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Episode 36: Nerdist Podcast
Donald Glover
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #36: Donald Glover

Donald Glover is on “Community” but has so many damn talents that someday we’ll all just be tiny moons orbiting his mega-stardom. Chris fails with his #Hardwick4Hulk campaign and Jonah & Matt write a “Back to the Future” musical.

Check out his fantastic website! or follow @mrdonaldglover on the tweetstream.

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  1. Tom F says:

    Speaking of not wanting anyone from the Jersey Shore to try comedy, “The Situation” was on the Donald Trump Roast. Like you would expect, he crash and burned.

  2. kelsey says:

    “file not found” – you’re killing me!

  3. @RadNerd says:

    I missed this episode, heard about it via the Danny Pudi ep. Also, Mr. Glover’s twitter link above has changed, he killed the “mr”. Cool story bro.

  4. Andrew says:

    A friend of mine played Marty in a BTTF Musical at UC Santa Cruz. I wish I could find the playbill.

  5. Bryy says:

    This is weird. My friend Matt wrote a BACK TO THE FUTURE MUSICAL. It got produced in college. It was awesome.

  6. Ryan says:

    SUFJAN STEVENS FTW! Favorite album ever.
    Scratch that, BEST album ever.

  7. Ryan says:

    CUT TO 7:11!!!!!

  8. Tom Rhodes says:

    Please for the love of all that is holy can we collectively make a video for the song Hero at the end of the podcast with a life sized Gyro singing it? The image popped in my head and now it won’t leave…

  9. Liana S says:

    When I read the title of this podcast I thought it said Danny Glover.

  10. keith says:

    I guess Donald would have to wear the black spiderman suit for people to get it.

  11. smartbunny says:

    When The Simpsons started I was already 23 years old, so I could watch it WHENEVER I WANTED. The downside? I will be dead sooner.

    Donald’s rap reminded me of Pigeon John but with more cussin.

  12. Didn’t know you guys were going to be coming to Seattle. Bummed I missed you at Bumbershoot, but was gone to Burning Man (don’t laugh 😉 ). Glad that Donald was smart enough to avoid getting too harassed. Since the recession hit, crime has skyrocketed here – muggings actually happen – which still blows my mind. I never used to worry about crime like that but 2 friends were mugged in the same month last spring. One at gunpoint. Cute, little and safe Seattle – and now crips and bloods? Wow. Had no idea.

    Great episode.. keep it up!

  13. Lisa says:

    Donald’s rap song is fabulous! Thanks for playing it.

  14. Sawyer says:

    Just when I think you’ve run out of awesome people you know, you hit us with another awesome person like Glover. Keep up the awesome podcast!

    I may or may not have been parodying you here. The sentiment, however, is genuine.

  15. meredith says:

    maaaaaaaaaaaan, I want that sufjan mix too. YO DONALD. HOOK IT UP.

  16. Stacy says:

    I had NO idea Donald Glover did music, too! That’s FANTASTIC! This show was so good; he should be a regular. =D

  17. Erin says:

    Great show as always. I was a fan of the Derrick Comedy bits on youtube for awhile and glad to see Donald make his way onto Community.

    The part where he was explaining how he ad-libbed something on the set of Community – I couldn’t understand what he said. It was really quiet.

  18. Goatsnake says:

    Great episode, as always. Donald’s really funn. You should print some t-shirts though, I’d buy one.

  19. Saintly says:

    Just so you know The Dana Carvey show is on dvd! They have all of the episodes on Dvd…I own it! Just googlize it! By the way you’re the best Mr. Harwicke!

  20. Horacio says:

    My parents didn’t let me watch the Simpson’s for a long time. My younger brother and I had to wait for my parents to go to sleep and watch the repeats at night.

  21. Roger says:

    Great podcast. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the “like a waitress!” bit came from an improv. I remember that scene specifically as one of the funniest “30 Rock” bits ever.

  22. Muralist says:

    NM, I just used Google images and got it. It’s pretty pretty.

  23. Muralist says:

    Never been to L.A. but decided to Google Map that Edward James Olmos Mural.

    It’s at Wilshire and Alvarado.

    The biggest let down: Google’s face-blurring technology obfuscates EJO’s and Jaime Escalante’s expressions. Damn!

  24. Amber says:

    I want a hard copy of the t-shirt Donald’s wearing (size small, maybe charcoal or black). It looks like the logo was added by computer magic. When will you make it for real-life (paying) people??

  25. Jung says:

    I’m not a fan of Donald’s rapping but I really enjoy that he goes there.

    More nerds should rap.

  26. Adam says:

    Listened to and loved every single ep. of of the podcast, but this one nearly made my head explode from excitement! Pure unadulterated awesomeness!

  27. Jung says:

    Donald Glover is just perfect for Nerdist.

  28. Jarrett says:

    Um, his name is Static, the comic is called Static Shock. /nerd

  29. mike p says:

    Don’t be mad that “barista” is in our vocabulary”, just that it is most often wrongly preceeded by “starbucks”.

  30. Mia says:

    Ah shit. I freaked out when I saw Donald’s name pop up. I’ve been waiting for you to have him on. This one might be my new favorite. I say Danny Pudi next on the Community train.

  31. Amerah says:

    Community, Childish Gambino, Derrick Comedy, Mystery Team, etc. are all some of my favorite things. Donald Glover rocks.

    I also really enjoy how you always end up talking about Weird Al. It was cool to hear that Donald likes him.

  32. Eric says:

    Love that so many Community cast members have been on here. Would be great to see that trend continue (Gillian Jacobs next please).

  33. Loren says:

    Just so you know, ‘The Dana Carvey Show’ is in fact on DVD:

    And for anyone who’s never seen it, Colbert and Carrell’s “Waiters who are Nauseated by Food” can be seen on YouTube.

  34. andrew says:

    It would be interesting to see Donald play the doctor in a doctor who movie adaptation.

  35. luke says:

    when i saw this my heart exploded with delight. i love donald from community and also as a rapper.

  36. TC says:

    This isn’t real

  37. Carl says:

    haha wow that’s amazing that you got him too! Donald Glover is such a delight! Joel Mchale, Alison Brie (cute like no ones business) and now Donald!

    I know I commented about this before but I think you’d more likely read it on a recent podcast. Will you ever have Zachary Levi or Joshua Gomez on the show? They are from the awesome TV show “chuck”.

  38. Livius says:

    I have been waiting for this podcast since Joel and then Alison.
    Now to wait for A Tennant episode….?

  39. Hunter Boone says:

    Thanks for posting!

    Will listen on in on my flight home tomorrow at SAN airport.

  40. Jim P. says:

    P.S. “Chris fails with his #Hardwick4Hulk” — I guess it’s time to start the #Hardwick4Sgt._Rock” campaign.

    Why Sgt. Rock?

    Why not?

  41. Aoife says:


  42. Jim P. says:

    No frackin’ way! I just got home from work and booted up iTunes, and what should pop up to greet me in the “Downloads” queue?

    “Number 36 – Donald Glover/The Nerdist”

    Yippee ki yay, mother blubber! (Let’s keep this family-friendly here, shall we?) This cannot download fast enough!