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Episode 30: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #30: MYTHBUSTERS

ALL 5 MYTHBUSTERS IN ONE PLACE: Jamie, Adam, Tory, Grant & Kari! I feel like I should have sealed them in mylar or jammed them all together to form some kind of Mega-Mythbusting Bot, but instead we just chatted in front of a few thousand people about life, near-death and the busting of myths.

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ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

Who Is the Secret Cameo in DEADPOOL 2?

Who Is the Secret Cameo in DEADPOOL 2?



  1. JASON says:

    Kari Byron does something called head rush? I could believe it, she sends a rush to my head… 😉

  2. Adrian says:

    I can’t find episode 29 anywhere. Can anyone help? Please?

  3. aco says:

    file not found 🙁

  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for making the hour I spent on the treadmill bearable. I would have died from boredom if not for this hilarious podcast!

    (My kids did give me strange looks when I randomly burst out laughing during my run)

  5. MercuryArc says:

    This podcast is GREAT!! Just listened to the Tom Lennon episode. Halarious.

  6. SW says:

    Chris and the rest of the gang,
    I really enjoyed this podcast, even though it was not as intimate a location as the others (hotel rooms). But I love hearing from all the Mythbusters, especially Jamie and Adam (who is freaking hilarious). Keep up the great work, I love listening to them. I am deployed with the military and your podcast makes me laugh and reminds me of home (LA) and how much I miss my wife, kids, and fellow nerds.
    When I get home I am definitely coming to a live show, first thing (well maybe second thing, after I get an In n Out burger).
    Much love and respect.

  7. noah says:

    Is there anyway to download a podcast if your office has blocked itunes? Can it be downloaded straight to one’s computer without using the itunes program?

  8. luke says:

    the best part was the transition when they were showing the clip. i was on the floor crying. hilarious.

    *magic spell*

  9. Bailey says:

    Wonderful Podcast! I miss funny podcasts! These guys are great and Chris, you did a great job!

  10. Patti says:

    Great podcast, Chris! I loved hearing from all 5 Mythbusters. I bet you were in a state of nerdvana the whole time, weren’t you?

  11. Jeffrey says:

    Hey Hardie!

    I was there in about the 10th row! You had the best panel of the con by far. You were the only moderator that I didn’t want to strangle in fact.

    I wanted to ask a question about Jaime’s trademark ball scrubber but some nerds beat me to the question line.

    Anyway GREAT F’N PANEL!

  12. FauxNerd says:

    The collision of two awesome ingredients (although not accidentally so I guess that makes this comment completely inaccurate )making it the Reese’s Pieces of podcasts…worth every penny.

  13. Wesley Marshall says:

    That guy who asked about FHM thing did he creep Kari the fuck out. He creeped me out.

  14. MeatMan says:

    Damn I wish I was there! Best Nerdist episode yet.

  15. Jim says:

    Now that I’ve listened to the podcast, I can confirm that it was indeed fantastic (as legend foretold it would be). There’s something about the live shows, that extra energy, etc. — and for me, this one ranked right up there with the Craig Ferguson podcast. Very enjoyable, indeed!

  16. Chris Hardwick says:

    Thanks, all!

    Chas: I’ll post Fred’s ep Monday night. It was a good ‘un!!!

  17. Chas says:

    Chris Hardwick, I’ve been listening since the first episode and have loved them all! This one was no exception and I don’t mean to spam the comments, but when is the new Live at Largo ep w/ Fred Willard going up?

    And way to own Tory, he’s the best!

  18. Duncan says:

    *Magic Spell*

  19. Jennifer says:

    What a great family picture. It was nice of them to adopt you.

  20. FNG6ft3 says:

    Who is the weasely looking little guy kneeling in front?

  21. Sifive says:

    I was so glad to hear Adam Savage mention The Amazing Meeting and “The Amazing” Randi. I’d like to recommend checking out another great podcast, the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. Adam Savage has guested on the SGU podcast a few times and I’d recommend listening to those episodes. It’s a great podcast for critical thinkers.

    Here is a link to one of the episodes with Adam Savage:

    Great episode, Nerdist!

  22. Samtaters says:


  23. Rachel says:

    This episode was so great!

    I was worried for a second that Adam might be a Birther, but he was on Olbermann busting myths, so I doubt it.

  24. Juan says:

    Back to your awesome podcasting!!! I enjoyed it.

  25. james says:

    chris hardwick u r so handsome 🙂

  26. dragoncores says:

    Kick ass.

  27. indie says:

    This is amazing, thank you so much Chris.

    on a side note, i’d like to have tory’s nerd baby

  28. hotdogjones says:

    Yup, it was up about 20 min after I said I couldn’t see it. Thanks!

  29. Jim says:

    I’m downloading this podcast from iTunes as I write this. All FIVE of the Mythbusters on a Nerdist podcast?!? I have never experienced an actual “nerdgasm,” but I have a feeling that may all be about to change…

  30. donkey tits mahoney says:

    goddamn that smirk on chris’s face tells me he knows the answer to myth of he who smelt it dealt it.
    *high fives self, falls off stool, cries over scraped knee*

  31. Jonathan says:

    Yeah, #30 went up after like, 20 minutes. Amazing stuff. TRIPLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!

  32. Chris Hardwick says:

    Hey there! #29 got pulled down for audio readjustment And #30 should show up anytime. Once I post an ep, it takes a little while for the system to register it. If you go to your desktop iTunes and hit “refresh” on your podcast subscription, it’ll start downloading.

    Ok! Hope you like it!

  33. kijan says:

    i’m so glad you have this. we waited in line for hours and couldn’t get in the room : ( btw that picture is A-dorable! you look like you’re posing in a family portrait

  34. Felix Maxwell says:

    … I should really start reading comics less than 30 years old

  35. Jonathan says:

    @hotdogjones Yeah, I can’t see them either. But I KNOW I downloaded #29 last week…

  36. hotdogjones says:

    Anyone else having trouble seeing the episode (the past two even) on itunes on the iphone?