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Episode 162: Nerdist Podcast
Señor Dick
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #162: Señor Dick

Chris ponders the psychology of stage-hogging, Jonah recounts his trip to a wedding in Jamaica, and Matt Mira gets an apartment with Greta. PLUS! Nerdist TV show writer Kristen Rutherford pops by and talks about teaching her baby sign language.

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  1. Grover says:

    Okay, I really really really really like you guys a lot. Seriously. But the Dane cook bit drove me so nuts I had to turn it off. Are you guys just trolling us now? You literally just answered a quemment with “Hey, people are just making jokes up there, don’t take it so seriously.” and then immediately jumping over to saying that the main job of a comic is to be a “social critic” and analyzing one quote that’s been thrown all over the place. And the idea that comics aren’t supposed to work things out on stage? I can’t count the number of times you guys have talked about that as being a CRITICAL part of the process, and how frustrating it is when someone, oh I don’t know, LIVE TWEETS ABOUT IT! GAH!

    Look, I know it’s cool to hate Dane Cook and everything, but you sure as hell haven’t had anything negative to say about the many stories of Chris Rock or Louis CK dropping in randomly to a club and bumping some people to work some things out. And if Dane has gone over the edge, can you really blame him? He’s spent the last four years being the pariah of the comedy industry for no reason other than that he’s been successful. When fame came to him, he absolutely tried to help out younger comedians, only for them treat him like shit trying to be cool around the their comedian friends.

    Seriously, I’m not even a huge Dane Cook fan or anything, but the way the comedy community tries to validate the shitty treatment they give him frustrates me to no end (as evidenced by this way-too-long comment).

  2. Derek Dispensa says:

    Nice Methuen reference

  3. Ben Z says:

    My wife and I got married in Jamaica in November. Destination weddings are much, MUCH lower stress than planning a big wedding.

  4. Sara Gray says:

    BrianMMXII: That is a great point too, I am sure the people at the club had no idea this situation was even occurring. Which is a shame because it promotes situations like this to occur. However, I know if I were a comedian at that club that night (or in any case of this happening) I would not return to perform at the club in question. I feel like there are clubs that would treat their performers better that are more worthy of the business. Maybe T.J. could have handled his comments in a better fashion, but I feel like Dane really deserves the douche bag card for this.

  5. Dangalff says:

    CE: VaJonah;

    what was the name of the bands you reccomended in this ep? I always try to keep up new bands and getting a hint by a music nerd is gravy

  6. Reed says:

    (note: rereading my post above, i notice the mention of the link was confusing… “the end of my post linked there” refers to my post linked above, to Jake’s “people aren’t funny” post)

  7. Arabrabra says:

    I tend to feel Chris never hears both sides of a story IE Stitcher and now this Dane/TJ thing. Points are missed because you are waayyyy into defending your position. Dane’s a douche, but TJ was being a huge bully, and with all the kids killing themselves and all of the bullying I went though as a young one, you DONT BULLY PEOPLE. Bumping is not bullying as it is part of the profession. Danes a douche for not calling ahead, but TJ was the bigger douche in this situation. He could have said wow, don’t like Dane’s new set. Why so angry? oh and PS you’re a douche for bumping me. Instead he shit on him personally. Sorry Chris, be a bit more open minded. PS I am NOT a troll and LOVE you guys! Saw you live in NOHO and love the podcasts. Congrads on all of your success!

  8. Reed says:

    Chris, you’re totally right to defend Jake Kroeger’s post about the Eddie Brill/”people aren’t funny” thing. It was a bit of a shock to read at first, but I think I know where the disconnect happened, but I thought it’d be better to post about it over there:

    Incidentally, I was also involved in one of the religion discussions on the indoor kids comments page, and the end of my post linked there also kind of addresses what chafed me about the “comics are never serious” defense, which was also mentioned in this episode… But heh, no need to brace yourself; I wasn’t upset while writing this, so I think my analysis of the non-comic perspective might come through a little bit clearer. The point is, there is definitely a defense for comics having strong opinions, but maybe just not as simple as “don’t take comics seriously.”

  9. Chuck MacSteven says:

    M Mira, you NEED to hit up Olecito in Somerville when you can. It’s better than Anna’s.

  10. Neal says:

    Fred stolLER? Please comment.

  11. Neal says:

    Fred stolLER? Please comment. Why can’t I post this?

  12. Neal says:

    Fred stolLER? Please comment

  13. Neal says:

    Fred stolLER?

  14. BrianMMXII says:

    @Sara Grey, sadly at most of the clubs I have been to, here in Van, down in Seattle and Portland, the majority of people I have talked with at these clubs are not actually comedy nerds, but avg. joe’s looking for a laugh and could care less how a club treats the comics 🙁

    p.s. to Chris, I notice that when you mention Dane Cook, you say it is hacky to shit on him, but then do it anyway, just something I noticed

    p.p.s the site could really benefit from an edit post button 😛

  15. BrianMMXII says:

    Dear Chris,

    I love your puerile jokes 😛 and I agree what Dane did was wrong. What I meant by the ‘famous comedian bump situation’ being good for a club did not refer to that audience being repeat business, but more to the word of mouth factor of, ‘Comedian X showed up outta nowhere, wow,’

    You should know, now that you are becoming more and more famous , that just the reaction of meeting/seeing someone they recognize generally overwhelms the actual interactions in such situations.

    My issue was more about the support of TJ’s action. Regardless of who the comedian is, a shit set is supposed to live and die and the room. Having not been there or not knowing TJ personally I cannot say with certainty the reason TJ did what he did, but from his Doug Loves Movies appearances, I would never have expected him to do such a thing. Maybe he was offended by the material, maybe it was the lack of respect to the other comedians and audience, but it was definitely not something that needed to be shared with the world. As a comedy fan I find it tasteless and petty.

    If you listen to the Icehouse Chronicles podcast #12, through the DeathSquad label, Rogan and the others in the room clearly illustrate Dane’s lack of awareness in the situation, to Dane. He very clearly doesn’t see the respect issue. But they do seem to plant the seed in his brain that, maybe he should make an effort to, oh I don’t know, call ahead, or do 20-30 max.

    As to the bully issue, I listen to A LOT of podcasts, I love comedy but I live in Vancouver and am poor as hell, so most of my funny comes to me in the free, and oh so appreciated form, of podcasts. I have to say that the ‘alt comedy scene’ seems to have MORE bullies than the, I guess, ‘mainstream scene’. There seems to be more of a judgmental attitude circling the ‘alt’ scene rather than an accepting vibe. I see a lot of ‘you agree with what I am saying/get where I’m coming from, you are awesome’ but often coupled with ‘you don’t get me, you are stupid, and or, ignorant’. Although confrontational I still prefer it to the blandness of the ‘mainstream’ comedy.

    I’m rambling, I am sorry, but Chris FUCKIN Hardwick responded to me !!! Disclaimer: If I make no sense in my above ramblings, it is only because of Chris 😉

    Much love to you and Matt, and Vajonah


  16. C.Nate says:

    Jonah: Thanks for mentioning the Ciril record. Glad you liked it, but the CD I sent has a skip from the LP when I digitized it. It is in Burning Heart Stops. I didn’t notice until later. About the letter I sent, I got my first internship! I’ll be writing on a new web series that starts soon, along with editing.

  17. Sara Gray says:

    BrianMMXII: I have to agree with Chris on this one. It certainly is not good for business if a comedy club pushes other comics to the back just because a “more famous comedian” shows up. What comic is going to return to a club that treated them that way, or, for that matter, allowed another comic to treat them that way. That is not a good situation nor is it good business practice. Everyone was there to try new material, as such, every comic that was there should have been treated as equals, regardless of fame level. While word may get out that Dane showed up, word will also get around, and even faster, that this is how this club allows their comics to be treated.

  18. TimelordS says:

    Ahg, I just wrote a terrible run-on sentence!!! The grammar demons now will not cease! XD XD

  19. TimelordS says:

    Chris, I just read that post you wrote a few hours back, I am so glad there are intelligent people like you on the internet, who are willing to write things in great enough detail that, hopefully, even the most ignorant people can understand where you are coming from. You and people like you are making the internet a better, smarter place. I thank you good sir.

    With that said, in line 15 of paragraph two I believe you meant to put “an” instead of “and”. Sorry, that was just making my inner grammar demons scream at my eardrums. XD XD (I’m sure you’ve experienced the “grammar demons” before, hahaha)

    Either way, get show, your podcast brightens my day/night, depending on when I get a chance to listen.

  20. Qwazzerman says:

    I squee’d when I heard you were coming to Santa Cruz. Slightly sad that the podcast will be recorded privately, but is there any chance of a tweet-up or something in SC? I would, of course, attend. After I learned what a tweet-up was. You could do it at Pizza My Heart, which is a delightful local pizza place.
    And the Indiana Jones segment was pure glee and giggles for me.

  21. Jo says:

    As someone who has been surrounded by Deaf people my entire life, and is fluent in ASL, I love the idea of signing the Portal song! 🙂 And that, for sure, would be perfect to post on Youtube! I have seen a good version of “Still Alive” on Youtube already. But as some who grew up around Deaf people I can tell the guy is hearing. I guess it’s like how you can tell usually when English is not someone’s first language. Anyways hope y’all have a good day. And here’s the link…

  22. Chris Hardwick says:

    BrianMMXII: You seem like a sweet guy so please forgive me when I say that I disagree with your perception of this particular situation. OF COURSE I don’t have a problem with being bumped by a more famous comic. As a comedy fan, I love to see big name comics work on stuff. The issue here is that Dane bumps people for AN HOUR+. These sets at the LA clubs are designed to go for 15 min. There are 7 or 8 comics who are supposed to perform. When Dane struts in and bumps everyone, he’s essentially taking the whole show with him. Working out new material is great! Just be respectful of other people who came out to work on their stuff and only do 15 or 20, like everyone else. The same thing happened when he did it to me and I can tell you sincerely that he tanked for most of that set and it poisoned the show because it went on for so long. So I respectfully disagree with your thesis statement: When a big name comic goes on stage, takes away everyone else’s stage time and mostly tanks for an hour that is definitely NOT GOOD for comedy. Though I wasn’t at the Improv, when it happened to me at the Laugh Factory most of the room EMPTIED by the time he was done jerking himself off on stage. I’d be willing to bet many of those people didn’t think, “I sure can’t wait to get back and see comedy again!” If you’re going to hijack the stage and rob everyone else of their sets, at least have the decency to kill for the majority of it!

    Uncle Ben Parker speech–> Dane has great power as a famous comic. He’s almost always going to be the most famous comic in the room. Therefore he has a responsibility to show the audience and other comedians how to be respectful of them and their time over his own insatiable narcissism. I like nice people. There’s no reason to not be nice–famous or not–and my few experiences with Dane so far have led me to believe that he’s just too wrapped up in himself to be a nice guy. He (and maybe this is an unfair assigning of attributes on my part) has come to represent that arrogant, douchey, Ed Hardy subset of our culture that makes the hairs on my nerdy neck prickle. Those types of people (I’m sure you know what I mean) are obnoxious, self-involved and entitled. Also, they’re bullies to weaker humans, and I have zero fucking tolerance for that shit (admittedly, my issues gurgling up stem from having been pushed around by guys that like when I was growing up). What Dane does is essentially and exercise in bullying of the other comedians: “I’m more famous and therefore stronger, so I’m going to take your time for as long as I want doing whatever I feel like no matter what it does to the show and there isn’t shit you can do about it because I’m more IMPORTANT than you.” Well, fuck that. That is lame casserole with dickhead gravy.

    Look, I admit it, shitting on Dane is hacky at this point. He’s a person, obviously doing the best that he can, but I think a lot of the issue with why he gets such a bad rap is that he seems to attach a particular amount of gravitas to his “art” that would suggest he lacks a self awareness gene. Even after that Improv show the other night he tweeted something to the effect of “something really special happened here tonight.” I’m just not sure that “chainsaw fucking a dirty whore” is something that really deserves the reverence of an oscar nab. I’ve read other interviews where he talks about REALLY reaching into his soul to express something that’s SOOOOO unique and real, but as someone whose seen his material I just can’t seem to locate the soul part of “Superfinger” or “people like to shout at movie previews [screaming and jumping around starts]”. I don’t have a fundamental problem with puerile jokes. I make A LOT of puerile jokes too; I just don’t think they’re curing anything, nor do I see them as any gift from the gods that I am bestowing upon the lowly humans. They’re just jokes.

    You seem like a sweet dude and I appreciate the point you’re trying to make, but in this particular case I just don’t agree that hour-long spontaneous stage-hogging to workshop material is okay, no matter how big of a comedian you are. Just my tuppence.

    …and thanks for listening!

  23. Barack Adama says:

    Glad to hear Boca Grande get a mention, they’re way better than Anna’s. And as far as Chris saying that Boca Grande is not a good name, there happens to be a Mexican restaurant in Boston with a MUCH worse name: Maya Sol. (Say it slowly.)

  24. amanda says:

    I just ate at Anna’s Taqueria due to the glowing review from listening to this wonderful podcast. I must admit, it was pretty good.

  25. BrianMMXII says:

    Dear Chris Matt and Jonah,

    First I love you guys, but I am disappointed in you. The TJ Dane thing, how can you defend TJ. I hate Dane, I dont think he is funny, and bumping is a douche move. But tweet criticizing someone who is working on new material, no matter how not funny, is beyond lame. Being butthurt over getting bumped is the root here. He claimed he was offended over the material and the audience, but it really is about the bumping.

    Chris you are a million times funnier than Dane, get over the fact he bumped you, YEARS AGO, he is more popular than you, a comedy club is a business, they should bump lesser known comics to put someone more popular on stage, because it may not increase business that night, but word will get out that Dane or whoever just showed up, so some people will be more likely to show up on the chance that another famous comic might show up un-announced on another night, which is good for all comedy.

  26. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    Incidentally I like Robin Hobb, who is a woman 😉

    She writes High Fantasy kind of stuff and is pretty well reviewed and her Assassin trilogy is written in 1st person which is pretty unusual for that genre.

    She also often in her books have pretty unconventional hero types.

    Still is pretty funny people just blindly send out books to people who have no interest in them.

  27. tinfoilmouse says:

    they mentioned SCI!

  28. james says:

    Best of luck with your comedy central stand up special.

  29. Alan Smithee says:

    Hey Chris, did you once say you’re a fan of animation? Because a movie called Redline was released this month on DVD/Bluray. Look into it.

  30. Bruce says:

    so glad yall settled the last crusade versus temple of doom argument. I was really close to dropping everything to write a correction here, but thank god and satan yall figured it out.

  31. Kevin says:

    Big C why haven’t you had Jeff, Dan, and Alex from TRS on yet? Also it’s nice to have a new hostful.

  32. Sophie says:

    Matt: was the name of the guy who runs your new apartment Baits? If so, I think you might want to double check that Google search :b

  33. Jen says:

    You want to know ‘what just happened on this show’. It was comedy alchemy. See you in SF.
    Made me laugh out loud at the end of a very sombre week. Thanks!

  34. Jennifer Erickson says:

    Ohhhhh my FARKIN” GAWD you and John and John are in a room in Santa Cruz tonight talking?!? I’ve been listening to them since I got Lincoln on vinyl when I was 14!!

    If it weren’t for the fact that I get to collect my promised (don’t forget: you promised…twice! I counted!) hug in SF tomorrow night, and that I will get to geek out on the recording of you and TMBG later, I’d be in paroxysms of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) right now! So excited about both!! Whoopee! (No need to hire extra security for tomorrow night; I am just a bit overcaffeinated. *feigns nonchalance*)

  35. Jake Smith: goddammit. You are 100% correct. I wrote this hastily after 4 hours sleep when I flew to SF this morning at 7:10am. On the up side, Paul & Storm were on my flight! ON the downside, these kinds of errors burrow under my skin and chew on my nerves. Sorry! Fixed!

  36. wanderarbeiter says:

    The Stephen King book you were trying to name is called “The Long Walk”.

    One of his more underrated books.

  37. jamison says:

    Jonnah’s right… come the fuck on Matt!

  38. KP says:

    The Indiana Jones recap with Chris singing the theme in the background was quite possible the most exciting second-hand film experience I’ve ever had.

  39. RaphyL says:

    Hey for a more in depth discussion of the whole T.J. Miller and Dane Cook thing check out the second You Made It Weird episode with T.J. They talk mainly about the whole incident and it is a very interesting thing to hear about. Loved this episode i missed the hostfuls.

  40. Jake says:

    Stop! Collaborate and listen!

  41. Jake Smith says:

    I can’t spell or write properly, like at all, but still I feel compelled to point out that Jonah can’t “recan’t” his trip to Jamaica. Unless his trip to Jamaica was a horrible lie that he now regrets. Sigh, he meant “recount”, I think.

  42. Jake says:

    loved this episode

  43. clivodimars says:

    missed the hostfuls!

  44. Amanda says:

    Yay, hostful! I feel like I haven’t heard a hostful in a while. Also, super excited to see you guys in SF tomorrow!!!

  45. rhzunam says:

    Did they talk about the Fred Stoller situation in this podcast?