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Episode 31: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #31: FRED WILLARD

This podcast was recorded at Largo in front of many wonderful nerds on July 28th and featured the following awesome elements: David Koechner opening the show in character, Fred Willard chatting with us about comedy and Tom Kenny telling a story about the time he met Rodney Dangerfield and then closing the show with a handful of songs AS SPONGEBOB with a full friggin band and EVERYTHING. And have I mentioned FRED WILLARD enough???

Fred has a new book out called Fred Willard’s Magnificent Movie Trivia: Put Your Knowledge of Movies, Actors, Facts & Firsts to the Test. Please acquire it with money.

Please to enjoy!

*special content note: this podcast DOES contain the occasional swear word, just in case you only look and the words “Spongebob” and “Download.” The show may not be suitable for tykes.

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  1. Hunter Short says:

    Really enjoyed this one! 🙂

  2. JAYNE says:

    Going start to finish thru the nerdists, so entertaining BUT David Koechner’s “…., no” guy”, OMG. Havent found this SNL character online and here he is – so freaking funny, freaky, freaks and geeks …. no. Someone give Koechner a TV show already!

  3. steve white says:

    amazing! band

  4. Nermin says:

    I am a little late on this, but whatevs.

    I’m currently living in Korea and I was listening to this ep. on the bus to work one early morning.

    Early morning = quiet and packed bus.

    That being said, I looked quite nutty for the amount of cracking up that was happening. This is one of my favorite episodes ^_^

  5. Denise says:


    I didn’t get to hear this podcast until today and it was just fantastic. I gotta say, I haven’t watched Spongebob in years, so I didn’t know about the songs. But they friggin’ blew my mind! If they toured, I’d go see them in a heartbeat.