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Episode 28: Nerdist Podcast
Rich Sommer
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #28: Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer is Mad Men TV department head Harry Crane. He also has a background in comedy, board games and awesomeness. Chris gets a new digital recorder. Jonah and Matt return after a forced vacation without pay. Didn’t seem that heartless since they don’t get paid to show up either.

The new season of Mad Men premieres Sunday, July 25th @ 10/9c on AMC.

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  1. Bailey says:

    Hey Chris!

    Great Podcast!

    What is it about people who work on Mad Men? They are all so funny!

  2. FauxNerd says:

    Great show and now for some shameless self promotion. I am training to be the first internet daredevil. Ahem, what the hell is Dr. Who? Look, no net! Now bring on the Nerd Rage!

  3. Sara says:

    As someone from the Milwaukee area, I want to thank you for the kind words towards us and Minneapolis.

    As a Doctor Who fan, I’m always happy when the show is brought up on the podcast. It really cracks me up! “45 seconds!”

  4. I’m not an expert and I’m sure you have plenty of people giving technical advice of the quality of podcasts, but, the range of volume on this one was larger than usual. During several times, people were simply speaking and it was very quiet. Other times, laughing or yelling would break out and it was very loud. Dynamic Range Compression, or simply Compression might be the technical answer to decreasing the range in volume. Maybe something to consider? Love the podcast and seeing you live in Seattle was a blast! Thanks!

  5. Brandon says:

    Congratulations Nerdist podcast. You’re theme song has been added to my list of theme songs that instantly make me happy because I know something fucking brilliant is about to ensue. Other happiness theme songs include the theme songs from Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiam, Weeds, and Always Sunny in Philladelphia.

  6. Sporin Morin says:

    Another good one, that Mad Men cast is GOLD.

    I, too, love the Dr. Who stuff, you REALLY need to get some of the cast on at some point. I started with the Eccleston season and have been hooked ever since.

  7. mrblaack says:

    Hate to channel the river of rage that feeds this beast known as the ‘internets’, but having heard Rich on The Kevin Pollack chat show I noticed his douche level has risen in the interim. I enjoy the show and his character but it is just a tv show, an increasingly popular tv show but still just a tv show. Try to keep a level head Rich – nothing lasts forever.

  8. SamClemmons says:

    Words with Friends >>>>> Scrabble App

    U/N: Samclemmons

  9. Kelsie says:

    Hi Chris! My boyfriend and I are huge fans of the show. Also we’re from Hawaii and we completely understand Jonah’s quips about home (although not everything is quite so bad, some things have changed a bit). Hopefully, you guys all come out to Hawaii. We are in general desperate need of some good live shows.

  10. Chris Hardwick says:

    “The End of the World.” That was the Brenda Lee version, but the original was done by Skeeter Davis. Also covered by the Carpenters.

    It’s a classic!

  11. Ray says:

    Great podcast! What’s the name of the song that played before the outro?

  12. MAXimiliano says:

    Correction, just listened to the podcast again. Not where “are” the balls, but Where the Balls?

  13. heather says:

    best. ending. ever.

    i don’t mind the dr. who references at all (even though i don’t watch the show), and i appreciate that lost still gets a mention! i believe rich was in an episode of lost in season 5….

    looking forward to the 25th!!

  14. MAXimiliano says:

    Soon to be a shirt.

  15. Stacy says:

    Yah! Board games!! My fave board games: Pandemic, Last Night on Earth (it’s got zombies).

  16. Marie says:

    The Sesame Street story is the best thing I have ever heard!!

  17. Samantha says:

    I appreciate the Doctor Who references. I don’t know any Who fans and I crave hearing said references because I can’t make them myself.

  18. MJ says:

    That cig pack looks mighty familiar.

  19. AM says:

    Loved the 60s theme of the podcast with Mad Men and That Thing You Do. Now I want Tom Hanks as Mr. White to guest star on Mad Men. Or maybe Betty will stay at Lenny’s motel in Nevada.

  20. Kijan says:

    chris, have i told you how special you are lately? well, you are. oh, and stop fighting with the internet, we talked about this.

  21. Chris Hardwick says:

    Typo! It’s the 25. I corrected it.

  22. July 28th will be a sunday? in 2010?