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Episode 27: Nerdist Podcast
Allison Scagliotti
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #27: Allison Scagliotti

BONUS EPISODE! Allison Scagliotti is the “Good Will Hunting” of actresses–wicked smaht, wicked pretty and wicked sweet (I realize that “wicked” is an awkward modifier for “sweet,” but sometimes the truth is awkward). She plays Claudia Donovan on SyFy’s Warehouse 13. In this ep she talks about overachieving, emotional self-flagellation and Courtney Love.

Get all up in her business on Twitter: @allisonscag

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  1. Jeff K. says:

    Where the hell were Matt and Jonah?? This episode was just an hour of Chris awkwardly flirting with a moody 19 year old. No thanks.

  2. Daniel says:

    Chris, don’t listen to any of these nay Sayers! You’re awesome, Allison is awesome, and Warehouse 13 is awesome. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the new favorite quote “Not all balls are heavy!”

  3. Jennifer Erickson says:

    Oh my GOD this chick is amazing!!! I have never heard of her before, but what an accomplished and erudite gal, and hilarious! I was dying to jump in on the accents conversation. Had me getting funny looks cracking up in the grocery store. Great episode, “y’all”!!

  4. Stoned Storm Trooper says:

    Was this the introduction of creepy uncle Chris?

  5. Зефир says:

    Allison Scagliotti офигительная чика. А каре ей ваще идет отлично. Я влюблен…

  6. Jung says:

    This is the only podcast of Chris’s that I couldn’t finish listening to. I don’t know if it was just Chris flirting and being complementary but exactly what makes this Allison chick so smart? She sounded like an obnoxious teenager to me.

  7. Joe says:

    This is my very first comment on anything like this… and of course, it’s negative! I don’t mean to be, but I have to say this. I admit that I have not seen “Warehouse 13”, so maybe that would change my opinion, but this was a rough one for me to get through (I actually still have about 10 minutes left of it).

    In general, teenagers annoy me. And the more “grown up” they seem, the more they annoy me. I’m glad Chris called her on it a few times when she made comments like “I saw it years ago”, but I wish he would have stopped her on the “Small Wonder” lunch box. He has a great bit about people who didn’t earn the right to wear an Atari T-shirt…well she did not earn the right to own a “Small Wonder” lunch box! And she remembers seeing it in a Blockbuster? Argh!

    I loved the reference to “Small Wonder” though because people never seem to know what I’m talking about when I mention it.

    Anyway, I’m not really an angry nerd. I just felt like commenting.

  8. Jim says:

    Allison Scagliotti is like a Bizarro version of Frankenstein.**
    Whereas Frankenstein is a dude that is of questionable intelligence and not very easy on the eyes, Ms. Scagliotti is all lady (pronounced LAY-die) who is of impressive intelligence and quite easy on the ol’ eye-kebobs.

    They are both “unnatural” in a sense, though, with Allsion only being unnatural to the degree that she is ridiculously smart and accomplished for someone that is only 19 years old. Aaaannd she’s gorgeous on top of all of that.

    A lot of people would be jealous of that (and I see there are indeed some haters up in this beyotch here), but I found Allison (and the podcast as a whole) to be simply delightful. I shan’t chase after her with a burning torch; I believe I shall, however, check out the next episode of “Warehouse 13.”

    **I know at least a couple of literary purists will cringe here, as they will point out that it was actually “Frankenstein’s monster,” since the monster itself had no given name; but please allow me this intentional faux pas for the sake of brevity/simplicity. I thank thee!

  9. Jeannette says:

    Just listened to the podcast. I’m 26 and now feel fucking old. And a little awkward. Recorded in a hotel room? Sounds like 2 people trying hard to make some conversation before they get to the sexin.

  10. Drew Danna says:

    I thought Ms. Scagliotti was a bit harsh on NOLA and the South in general, but I did get a laugh out of the “making groceries” reference. South Louisiana is the only part of the country I know of that uses that phrase. Don’t know how it started and will have to ask some of my fellow Louisianaians who live south of Alexandria to clarify that for me. In any case, still love the podcast and can’t wait for the Fred Willard epicness that is sure to come.

  11. Adam Cavallini says:

    First of all, before my nerd rage sets in, I would like to say I am huge fan of you, Mr Hardwick, but this episode was anger inducing. I know that at 19 it may be hard to appreicate things like culture and regional dialects, but New Orleans is a wonderful city with things that are native to only that area. Sayings like “making groceries” or “Would you like that sandwich dressed ?” are part of what makes that region special and diffrent. My wife is from NOLA and she somehow escaped living there for 25 years without coming out sounding “uneducated”. And to say the food is horrible is probably the most uneducated thing you can say. Allison Scagliotti I am sure is incredibally smart and talented but at the end of the day she did sound like she was only 19.

  12. Rich DeBarba says:

    I had to skip to the end of this one. Please take this as constructive, Allison. I understand not wanting to sound “southern uneducated” but is constantly annoyed sounding any better? I wanted to like this podcast and her in it, but I had to stop listening.

    Also, Chris; I got your back on the Courtney Love thing.

  13. Cardylover says:

    um.. wow…supa weird vibe on this one. I’m in australia so I have no idea who this young lass is, but that doesn’t normally stop me enjoying your shows.

    I gotta say there was a serious “Uncle Creepy” undertone in this one. tip* Please don’t interview 19yr old girls alone in your hotel room again … really.

  14. Abbey says:

    ahaha…sushi. You have much more self control then I, dear Hardwick.

    I don’t know what some other people are talking about (apparently the concept of opinions escapes me), but I found this episode rather enjoyable indeed. Comic-Con, crack, Courtney Love, slight hints to perverted jokes. Really can’t go wrong when these topics are involved in anyway.

  15. Kdock says:

    I’ll concede that in the context of the Unplugged albums, it’s amazing, but in the context of Nirvana albums, it is not the top of the pack. And frankly, If I really wanted to seem cool or ‘school’ you, I would’ve said Bleach, and not Nevermind, clearly the most commercial, produced album. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

    Thank being said, I still think you are great, despite your wicked harsh grading of me.

  16. Chris Hardwick says:

    Maddy, totally cool if you’re not into this ep, but the reason I was shitty to Courtney Love is because she was shitty to me PERSONALLY on a couple of occasions. If you have had personal experiences with her to the contrary then I accept your criticism there. Otherwise, not really sure what to tell ya…

    Thanks for listening, though!

  17. Chris Hardwick says:

    To your first point, you’re wrong. Just plain wrong. I was present at MTV for the Unplugged revolution and Nirvana’s helped define that movement. That’s not to say that Nevermind isn’t a great album, because it is. But so is Bleach.

    I get that you wanted to seem smart and “school” me but you get a C-.

    That said, I appreciate your enthusiasm and musical taste.

  18. Kdock says:

    Either your nerdy love of hot girls has beaten you, or your lack of actual nerdishness has beaten you, because: Nirvana: unplugged is a great album? for shame. If a 19 year old expresses interest in Nirvana, you must point them to either Nevermind or Incesticide. I can’t believe I even have to say this.

  19. HighYaa says:

    Solid CH fan, but I was only able to enjoy this episode at a meta level.

    With each uncomfortable flirtation and ‘you’re so smart’ prostration, CH added depth to his nerd-deer-in-pretty-girl-headlights characterization. Classic.

    Keep it up CH – on to #28!

  20. FauxNerd says:

    Wow, the nerves of steel it took for some commentators to half ass bash a 19 yr. old girl. I liked it and I will check out her show just because she is in it. I have to admit I loved how Hardwick quickly went from awkwardly flirting to self loathing after he found out her real age. Wah Wah. Keep up the amazing show Chris.

  21. MadMark says:

    So what’s with alienating your Southern audience? Or cain’t yoo unnerstan’ mah sloppy speech? Oh, who am I kidding CH? I can’t stay mad. Keep up the good work…

  22. hull says:

    the awkward almost flirting episode haha

  23. James says:

    really had a hard time getting through this one.

  24. Sewdotcoe says:

    This is the surprise most awesome podcast of the month for sure! Scagg is phenomenally well spoken and is well on the way to becoming a nerd force to reckon with! Now if only Hardwick can get his Education List ready to go…!

  25. Bill D. says:

    I was unfamiliar with both Allison and Warehouse 13 before listening to this episode. I now plan on correcting both of those errors ASAP, because the show sounds fun and she’s just awesome.

    Even if I resent how much more together she is at 19 than I am at 34.

  26. Kyle says:

    Wow Maddy that was bitchy.

  27. Maddy says:

    Yeah, I had trouble getting through this one, too — enough that now I’m commenting here for the first time EVER hiiiii. (Yeah, I’m commenting to complain, what can I say, angry nerd on the internet, you know the drill.)

    Ditto to what Bailey said about the name-dropping. I was a bratty idiot at 19, too, though, so I’ll give her a pass for that stuff — she’ll probably grow into a lovely young nerdlady. Even so, that doesn’t mean I had fun listening to her talk for an hour.
    Maybe if I watched the show she was on, I would’ve loved this one, though? But you’ve had guests I’ve never heard of before and I’ve enjoyed it, so I don’t think that was it. Maybe 19 is just a little young to be coherent and amusing on a podcast. I mean, once again, I wouldn’t want to socialize with myself at 19. So.

    Oh, and I don’t like Courtney Love either, but you guys were being pretty obnoxious calling her a whore every five seconds. Why did that keep coming up? Lame. Unfunny. Boring. And therefore out of character for this podcast.

  28. Jonny Hairdont says:

    Is it just me or does Allison Scagliotti seem like a character that Lizzy Caplan might play? Am I off-base?

  29. Chris (Iskid2astop) says:

    Chris, and partially Allison,
    I was thrilled to hear you guys mention the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is, indeed, one of the most rad places I’ve ever been. I’ve been volunteering there for about 5 years now (that feels so long!), and I wanted to extend a welcome to you, Christopher, if you are ever in the area. There is so much to that place, and I’ve had the chance to show friends around a couple times, they always walk away, mind completely blown. If you’ve got time to kill, let me know, and I’ll see what I can hook up. Perhaps even some kind of behind the scenes awesomeness. BTW, I’m a dude, so no odd rape-y thing to worry about, because obviously, this group of people has some issues with that.
    And, like everyone else here, love the show, appreciate your humor being poured into my earholes every so often. Keep it up!