rolling around in the the Hollywood hills. You don’t stop patting yourself on the back, because you’ll realize no one else is. You name drop to hear it with your own ears, because it doesn’t actually mean anything to those who hear you. They’re taking clues about what YOU think about whom you’ve met… it doesn’t automatically mean anything to anyone. If you think it does, you’re lost.
    I HATE when 30%-famous people in Hollywood: a) expect anyone (especially human beings) to recognize them, b) use their access to platforms like podcasts to complain about their side of daily encounters. What a surefire way to remain 30%-famous. Moron!
    BTW– “WHITE” SLANG–just the word “yeah,” according to Corolla–NEEDS TO COME BACK? I’m white, and this supremacy sound-alike remark made me ill to my stomach.
    Corolla mocks the Kardashians but he’s using E! as a platform to promote himself. Do the math, idiot! The network is one and the same!
    No Doubt has always been my favorite band, and you all reinforced it further, because it’s the only topic relief I got from you speaking incessantly on this podcast about all things E!
    What happened in middle school to rob all of you of a lifetime of growth and maturing?
    I will never listen to the nerdist again.

  6. Hella? dude that’s been a Bay Area term since way back in the day, some kids from Orange County moved up there for college and brought it back to there in the late 90s

  7. Kyle says:

    Chris: Ask me any Bill Hicks question you want and i’ll answer it. Maybe you are the one who needs to bone up on Hicks if Carolla’s rip-off is not clear to you. Listen to that part of Hicks’ oevre where he boasts about being ahead of the evolutionary bell curve in a tortoise and hare type of way. Once you have heard that bit, and listened to Carolla for 10 seconds, the rip-off will be clear to you too. Not trying to be a dick, but authenticity is essential to comedy.

  8. Ian Boothby says:

    A very funny podcast and a casual mention of my wife’s comic book? Well done sir!